Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 22nd March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 22nd March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Josh reminding Raghav his past. Raghav says I don’t have any past that affects this project, its not my first project, govt. officials have already checked my background. He leaves. Prachi says Josh… He says chill, you don’t have to explain anything. Kiara says you won’t believe it, Raghav was busy chatting to Sania. Josh asks why did you vent anger on Prachi, its Raghav’s choice, he likes such girls, right Prachi. He asks Kiara to say sorry to Prachi. Kiara says sorry and goes. Josh asks when will she change. Prachi gets coffee for him. Pihu eats the food. She says its so good, we will comehere everyday to have food. Sara asks her to come anytime, its her house and her Maasi. Pihu enjoys the food. Raghav and Angad come. Angad says Raghav has become a work machine. Raghav says Josh has chosen the team, something is wrong. Angad jokes. Raghav asks Sara to have food. Sara says just you worry for me, I want a son in law like you. They laugh. Pihu asks how was your date. Raghav says her name is Sania. Sara says you went with Kiara. Angad says Sania came with Kiara. Pihu says two girls on a single date. Raghav says stop talking nonsense, Sania came with Kiara, she is sweet. Sara asks are you interested in her. Angad says she gave her number to him. Sara asks did Prachi know about it. Angad says he dropped Prachi yesterday. Sara asks really.

Raghav says no big deal, it was going to rain, she didn’t have car. Pihu says you didn’t drop anyone that day when it was raining. Raghav gets Sania’s call. They have a talk. Angad and Pihu look on. Raghav says come to office, we will have breakfast together. She says see you. He leaves. Sara gets lassi. Prachi gets Monica’s call. Monica says Lakhan didn’t eat breakfast, I have sent it, make sure he eats. Prachi says breakfast has come, okay. She asks Lakhan why aren’t you eating food on time. He says I was busy, sorry. She says mom is worried, we shall have food. Raghav chats with Sania. He asks the manager to arrange breakfast that he ordered. He asks where is Lakhan. Manager says in his cabin. Lakhan asks what’s this chappan bhog. Prachi says mom has sent it for you. Lakhan says its overloving. Prachi says she has sent food of all the states.

He says its our lucky day, we will eat everything. She says yes. They eat the food. She asks him to eat healthy food. He says one day cheat day. She says just one samosa, but its strange, I will call mom. He says just eat and enjoy, don’t question the surprise, you also eat well, you got slim. She says I have maintained myself well, you should sign all the contracts, luck is with you. Raghav comes. He sees the breakfast and thinks I had ordered it for Sania. Lakhan says great timing, come, join us. Raghav thinks what will I tell Sania now. Lakhan asks him to start with Idli. She says he doesn’t like it. He says okay, there are many choices, good food means happy mood, you will make good designs. Raghav says thanks, I m not hungry, I had to discuss the proposal. They insist him to have food. Lakhan gets Adi’s phone. He says I m coming, if he eats so much food, then he won’t leave me, I didn’t share it with him. He goes. Prachi says Pihu and Angad should have been here. He says they went on site, you should have called Josh. Raghav gets Sania’s call. He says I have an urgent meeting, we have to cancel breakfast. She says lunch then. He says I will let you know. Prachi asks Raghav to have breakfast. He shows her the chocolate on her nose. She cleans it. He leaves.

Pihu says so this is the presentation. Raghav says well done. Angad teases Raghav about Sania. Raghav says she was nice to me, she is sweet and simple. Pihu says you are available in market. Angad says we are guys, not vegetables. Josh comes and says Raghav you broke Kiara’s heart. Raghav says our vibes didn’t match, chill. Angad jokes. Pihu asks did you cancel the date after ordering so much food. Prachi gets the file and says sorry for disturbing. Josh says sit, Raghav had a breakfast date today, much food was delivered. Prachi thinks oh no, Raghav had ordered that for his date. Lakhan comes. He says Monica had sent amazing food today, you all should have come. Josh asks him to let Prachi check the list. They leave.

Angad and Pihu look at Raghav. Raghav says not again. Pihu says you ordered food with Sania and had it with Prachi. Raghav says no, Prachi and Lakhan were eating the breakfast. Prachi says Josh would be thinking that I had breakfast with Raghav, and Raghav would be thinking dad and I finished it, I should have asked mom once, anyway. She checks the list. She reads Samaira’s name. She says Josh wants to hire Samaira in his team, shall I hire her or not. Monica, Sara and Brinda have a talk. Brinda says we know everything is so stressed. Monica says yes, Prachi’s life is unsettled. They discuss about Prachi. Monica says Lakhan regrets Prachi and Josh’s relationship. Raghav and Prachi collide and apologize. He says I m also sorry, because I m not Josh. Their heads collide. She asks should we hire Samaira. He says I didn’t see her work, no comments. She says okay, thanks, we shouldn’t hire anyone by getting biased, sorry, dad and I had the breakfast, thinking mom had sent it, we didn’t think she won’t send such breakfast. He says its no big deal, I m taking Sania on dinner. She says oh, okay, have fun. He leaves. She smiles.

Raghav sees Prachi. Josh looks on. Raghav and Sania drink. Josh says we don’t know what they will do after we leave.

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