Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 16th May 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 16th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 16th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Josh professing his love to Prachi and proposing her for marriage. Lakhan asks what’s all this, Sid. Sid says we didn’t know he is planning this. Josh asks will you marry me in the next two days, we will keep sangeet in the same function today. Prachi asks Josh to listen. He asks will you marry me, I will be the best husband. Avni asks Prachi to say yes to Josh. Monica stops Josh. She says I want to hear the decision from my daughter, without anyone’s pressure, sorry, this is not our style, we give everyone a chance to speak, I won’t allow you all to pressure Prachi.

She says marriage isn’t a game to happen in a hurry, its weird to propose randomly. Josh says I thought you will be happy, our marriage is pending. She asks what amazing thing did you do. He says we are marrying, I m proposing Prachi, can’t you see. Brinda asks why are you in a hurry, Monica is right, we will sit with your parents and decide. He says its my marriage. Sara says its Prachi’s marriage also, you can’t pressurize her, she will have her own thoughts and plans. Josh says I thought Prachi will be happy, what problem does her family have. Monica says we are with you, whatever you decide. Lakhan says yes, I will make all the arrangements if you want, do what your heart wants. Josh says yes, tell them that you will marry me in 2 days. Sara asks him to stop it. He says I m proposing you and they are asking you to refuse, what is going on, your family is a bunch of crazy people. She says I won’t take this, I will discuss it with my family and get back with a date. Avni asks what’s the problem, do you have second thoughts about Josh. Josh says yes, that’s it, just tell me, is it a yes or a no. Angad asks Dipika to send her team, it’s a personal matter and shouldn’t come in media. She agrees. Prachi says I liked the surprise, let me discuss it with them. Josh says stop it, I have seen my imp in your life, say no, can you say that, its over right, finish it off, you have no courage to say no. Raghav says enough Josh, Prachi said what she wanted, its your problem if you don’t understand. Josh says get out, she is still my fiancée, who are you to say. Raghav says I won’t leave, you step back, you took 3 years to reach here, give her a day if she is asking for it, get out. Sid says Josh, lets leave. Sid and Avni leave with Josh.

Monica asks Prachi to relax. Prachi thanks her. Pihu says I will stop fighting with Angad. She sees Angad hugging Dipika. Dipika says I had a great time, see you. Angad sees Pihu. She says you admit that she is your GF. He says process is on. She says you have changed since you met her. He says I can’t fight always, what did I do. She says you disappeared, I was sick, you didn’t come to meet me. He says I wanted time for myself, I told this to Raghav. She says you didn’t tell me. They argue. Prachi is upset. Raghav thinks I don’t think she would like to talk to me at this time. Prachi says Raghav…. He says I hope I didn’t disturb you, sorry to speak between Josh and you. She says not at all, I m confused. He says Monica said right. They argue.

He says next time, I will punch Josh, Monica is right, she took a stand for you, marriage is not a joke. She asks did you come to say sorry or not. He says sorry to come here. He says I don’t want Josh to insult you. She says I want to help you, lets go. He agrees.

Lakhan scolds Monica for spoiling Kapil’s life. He asks why did you do this. She says I did this for you, you realize that I m your wife, not Avni, I wanted you to accept me, I kept the girls away from me. He says you are talking of past. She says you are also talking of past. She argues with him. She asks did you accept me or not, you never tried to call me since I left, Pihu came to me.

Josh says go with Raghav and enjoy as much as you want, once you marry me, you will stay as I want. Prachi cries and returns the engagement ring. She breaks up with him.

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