Barsatein 21st August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 21st August 2023 Written Update by Amena

Barsatein 21st August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aradhna meeting Reyansh. He says I love you. She says I don’t love you now. He holds her hand and saves her from falling. She says I miss you a lot, I came here to find Mimmi, my parents ousted me and told me that I m not their daughter, they adopted me. He says I didn’t know that. She asks where were you when I needed you, I don’t want to talk to you. He says no, I have come now, I will always stay with you. She hugs him and cries. She says I have become an orphan, Malini hates me, where were you. He says I would have come with you if you hadn’t lied to me. He pushed her down the cliff and smiles.

Aradhna wakes up and thinks I was seeing such a bad dream. Viren says you should have told the truth. Kimaya says I m sorry, I was tense. They see Aradhna. Malini asks are you okay. Aradhna asks how did I come here. Malini says your sugar level was low, you dodn’t take injection. Komal says your diabetes would be hereditary. Malini asks about her mom. He says your name is Aradhna, right. Aradhna says Aradhna Sehgal. Viren says it was Malini’s surname before marriage. Malini apologizes to her. She holds Aradhna’s hand and says you fell cold. She asks Aradhna to take rest. She gives kada to Aradhna and says drink it, else I will pull your ears, I can help you in finding someone you want, inform your parents, they will worry. Aradhna says I have no one, I was a journalist, I got a heartbreak. Komal jokes. Viren says I have a small media company, join us, come for interview tomorrow. Malini says stay here tonight. Aradhna says sorry. They have a talk. Malini says I m their mum of these three girls. She goes. Angad and his parents leave. Kimaya hugs Angad. He says I love you. He goes. Kimaya asks Aradhna why did she leave the city. Aradhna says sometimes we have to change, you have taken Angad’s blame, would he take the blame if needed. Kimaya says yes.

Aradhna says I wish you are lucky and don’t get cheated. Beena hears old songs and talks to Rajan. Aradhna comes. Beena says I thought you fled. Aradhna says I did your work, how is your foot. Beena argues with Rajan. She shouts on Aradhna. Aradhna says you used to talk to your husband like this. Beena says yes, you would also do this, its not madness, we both are heartbroken. Aradhna says I faced the truth, I got a job. Beena says you go and sleep, you took care of me, Malini is handling my expenses, everything will be fine. Its morning, Aradhna goes to Viren’s office. She sees the news anchor reporting. She meets Viren. He asks is your name real, what’s the truth. She says my parents who raised me aren’t Sehgals, I m not their daughter, I m adopted, I was grateful that they raised me, I made a mistake and they disowned me, so I thought to make a new start, I didn’t know you, I did research about you, it will be my honor to work with you. She says its not a problem if you don’t give me a job, thanks for your time. He says stop, you get serious soon, its about money and survival, I will hire you, take it as a challenge, say the truth and win, raise my standards, congrats, you are hired, I have hired a new team from Delhi, you can meet the editor in chief, your jodi will be good, I wanted to see if you get scared of me or not. She says I m not scared of anyone. He says Vikram is a big journalist from Delhi, he was VP in his office, do you know him. Reyansh comes there. Aradhna is shocked seeing him.

Reyansh and Aradhna argue. She asks why did you come here, you can’t cause any harm to me now. He says I can try.

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