Baarish 2nd April 2020 Written Update

Baarish 2nd April 2020 Written Update by MA

Baarish 2nd April 2020 Written Episode

Anuj drives his car away after meeting Gauravi. Aniket brings umbrella and tells Gauravi that she didn’t drench in rain, who was he. Gauravi says Anuj sir and returns home with him. Anuj calls his mother and informs him that he and Gauravi are ready for marriage and asks her to inform Shreya that their wedding will happen in same mantap. Mother happily informs Shreya about same. Shreya jumps in happiness. Rishi fumes seeing that. Gauravi’s family celebrates hearing about Gauravi’s decision. Rishi insists mother to stop Anuj from marrying poor Gauravi as Anuj is a rich businessman and their family’s reputation will be at stake. Anuj hearing that says he will not marry Gauravi if he will handle whole business alone checking all the stocks, ledgers, etc. Rishi says how will he handle everything alone, he has his own life. Anuj says he does everything alone and will teach Gauravi next as she is not greedy and will take care of family and business after him. Gauravi reaches store where her friend gossips that boss is getting married as his girlfriend is pregnant. Gauravi asks who told her. Friend says as usual drivers, boss is not like he looks, he is very romantic.

Anuj/Gauravi and Aniket/Shreya’s engagement rituals start. Anuj nervously enters in simple kurta with Zenia and Sohrab. Zenia asks him to relax as its his engagement. Engagement rituals start. Families exchange gifts and photo session starts where Shreya and Aniket pose romantically while Anuj and Gauravi pose at a distance nervously. Photographers discuss that one couple is too romantic and another is too boring. Anuj’s mother asks Anuj and Gauravi to go and buy wedding rings. Gauravi says she took only half day leave from job. Mother jokes that Anuj knows her office boss and will convince him. Gauravi shyingly smiles.

Gauravi returns to work where her friend nervously apologizes her. Gauravi taunts that she is not pregnant and its an arranged marriage and if she needs boss news in the future, she will get it. Friend continues to apologize. Gauravi says she is her same friend and not to treat her like boss. Branch manager also calls her madam and requests to take office cab, but Gauravi asks not to give her any special treatment, she will manage her transport herself. Anuj is with Zenia and Sohrab when he gets manager’s call and happily informs them that he took a right decision to marry Gauravi ji. Anuj then visits Gauravi’s store and asks her to select ring. She says both rings should be of equal value, else her mother will feel bad. Anuj smiles and takes her too Gauravi’s family jeweler’s shop where jeweler asks if he came to buy his shop. Anuj says he came to shop engagement ring and introduces Gauravi as his would be wife. Gauravi selects a ring worth 26,000 rs and says she got 30000 rs. Anuj says good she saved 4000 rs for future use and walks away asking shopkeeper to prepare bill. Gauravi comes out after paying bill and feels proud seeing Anuj distributing food among poor children. She calls her mother and says she did right by choosing Anuj.

PPrecap: No precap.

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