Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sheena telling Dhongi Twinkle Mata making Bakool massage her legs. Ranjeet says it is seva and bhakti. Sheena says she is trying to trap Bakool and asks him why is he forcing him. Ranjeet says he is my son in law. Twinkle comes to Baa house with Bakool. Baa scolds Bakool for becoming sanyasi when he couldn’t become Papa. Twinkle says she will make him Papa and then says Jagat Papa. Baa says I won’t let you go and calls jigna. Jigna comes with her devotees. Bakool is shocked to see Jigna in sanyasan avatar.. Jigna asks Twinkle to leave her husband. Sevika asks Jigna to apologize to Twinkle and calls for competition. Jigna dances on the song dhol baaje. Twinkle dances on the song lipstick and takes Bakool with her. Jigna says she took him with her and promises not

to leave her. Bakool comes to Harry’s house. Harry asks if this is Sheena’s new fantasy. He asks him not to take sanyas and take out the lungi. Bakool slaps him and says Twinkle made him forcefully wear this. He says he is helpless to agree to her demands as she knows about both his marriage. Harry asks did you do….bakool says I will not do anything as such and says he is doing this to expose her. He says since Ranjeet said that he will name his property and everything on my name, that woman wants to trap me. Bakool asks him to enquire about her. Harry says ok and asks him not to worry. He searches on the net and comes to know that Twinkle is married to a guy in bhao Nagar, and thinks to show her husband pic to Jigna.
Ranjeet asks Twinkle when he will get 20 crores contract. She asks him to give crores Rs. Dagdu brings dry fruits. Ranjeet asks him to bring cheap fruits. She asks him if the cheque is ready. Ranjeet gives the cheque.. Twinkle says it will be clear in 2 days and asks where is your signature. Ranjeet says I will sign just as 20 crores come in my account. Twinkle thinks he is a miser and says she is happy with him. She will double his wealth to 10 times and asks him to put all his wealth in the box. Ranjeet doesn’t believe her. Twinkle calls a man and tells your money and jewellery is doubled. The man Girdhari lal takes the bag. Dagdu asks Ranjeet to put all his wealth in the tokri. Ranjeet says he will put in the night and will take double in the morning. Bakool signs no and thinks how to make him understand.

Jigna tells Baa that she will get her husband back. Baa blesses her and asks her to take Harry with him. Harry comes there and shows pic to Jigna. Jigna identifies the man and says he is in jail for killing his wife. Harry says Twinkle is his wife. He says we have to expose her and goes to police station. Ranjeet gives money and jewellery bag to Twinkle. Bakool thinks where is Harry?

Twinkle says kalyan hoga and asks everyone to close eyes and sing twinkle twinkle. She signs her sevika to take bag with her. Ranjeet opens his eyes and says where is my money and jewellery. He says I am betrayed. Twinkle says what is the proof? Ranjeet asks Bakool to say? Bakool is about to say, but Twinkle signs him two. Bakool gets silent.

Ranjeet says he will call Police. Harry says I have already brought them. Police brings her husband. Her husband identifies her. Police arrests her. Twinkle tells Ranjeet that Bakool has married twice. Ranjeet questions Bakool. Bakool says he got married to Sheena twice. Ranjeet gets his bag and relaxes.

Ranjeet sees Bakool’s poster promoting vasectomy. He tells Baa that Bakool got his connection cut. Later Jigna and Sheena tell each other about their husband’s choice.

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