Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 30th September 2017 Written Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 30th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 30th September 2017 Written Episode

Madhuri tells Rupal how Rekha will dance now. Rekha says lets break Jaam Sab’s head. Jaam Sab comes wearing helmet and says safety first. Rekha saysh she will break his head. Madhuri gets an idea and asks Jaam Sab to start the function. Jaam Sab welcomes the guest and calls the host. Angori bhabhi and and Vibuti and gets their name written. Sara Khan dance on LaiLa Mai Laila plays. Yamraj tells Niyati Devi that they enjoyed well. Host applauds for her.

Chanchal and Mani Dadi think where is Bakula? Yamraj’s assistant tells that they have to go take out Chanchal’s mum in law’s soul. Niyati says she didn’t write this. They think somebody is compromising with her book. Ragini and her husband come there too. They have a talk. Bakula says she is enjoying and writes something in
the destiny book. Bakula says she will write good and asks Niyati to make everything fine. Niyati says they are suffering because of themselves. Preet and her husband come there. Rupal says there is something wrng and asks her to give her chappal. She repairs her chappal and gives to Preet.

Host calls Raj and Preet on stage. They dance on stage. Bakula Bua comes there. Host announces Rupal’s dance performance with Jaam Sab. Vinay objects but others ask him to let them dance. Rupal and Jaam Sab dance on the song Nacho. After performing dance, Rupal scolds Sara Khan for looking at the audience. Sara Khan disqualifies them. Ragini and Anurag dance on the song rocket hamare saiyya….Tiwari calls on Angori’s number and Rekha picks the call and says hello. Angori says from where my mobile came to you. Rekha says she is habituated to steal others’ stuff. Shyam says he is waiting for you. Tiwari and Angori are called on stage.

Vinay thinks nobody can stop him from winning. Tiwari scolds Angori for forgetting the steps. Angori says she has everything. Host calls Mohit and Bindu on stage. Bindu tells Mohit that they shall try something else and asks him to throw pot on her. The pot gets stuck onto her head. Bakula asks Dabbu to go and offer help.

Dabbu asks can I help you. Mohit says yes and takes her to stage. Bindu takes out pot from her head and looks for Mohit. They dance on Shehnai song. Sara khan says this is best performance so far. Jaam Sab tells Bindu that matka stuck her destiny. Host says Vinay and Malti will perform now. Bakula smiles. Vinay and Malti start dancing on the song gandi baat. Chanchal gets inside him. He dances madly. Chanchal comes out of him. Host asks Judge Sara Khan to announce the winner. She announces that the winner is…..

Vinay is in jail and asks Chandu to help him. Chandu brings cow man. Dabbu comes to the shop to sell diamond and see Rekha coming there, she gets tensed. Later during birthday celebrations, Munna asks everyone to bring Vinay home.

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