Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th June 2022 Written Update

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th June 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pappu informing Mishra and Mirza that Bittu has become Chief Councilor. Bittu says they made me Councilor seeing my many years struggle. Kudelal asks for party. Mishra says Bittu shall give party to all Chowk Chowpatiya. Bittu says I am thinking to keep Bhandara for all Lucknow. Mirza says you are cheap with nature and asks him to give burger pizza party. He says gas is finished. Bittu asks him to take another gas cylinder and make tea. Mirza says Aashiq haven’t booked the gas cylinder. Bittu asks Pappu to call cylinder agency. Pappu makes a call and gives to Bittu. Bittu asks the agency employee to send the commercial cylinder. He says ok. Mishra and Mirza are surprised and impressed. Bittu tells that he needs a woman Mayor. Mishra and Mirza think of their wives to be lady Mayor.

Mishra tells Shanti that she shall join politics. He says whenever any Minister comes, she shall make him wear garland. Shanti says she is Indian wife, and have made him wear garland already. Shanti asks how it will benefit me. Mirza tells Shanti that she will have a good position if she becomes Mayor and people will come to his shop to drink tea. Mishra says shop keeper will not take any extra money. Shanti says she is Shanti Mishra and bargains, until the shop keeper agrees. She says she gets the work done easily and for that why she needs to become Mayor for this. Mishra says Sakina is interested in becoming Mayor. Shanti asks Sakina? Sakina asks if Shanti bhabhi is interested. Shanti says she is ready.

Bittu tells that he don’t know whom to choose between the two. He says my mother used to say that if I get stuck on a decision, then I shall have the food. Sakina tells Mirza that she has made food ready already. Mirza says they are hungry. He sends Sakina to bring fried pista. Mishra asks Shanti to bring barfi. Shanti brings food and sweets and tells Mishra that the way to Man’s heart is through his stomach. Sakina also brings food and sweets. Bittu and Pappu start eating the food. Bittu says now his mind is working. Sakina says who will be Mayor? Pappu whispers to Bittu that Shanti is very strong and if she asks anything, then you can’t reply. He says Sakina will be good, as she will not question anything. Bittu says we haven’t left anything now. Pappu says tell that you have to talk to your superiors. Bittu tells the same thing and pretends to make a call to his superior. The guy asks what shall I do? Bittu says Sakina and says I will do as you say. The guy asks him to end the call. Bittu says ok sir. He says his superior told that lady Mayor will be Sakina bhabhi. He congrats Sakina. Shanti and Mishra are shocked. Bittu says you will be welcomed in the party house. Shanti goes in shock. Sakina is excited. Mishra takes the plates.

Bittu announces to the people that Sakina Mirza is their new Mayor. Shanti is upset. Bittu asks Sakina to wave her hand. Sakina waves her hand and says jai hind jai bharat. Bittu says she is very simple and have woken up courage in you all. The people leave. Bittu tells Sakina that she shall read big speech and shall have attitude. Shanti says height. She says Sakina needs to be taught, while I am taught everything from birth.

Sakina comes to the office and asks Bittu what she shall do? Bittu asks her to see them. Pappu asks her to check the stuff list. A lady comes there and says she wants some grains. Bittu says not today. Pappu asks her to go. The lady asks Sakina to give her water. Sakina goes to bring water. Pappu says we shall go to the market and see if there is any conspiracy against us. Bittu tells Sakina that they will meet the party workers and asks her to handle everything here. The lady tells that she can sleep hungry, but how to make her grand son sleep hungry. Sakina says she will give her ration. She gives her ration. The lady blesses her.

Precap: Pappu tells Mirza that Sakina has distributed ration to the poors. Shanti decides to shake hands with Sakina. Bittu gets suspended from Councilor position and Sakina becomes Councilor. Pappu and Bittu think to take revenge.

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