Belan Wali Bahu 31st January 2018 Written Update

Belan Wali Bahu 31st January 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Belan Wali Bahu 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dada and Suzzi comes to tea stall, Dada asks seller to make two teas, seller says I am honored that you are here. Dada asks him to give tea. Seller says give money first. Dada says its good that you dont work on debt basis, I am proud that you are working for money. Dada takes out wallet and doesnt see money in it. Suzzi says money is finished, we spent it in your photoshoot. Dada says to seller that leave tea. Suzzi says my life is miserable, I cant even have tea. Dada sees his scented sticks packets on road. He says these made successful and will make me successful again.
Dada starts selling scented sticks on road. He asks people to buy it. Neighbors say that Dada have stooped so low, no one is going to buy it, Dada ask them to get lost. Dada tries to sell it to one person

but he says they are useless and doesnt buy it. Dada asks another young boy to buy it, he says I dont want it. Suzzi says let me handle. Suzzi sultrily says to boy that I am Suzzi, you wanna buy scented sticks? boy says my house is near, you can come to take it. Dada asks him to have shame for misbehaving with girl, boy says you have shame to make your daughter sell on roads, he leaves. Dada says she is not my daughter. Suzzi says these will not be sold, they are useless. Dada says it happened with me first when I started selling it, we have to make people trust us, we have to make them emotional and empathy us but how? Dada sees a balloon seller with his wife and daughter begging people to buy balloons so he can feed his family, people get emotional and buy it. Dada says I got an idea.

Dada and Suzzi gets dressed as beggars in torn clothes. Dada gives one poor kid to Suzzi, Suzzi says you made me beggar, Dada says you are salesgirl, we will make people emotional that kid is hungry, please buy our scented sticks. Suzzi happily start asking people to buy it, Dada asks her to act like she is crying. Suzzi start acting like she is crying and says my kid is hungry, please buy it. Dada says please do it for me. Suzzi acts like crying and says please buy scented sticks, my kid is hungry, please please.. Laddo’s family comes on roof and sees Dada and Suzzi begging on road. Ramnath says what is Dada doing? I cant see it, I will bring him back. Lata says but he said he will die if we bring him back. Ramnath says he is looking like thief. Shalini says I will take selfie with him, Lata says then dont comeback. Jitendra says I cant see this, he leaves with Shalini. Roopa is sad. Ramnath says to Roopa that I always forgive you but today, our respect is on roads because of you, he and Lata angrily leaves. Roopa sees Dada begging on road, Laddo’s ghost is sad too, Roopa glares at him and leaves.

Lata tucks pillow, mattress, towel, sheet for Dada. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says instead of bringing Dada back, they are packing his stuff. Lata says to Jitendra that he said we will see his dead face if we try to bring him back so we cant do anything. Laddo’s ghost says they wont bring him back, I did mistake so I will rectify it.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says do something. Roopa says you did what you wanted, Laddo’s ghost says I did a mistake, please bring him back, Roopa says I tried. He says you can ask other family members to pacify Dada and bring him back, talk to Jitendra to not take Dada’s things, ask him to bring Dada back please.

Roopa comes to Jitendra and sees him taking Dada’s things for him. She says what are doing? He says you made Dada leave but we have to do our duty. Roopa says we have to pacify him, he was angry but now we have to bring him back, you are most sensible person in this house, Jitendra says I think so too. Roopa says if you give Dada’s things to him then he will think we dont want him back home, leave these things and try to bring him back, pacify him. Jitendra says yes I am most sensible person so I will bring him back, he leaves. Laddo’s ghost thanks Roopa, she glares at him and leaves. Laddo’s ghost says she is miffed with me, all are miffed with her, whom should I be miffed with?

Jitendra comes to Dada and says you are our honor, your respct is our respect, please comeback. Dada says I wont go back. Neighbor says he wont go back. Dada slaps him and asks him to leave, he leaves. Jitendra says to Dada that if you dont comeback then I will sit with you people and sell scented sticks too, Suzzi says you can take my place, Dada says no one can take Suzzi’s place. Jitendra says no one is eating at home, all are crying, please comeback. Dada says I said you will see my dead face if you try to bring me back. Jitendra says but now you have beggar face, to hell with your scented sticks, come with me. Dada slaps him and says how dare you say that about my scented sticks, I raised you all with these, get lost, Jitendra sadly leaves. Dada counts coins he got from begging. One beggar eyes him. Suzzi says this is like begging. Dada says this is not begging, its earning. Suzzi says I didnt even bath today and you blackened my face with sand to make me look like beggar, Dada says dont talk like this, people will interpret it as something else. Suzzi says I cant even look at myself. Dada says you can look at me. Suzzi says enough, we are going home, you became hero now lets go home. Dada says no one respects me there so thats not my home, I will make my own home, I will use these coins to make crores and make my house. Suzzi says where will we sleep tonight? Dada says I will find someway. Suzzi says we dont have any option but to sleep on road. Dada gets an idea and says so what if we dont have house, one house has open doors for everyone.

Scene 2
All men in house ask to bring food. Lata asks Shalini to bring food. Ramnath says we are miffed with Roopa but we cant stay without Roopa, we dont even have food. Lata shouts Shalini where is food? we asked you to make khidchi. Shalini says I made it but when I opened pan, it looked like its chocolate cake. Jitendra says wow how you did it? Ramnath says she burnt it thats why it became chocolate cake, what will we tell Jimmy? Naren says they left. Ramnath says wow, he understood situation and left. Ramnath says how we will eat food? Roopa comes there wearing glasses. Lata asks why she is acting like heroine? She says I have eye infection. Lata asks her to leave. Ramnath says one minute, he whispers to family that its my suggestion, Roopa doesnt have to look at us but she can make food, Shalini says we cant talk to her, Jitendra says but she can make food. Lata says okay let her make food but no one will talk to her. Lata says to Roopa that make food for everyone. Roopa gets happy and says I will make it, she leaves. Lata says she will make it.

Roopa makes food, all family members start eating. Roopa thinks dont know if Dada ate food or not.

Dada brings Shalini to mandir, he says we can spend night here. Suzzi says I will go back to my home tomorrow. Dada says no, he tries to reach her but falls from wheelchair, Suzzi makes him sit on bench. Dada says you cant leave me in middle like this. Dada says you cant leave me, its just one night, we will sleep here, tomorrow I will arrange something. Suzzi says okay. Suzzi feels cold. Dada takes off his coat and makes her wear it. Dada starts feeling cold. Suzzi puts head on his shoulder and sleeps. Dada sleeps too while sitting on bench. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says he couldnt sleep on soft mattress with grandma but he can sleep on wooden bench for Suzzi? He is acting all hero because of Suzzi, I cant leave him. Laddo’s ghost sleep on other bench.

At night, police comes to mandir and sees Dada and Suzzi sleeping on bench in sitting position. Inspector wakes them and says enough of romance, you both are sitting in mandir at late night alone and having romance? Dada asks him to behave. Inspector says you are grandfather’s age and having cheap romance here? I will lock you up in jail. Dada says I will get you suspended. Inspector arrests Suzzi and Dada. Laddo’s ghost wakes up and says he is not like that, dont put cheap blame on him, he was not romancing, now Dada is in jail because of Roopa.

Scene 3
In jail, Inspector says to Suzzi that we are leaving you with warning, dont try to romance in mandir from now. Dada asks Suzzi where are you going? Suzzi says he is my patient, I have to give him medicine so I cant leave him. Inspector says fire is at both side, there is some magic in oldie, he says to Suzzi that sit on bench. Suzzi says to Dada that call you family to take out of jail, Dada says I wont. Suzzi says I heard that inspectors beat people after drinking wine. They see inspector drinking wine, Dada gets scared and asks if he can get phone to call his family. Inspector gives it. Dada calls home.
Roopa gets call from news reporter, reporter asks if they threw out his Dada? Roopa cuts call. Roopa hears landline ringing, its Dada calling from jail. Roopa says it must be another news reporter, I wont take it. Otherside Dada says no one is picking up. Dada calls Ramnath but he is busy in yoga and doesnt hear his phone ringing. Dada says no one is picking up. Inspector says people dont take call in this shame, their Dada is in jail so they will not recognize you anymore. Dada says my own family is not my own now, wish my Laddo was here. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says I am here Dada.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says listen to me. Roopa says what you want? you wanted revenge so you took it. Laddo’s ghost says I did mistake but now Dada is in jail, he was sleeping in mandir with Suzzi and police caught him, please free him from jail. Roopa says I cant free him, I cant go out of house, I have eye infection, I cant go out, its contagious. Laddo’s ghost says I got an idea, you can free Dada, you have to do what I say. Roopa says no I listened to you and see what happened, Laddo’s ghost says you can bring him back, he is your Dada too, I am begging you to bring him back. Roopa says dont do it, call family, Roopa says okay.

Roopa tells idea to family, Roopa says we can bring Dada back like this, Lata says he said he wont comeback. Ramnath says please save my father, Lata says no, I wont listen. Roopa says please, Dada always took you as his daughter, he always took you as Devi, Lata says really? Roopa says okay, we will go to free Dada. Roopa says lets goo. All family members wear black glasses like Roopa and leave house as a team. Laddo’s ghost says I hope inspector agrees too.

In jail, Suzzi says to Dada that what we will do? Inspector says havan. Roopa comes there with sweets and gifts. Dada says she has come to free me. Inspector says you want to bribe us? I wont leave Dada now. Roopa says no I am asking you to keep him here, dont free him. Roopa comes to Dada and asks him to put cotton in his ears, she gives him cotton and says I will praise you so much that you wont be able to hear it, Dada says okay and puts cotton in his ears. Roopa says to inspector that keep Dada here, she gives him masks and glasses and says wear it, you can catch Dada’s illness, Inspector says what illness he have? Roopa says its so dangerous illness, he brought it in India from Africa’s bear, thats why he looks like bear, inspector is stunned and says yes he does. Suzzi says to Roopa that you did nice by giving him cotton. Roopa says to inspector that in this illness, first your eyes go red, she shows her red eyes. Roopa says then your blood becomes blue and then your wife’s saree becomes white as his husband would die. Inspector is scared. Roopa says Dada was in hospital but doctor, nurses all got ill. Roopa stealthily gives paper to Suzzi. Roopa says all people who work in our family got this illness, I will call our servants. Ramnath comes there as laundry man, he says to inspector that Dada is in so bad condition, he is so ill that I got ill too. Lata comes there and says I am Dada’s gardener, I got his illness and now I have only two months left. Jitendra comes there as Dada’s driver, Jitendra says this Dada is so ill that I got ill too, they all are wearing glasses too. Shalini and Naren comes there as servants of house. Naren says he gave us illness too. Shalini says keep Dada in jail so it will be spread here only and not go out. Inspector is scared. Dada asks if they are playing fancy dress competition? He cant hear them. Roopa says we all got ill but we will leave and leave him here with you, if he sneezes then his illness will be spread throughout this police station, his sneeze has all the germs that will give you illness too. Suzzi opens paper Roopa gave her, it has powder, Suzzi throws it near Dada, Dada smells it and sneezed. Inspector gets scared that now he will get illness too. He takes glasses and mask and wears it, all officers wear them. Roopa says now you keep Dada here, his illness will spread here only. Roopa starts leaving with family but inspector stops her. Inspector says arent you ashamed to leave him here in this condition? take him home. Roopa says no please dont leave him, I have kids, just keep him here. Inspector says if you dont take him home then I will charge you to not take care of old citizens, he asks Dada to go home. Inspector says to Roopa that dont leave him out of house again, Roopa says where will I take this ill man? but as you wish. She starts taking Dada out of police station. Laddo’s ghost says thank you, you saved my Dada. Roopa says he is my Dada too and it was all your plan so thank you and if you want to do bad with me then do bad with me only, dont put all in trouble, she angrily leaves. Laddo’s ghost looks on.

PRECAP- Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost if he had last wish that he wanted to fulfill?Laddo’s ghost says first wish was to hide all pajamas.
All pajamas from house goes missing. all men of house wear towels to cover themselves up. Ramnath calls inspector and says our pajamas were stolen, inspector laughs and ends call. Ramnath says what we will do without pajamas? All men of house stand outside house in towel, people laugh at them. Laddo’s ghost say they all got trapped in this with me but all are looking cute.

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