Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th February 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mrunal arguing with Vijay. She says you all should have killed me. Vandu says shut up, its my mistake to love you and bring you home. Mrunal defends herself. She asks why are you making Bobby away from me. Vandu says you don’t love Bobby. Bobby taunts her. He says Kunal married you just for Tara, you both have no love, its true, Mrunal and I love each other, what problem do you have, sorry. He says Kunal is selfish, not Mrunal, Kunal is using Vandu for his motives. He taunts Kunal also. Bobby says you love me, but this is your ego. Kunal says you can call me anything, but my decision won’t change, you will leave this house, I can’t tolerate Mrunal in this house. Vedika says Bobby told a lot, but now he will feel scared to go out. Bobby catches his leg and says don’t make us out of the house, sorry. Kunal says leave me. Bobby asks Pammi to explain Kunal. Pammi says I don’t want to see your face, just Kunal is my son from now, your mum is dead for you. She cries.

Mrunal says sorry. Vandu says I won’t make the same mistake again. Kunal pushes Bobby and Mrunal out of the house. They cry and leave. Pammi scolds Vandu for separating Bobby from her. She goes. Kunal asks why didn’t you tell me if you knew about them. He says I can never forgive you. He gets angry and goes. Vandu cries and picks the fallen ring. Jag soona soona…plays… Vandu says Kunal got cheated, Pammi’s heart might have cried a lot. Kunal goes to Pammi. Pammi cries for Bobby. Kunal hugs her. Vandu comes.

Pammi says I was not a good Bua, but a good mum, how can Bobby do this. Vandy cries. Pammi says Guneet and I have struggled to give a good life to Bobby, I love him, he left me for a girl, I want my Bobby, I will die without him. Bobby cries and says I have let down everyone, Vandu will get blamed, I cheated her, but everyone will think she cheated the family, I hate myself. She consoles him. Vijay says I explained this to Vandu many times. Anagha says we should be happy, Mrunal married Bobby, he is ready to accept her child. Vijay says she is using Bobby. She says Mrunal has changed, she will handle everything. Atya says no, Vandu just sees family, Mrunal is selfish. Hemant says but she is our family. Vijay says no, she isn’t our family, no one will take her name in this house, she is dead for us. He pours water on his head. Vandu cries. She asks Kunal to listen. She says I trusted Bobby, he is like my younger brother, I made a mistake to trust him. He says you broke my trust, you knew Mrunal is manipulative, Bobby was in love, you believed him, not done at all, you should have stopped him. He says I trusted you, you couldn’t handle it, I can never forgive you. She cries.

Pammi curses Vandu. Kunal says I can’t trust anyone about Tara now. Mrunal comes and says Bobby tried to end his life. Pammi collapses.

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