Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 18th April 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 18th April 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 18th April 2024 Written Episode

Savi delivers mata Seeta’s dialogues for Sri Ram written for Reeva and puts garland in Sri Ram’s neck, leaving everyone surprised. Indira says this is real Ram and Seeta’s jodi. Audience chant bolo Siyawar Ram Chandra Ki. Savi walks out of auditorium confused. Imlie stops her and asks what happened. Savi asks how can she deliver dialogues and put garland in Ishaan sir’s neck. Imlie says it’s because Savi loves Ishaan. Savi says it’s impossible. Imlie shows her video and says she was expressing her feelings and not just delivering lines. She says since she came here, she is seeing Savi blushing whenever Ishaan’s name is taken, whether she believes it or not she has fallen in Ishaan’s love. She gets a call and walks away. Savi thinks she can’t love Ishaan. She imagines Harini who says she has fallen in Ishaan’s love for sure and should accept it. Savi asks can she accept it. Harini reminds all the incidents when Savi got jealous of Reeva when Surekha pushed Reeva towards Ishaan and Ishaan paid attention towards Reeva. She thinks if she really loves Ishaan.

Reeva feels upset for spoiling her play. Durva says Savi is habituated to gain attention, she used the opportunity well in her favour. Reeva says she forgot her dialogues and Savi handled the situation well. Swati says Reeva is very innocent, Savi gained spotlight by overtaking Reeva. Durva says she is right. Shikha and Asmita walk in and congratulate them that the audience response was very good. Anvi says Savi saved the show. Durva asks her to stop being a fan girl. Anvi says audience forgot that the Seeta was replaced and were chanting Siyawar Ram Chandra Ki Jai, she wants to thank Savi for that.

Savi thinks she can’t fall in love as her goal is to become an IAS officer. Her inner conscience says she is thinking right and should focus on her studies. She then imagines Harini who says falling in love will not hinder her goal, Ishaan is a gem of a person who helped them a lot and she will not get another person like him. She suggests to express her love to Ishaan. Ishaan searches for Savi. Chinmay hides in a room and blackens his face with a vile plan. Savi realizes she was imagining Harini when she hears Ishaan’s voice. Anvi tells Ishaan that he needs to come on stage and make an announcement. Ishaan finds Savi and asks where was she, he needs to make an announcement on stage with her. Savi gets lost in his voice while he continues to speak. He asks if she is fine and takes her auditorium.

Yashwant asks Surekha and Nishi where is Chinmay as he disappeared after coming here, he is sure Chinmay will create a drama. Nishi asks him to forget about Nishi and welcome minster Patil. Yashwant and Surekha welcome Patil. Patil apologizes for being late as he CM had called for an urgent meeting. Yashwant says he missed a Ram Seeta swayamwar play directed by his niece Anvi. Ishaan announces conclusion of the Ram charitra. Lavani dancers enter stage and start performing lavani dance. Everyone are shocked to see that. Patil asks Yashwant what is this. Yashwant thinks it’s Chinmay’s drama and asks Ishaan to go and check. Chinmay then enters stage in Ravan’s attire and dances on Raktacharita.. song. Patil asks Yashwant what is happening, earlier lavani and now Ravan dance. Yashwant apologizes and says he will check. Chinmay asks if they know why Ravan became Ravan, he always craved for his father Visharva’s love since his childhood, but his father always hated him; his father’s toxicity got into his mind.


Precap: Ishaan tells Savi that he wants to tell her something. Savi says even she wants to tell him some and tries to express her love for him. Ishaan says he is responsible for her family’s death. Savi gets heartbroken and says she had developed feelings for him and he was rejecting her feeling and pushing her towards studies as he was guilty, she hates him.

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