Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 10th May 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 10th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 10th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav putting Prachi to sleep. Josh calls Prachi. Raghav says its Josh’s call. Pihu asks Josh to stop. Josh rushes to Prachi’s room. He keeps calling Prachi. Raghav sees Prachi. She wakes up. He asks her to take Josh’s call. She refuses. He asks her to take the call. Josh comes and hears them talking. Raghav says I m your best friend, so I m explaining him. She says I will record this, you told this after a long time. He says I know you love Josh, forget it now. She says you are a bad friend, you should call me right, but no. She falls asleep. He goes out and sees Josh. Pihu signs Raghav. She leaves.

Josh says you came back for Prachi, right. He scolds Raghav. He says you think she will leave me and go back to you, we will have a bet, try all the moves, I will win Prachi in the end, this is my game. Raghav asks what, game, Prachi isn’t any trophy, she is a girl and she has emotions, you know she is emotional, you didn’t heal her and played with her feelings, she lives in a constant fear that you will leave her, you would enjoy this power, you don’t deserve Prachi and her love. Josh says shut up, you are taking her side, what’s your sake. Raghav says you don’t know unconditional love, you have a chance, value her, you won’t get a girl like her. Josh says right, you love her, accept it, you have no courage to accept it. Raghav says I never denied anything, yes, I love Prachi, my love is my strength, I will support her, I will become her strength, I don’t want to get her but see her happy, you can’t love her like me, no one taught you, get lost. Josh says wait for morning, I will break your ego. Kapil and Kiara are on the way. He wishes her happy anniversary. She gifts him an expensive watch and says I want a diamond necklace from your side. He says I can’t afford this. She asks him to ask Raghav for money. He says wait for some time, I will earn the money and buy this. She says I want it right now. Kapil calls Raghav. Raghav says I don’t have my phone with me. Kapil says he isn’t answering. Kiara says tell him to give you a credit card. Kapil thinks to use LK’s signed blank cheque. He looks for it. He thinks where did it go, did I make it fall somewhere, if anyone gets it, then. Raghav says I will call Kapil. Brinda says I went to meet Kapil and congratulate him, I told him you both are our family. Angad says I have no copy of the blank cheque. Raghav hears about the blank cheque. Adi says I had clicked a pic, see this. Sid comes and greets them. He says we got few marriage dates from our pandit, discuss it with everyone, where is Prachi. Lakhan says she will be coming. Sid thinks 20 lakhs cheque will get cleared.

Raghav gets his phone. He checks Kapil’s missed calls and calls back. Kapil asks where were you, were you with Prachi. Raghav says I went for jogging, phone was at home, what’s the matter. Kapil says I lost the blank cheque signed by LK. Raghav thinks I feel Josh and his family did this. He says don’t worry, I will do something. He thinks what to do, I will talk to Prachi. He goes to Prachi and says I have urgent work, call the bank and cancel a cheque right now. She thinks why is he panicking. Lakhan asks where is Josh. Sid says he came at night to meet Prachi but she didn’t come. Angad says she did good, Prachi wanted Josh to come there, but Josh didn’t come, superman Raghav managed it and saved us. Lakhan says I know there is no tension when Raghav is there. Sid gets the man’s message. He thinks who will save Raghav. Prachi asks what reason will I tell the bank. Raghav says we have no time, I always help you, you have to help me, if Josh makes a mistake next time, then I won’t help you. Lakhan gets a call and asks what, who did it and that cheque. He says Adi, that cheque… Prachi comes and says sorry, Kapil gave me that cheque, I misplaced it, I called the bank and stopped the payment. He says yes, bank just called, its okay, you were alert and called the bank in time. She says I was scared. He says its okay, you have saved the day today, go now. Raghav thinks I crossed the line, I have to say sorry to her. She recalls his words and cries. He goes after her.

Lakhan says I want to know, do you still love Prachi. Pihu says I love him. Prachi asks Raghav not to think of Josh.

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