Beyhadh 2 24th March 2020 Written Update

Beyhadh 2 24th March 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Beyhadh 2 24th March 2020 Written Episode

Vikram comes back to the bedroom and hums. He pats Maya’s head. You know everything now, Princess. She sits up startled. You killed him? Why? He says I had no option. I had to. Think what would police have done apart from hitting him? Maya asks him what that guy had done. Vikram says he touched you, he tried to hurt you. Maya denies. He did not hurt me. He says you were scared but she says it was because I did not know him. He asks her if she thinks he will spare anyone who will try to scare her. He rests her head in his lap. I will kill anyone who will try to scare you. She tells him he is crazy to which he happily agrees. You are my life. I can do anything for my life! He cups her face. She asks him to let go of her. He asks her if she knows how much he has waited for her. I did so much to get you and you are telling me to leave you? I cannot leave you even after death! Please don’t cry. I feel like crying when you cry. He ends up shouting at her to stop crying. I also feel angry when you cry. I love you. She goes quiet. He kisses her on her forehead. It is time for you to cook Italian. I will bring ingredients right away. I can kill thousands like him seeing you in tears. Stop crying please. He steps out of the room for a moment but then returns. You think I will leave you alone?

Vikram packs Rajiv’s body. Maya looks on from the kitchen. Rajiv’s words echo in her mind. Vikram asks Maya what she is cooking. She says risotto. He says I knew it that you would remember something. This is my favourite dish. Keep telling me the steps. She complies. Vikram is out of tape. Maya turns quiet but he tells her to keep guiding and cooking simultaneously. He goes inside. Maya tries the landline but in vain. She tries opening the main door but it is closed too. She heads back to the kitchen hearing the sound of Vikram’s footprints. He asks her if it is a secret recipe. You have been quite for too long. She reads it out for him. He calls it a perfect afternoon. You, me and perfect Italian food! He takes out red wine. This is what was missing! He points at Maya’s mother’s photo. We must seek her permission if we are drinking together. She might be away from us but she is still very near us.

Doorbell rings. Vikram tells Maya to relax. I ordered some stuff. He hides Rajiv’s body behind the sofa and then receives the parcel. Maya writes Help on the notebook. She holds it for the courier boy but he is not able to see it. She drops stuff intentionally on the floor. Courier boy tells Vikram something fell down. Vikram denies but the courier boy walks in. Vikram is about to hit him on his head but Maya asks for his help just then. Courier boy leaves after telling Vikram to help his wife. Vikram keeps the stuff back in place. He holds Maya’s hand. Promise me you will never change. He kisses her on her head. She shuts her eyes tightly.

Vikram resumes packing Rajiv’s body. Maya looks at the wine bottle. She mixes some of it in the pan and starts cooking. She starts coughing to gain Vikram’s attention. He kneels down to look but she hits him on his head using wine bottle, pans. She starts limping towards the door but falls. Vikram catches up on her but she uses her stick to push / hit him. She manages to get out of the house. The lift isn’t working so she takes the stairs. Vikram heads downstairs as well.

Maya comes in the basement and is shocked to see her mother locked there. She experiences flashes from her past. She removes the cloth from her mother’s mouth. Maya hugs her mother. She asks her if she is fine. Why Rudra dint come to save them? Where is he? Maya gets confused. Rudra? Who is Rudra? Vikram opens the door just then.

Rudra looks at his shirt with Maya’s footprints. The past moments flash in his mind. Title song plays in the background. He looks at the footprints.

Maya’s mother is about to tell Maya about Rudra but they get scared noticing Vikram at the door. They hug each other. Vikram remarks at their bond.

Precap: Maya’s mother tells her to run away. It is a lie. Vikram isn’t your husband. Run away! Maya says without you. Vikram comes back. You broke the rule. Someone must go on exile now. Princess will stay with me so Mummy ji will have to go. MJ and Aamir are watching CCTV footage of Hotel Mamba. They spot something suspicious and pause the video.

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