Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 15th October 2017 Written Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 15th October 2017 Written Update by MA

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 15th October 2017 Written Episode

Bakula tells Mani and Chanchal that she has solved idol’s problem. Chanchal says it is done by your Dhani. Mani Dadi asks her to make everything fine and get Kanha ji’s darshan. Bakula says she will do everything fine and asks her to see. Vinay tells Rekha that he wants to have one more tea. Rekha tells that tree leaves were drowned in Assam. Vinay says nobody understands my acting passion because of Bakula. Bakula gets sad.

Shyam talks to Guru ji and says he is ready to go to Himalayas. Rupal asks when he will return. Shyam says he might die there. Rupal thinks if Bakula Bua had stopped him from going there when he first gone there then this day wouldn’t have come. Bakula thinks to do something.

Kids come to Madhuri. Madhuri asks them to study well and says once you all
study well, we will have a comfortable life. Chandu says even now we are leading a comfortable life. Madhuri scolds Chandu and says she was about to get married to a nice man, but Bakula Bua made her marry him.

Dabbu asks Bakula Bua to make someone else as Medium. Bakula says no and gets inside her. She goes to Vinay and asks him to make an impression. Vinay tells about Zorawar kaka. Dabbu asks him to make Rekha scared of him, if sasumaa gets scared, then her sons and others will get scared. Vinay says I am zorawar kaka and laughs. Dabbu asks him to act like Zorawar.

Dabbu then goes to Rupal. Rupal asks her to give some idea to stop Shyam from going to Himalayas. Bakula Bua in Dabbu asks her when he praised her last. Rupal says when she worn a short dress in their honeymoon. Dabbu asks her to wear that same dress. Rupal says no. Dabbu says you have to do it else he will go from your life. She asks her to woo Shyam. Rupal goes.

Dabbu comes to Chandu and asks him to wake up. He wakes up and asks if Mohit scolded you. Dabbu says it is usual and asks do you know why madhuri bhabhi scolds you. Chandu says no. Dabbu says she is angry with Bakula Bua as she got her married to you even though she loved someone else. She asks him to find that guy and make her meet him, and gives HDDCS example. Chandu says ok, I will search Salman. Dabbu gets happy. Bakula Bua comes out of Dabbu. Dabbu looks as usual tensed. Bakula says drama will happen now. Rekha brings the bag and says something happened to Vinay. Vinay asks her to go. Rekha asks him to lift his bag and leave, else she will push him in the well.

Rupal comes wearing honeymoon dress while Shyam runs after her. Chandu comes and asks Madhuri to come to her lover. She says she forgot him. They all blame Dabbu and scold her for giving them weird ideas. Mohit asks why you are making the family members fight. Dabbu says I didn’t do anything and calls Bakula Bua.

Bakula gets sad. Mani Dadi and Chanchal tells her that her Dhani have given her task which is impossible to do, as it was not written in their destiny. Bakula Bua asks God to show her some way. Madhuri gives kids calendar book and asks Chandu to write that they have test tomorrow then only they will study. He asks her to write. Madhuri says they will identify my hand writing. Chandu says may be they will identify my writing, I may be their dad. Madhuri says you are 100 percent their father. Kids come. Chandu asks them to study as they have test tomorrow. Bakula Bua gets an idea and thanks Kanha ji.

Kanha ji calls Yamraj and asks if Bakula called you. Yamraj says she wants to write something in Niyati’s book and I refused. Narad asks what you have done. Kanha ji asks him to do as Bakula asks him and says he is actually playing with him.

Yamraj returns to Bakula and agrees to do her work. Bakula says I will tie you 2 extra rakhis. She asks him to take Niyati far away from her book so that she can change the destiny in the book. Niyati Devi is writing someone’s death in the book while being on flight. Narad praises her. Yamraj comes to her and tells that there is a problem with someone’s death and asks her to come.

Niyati goes. Bakula writes in the book, that she wants Rekha to be dictator, Vinay shall rule, Chandu shall get rich, Shyam shall run after Rupal and forgets Guru ji. Niyati Devi returns and gets angry on Bakula. Bakula says now whatever happens will be according to her wish. Niyati says but your own destiny will be written by Kanha ji. Narad says this will imply when Kanha ji plays his flute.

Bakula appears in her house. Shyam takes milk pot from Rupal and tries to romance with milk delivering woman. Rekha runs after Vinay in dictator’s attire. Chandu gives money to the kids and asks them to return home after spending it. Rupal tells Shyam that there was no woman here. Shyam says he was admiring a woman and asks her to leave him so that he can dance and see her dance. Rupal says you wants to see Apsara’s dance, ok. Come.

Kids check the notes and calls Chandu saying the note is fake. Chandu says he forgot to print at other side. Madhuri scolds him. Bakula Bua sees it and goes to Niyati, apologizing to her and says she did a big mistake. Niyati smiles and asks her to change in the book. Bakula asks for rubber. Niyati gives a magical stick. Bakula erases from the book, but then everything comes back in the book. Niyati says once anything is written in the book will not be changed.

Yamraj asks her to tell what happened. Bakula tells him that Rekha became dictator. Yamraj laughs. Bakula says Shyam made Rupal dance and threw money on her. Yamraj asks from where did he get money? Bakula says Chandu printed many notes and gave to some to Shyam too. Yamraj says you have changed the book, now it will affect you and your family.

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