Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st March 2014 Written Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st March 2014 Written Update by Sona

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st March 2014 Written Episode

Arpita shows Suket how they could retrieve all the videos from camera’s memory card. He appreciates her and tells he will see all the videos by himself. Arpita meets Avni at stairs and tells her she had retrieves all the data. Avni calls Raj telling him the news. Raj gets worried. Suket plays the video and leaves from study. There Bhawna comes in the room, Akshit also comes and asks where dad was. Bhawna shows him the pen she had bought for him. Arpita and Abhaas also separately heads for study to meet dad for separate purpose.

Raj, jija and jiji come to Avni’s place again. They are worried that everyone must be watching the videos together. Jiji pretends to faint while jija calls everyone. Suket asks that they had left, but jija explains that jiji only remembered in half way that she had left her purse here. He tells Raj to get the purse while he involves others with the jiji. Raj goes upstairs, finds the camera’s memory card and comes downstairs. Jiji was lying in the sofa and tells everyone she is fine now. As they go out, jiji tells Raj they’ll pay for the handy-cam. Suket hears.

Avni is in the room. She hears some baby crying. She comes downstairs and asks if Abhaas could also hear the sound too. He asks which sound. Akshit also couldn’t hear the sounds. Avni was worried so Abhaas told him that it was coming from her slippers. He had put in some sound instruments in her slippers. They make April fool of her. Bhawna comes to Avni and tells her to call Raj. There Raj, jiji and jija couldn’t find the right video in the memory chip. Raj concluded that someone had seen the video and deleted it, when Avni calls and tells him her mother wanted to meet him now. He got worried.

On the dining table, Bhawna looked tensed. Avni wonders was it because of Raj. Suket asks Bhawna to find his file as soon as she gets free before leaving. Bhawna follows. Abhaas and Akshit were thinking for a prank to make fool of Arpita now. Avni tells it shouldn’t be a big one. Raj drives to Avni’s house. He is worried what Bhawna aunty must b thinking about him. Avni was in the lawn thinking that Arpita was so sweet; she would immediately know that Avni’s brothers were playing pranks on her. She thought she must hide somewhere. Raj sees her and asks what happened. Avni repeats as he says. He says nothing. She repeats again. Raj asks if she knew why her parents had called her. She says no she doesn’t. he should go and meet him on terrace and leaves.

Suket was in terrace. Raj comes. Suket tells him that whatever happened yesterday about the handy-cam was all wrong. How could he think Suket will never know what his sister said. Raj tells him that she was worried so she must have said so. Suket says now its upto them how they reacted about it. He had heard himself that his sister said they will give compensation about the camera, how dare they. Raj apologized from jiji and asks is this only what he had called him for. Sucket asks was there supposed to be something else. Raj says no and leaves. Raj greets Bhawna at the gate. Bhawna tells him that she wanted to talk to him about something. Raj gets worried again.

Abhaas, Akshit and Avni were planning about the prank they were going to play on Arpita. Raj sees them and thinks they are all so relaxed, they must not have seen the video. They see him, Avni asks had he meet mum? He says she told him to wait. Abhaas tells him not to wander in the house like this; Avni asks why he was talking like this. Abhaas says that he can spoil their plan. Raj tells him he won’t tell anything to Arpita. They must carry on. Raj is worried that Bhawna never gets serious with anyone like this.

Arpita comes in the kitchen asking why Abhaas called him. He tells her to make him firratas (parathas) with her hands. She said sure and heads for the flour-box they had kept on the cabinet. Akshit and Avni were hidden behind the table. As Arpita was struggling to get the box down, Avni forced Akshit to save her as she may get hurt. Akshit runs and saves Arpita drowning himself in the flour. Abhaas appreciates Akshit for his heroic act and teases him for being so loving to his wife and destroying the plan of April fool.

Raj is worried when Bhawna comes to him. She says it is very important and she herself wanted to talk to him about it. Raj suspects if she was going to ask him to never meet Avni again. Episode ends.

Precap: Raj and Avni are in the garden. They talk about how heart feels love in its surroundings. Raj tells her its all about understanding love.

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