Badho Bahu 15th September 2017 Written Update

Badho Bahu 15th September 2017 Written Update by Shraddha Sharma

Badho Bahu 15th September 2017 Written Episode

Chotto bua challange lucky to kiss komal infront of family members and say thank you. Lucky say Maa-papa & tauji-taiji will kill me. Choto say I am asking to kiss you your wife only. Than she say, you can’t do, its not easy to kis (kiss) by you. Komal hear and ask whom to kiss? Choto bua say to you and ask lucky to do it now. Komal get shy and goes.

Raghuveer say to Malti that he is feeling like groom in all this dress up. Malti say its not only about marriage but elections result too. Raghuveer and Malti compliment each other and do little romance.

Kamla is in thoughts how to make his hubby win elections. He ask to enjoy and try to compliment but she jerk him and try to manipulate him. But he ask her to enjoy marrige for now..

Komal’s brother touch his mother feet and ask for blessing. Payal ask Pragya to feed him curd and sugar. Pragya say mummy ji is their for feed. Payal taunt pragya in side saying if he become CA, he shall not even see you. Pragya taunt payal, if he becomes I shall keep his and your husband salary.

Everyone make fun of Rana making him iriked and he say its designer fashion. Choto bua enter with komal and lucky and everyone praises her. She say Thank you to her brothers for doing and fulfilling all duties. Raghuveer say no need to say thank you.
Chotto bua say that we should Thank you to all our loved ones and family, and see at luncky.

She say I am so lucky to tie Turban on my brother’s head. She ask to bring and their are 2 turban’s- one purple and other red. She tell significance of both colors one for sarpunch and other for followers and Rana taunt that raghuveer ji shall tie purple one. Everyone get surprise..

Payal meet pragya’s friend but just than Light goes. Sorry for missing this part.

When light arrives-
Barat has arrived and varmala was happened.
Choto ask lucky to do something and she hit his leg and komal hold lucky in support song plays- mile ho tum bade naseebon se..

Precap- Chotto bua ask komal to say 7 voews of marriage and she say one by one and lucky say I agree type things.

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