Santoshi Maa 13th September 2017 Written Update

Santoshi Maa 13th September 2017 Written Update by Amena

Santoshi Maa 13th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhairya walking in ward and saying I will get fine soon, talk to doctor about discharge. Santoshi asks him to rest, doctor will permit him to go when he recovers. He asks where is Prabal. She says maybe he went to his village, like Mangla suddenly left work. He says no, he is not like Mangla. Dadi blesses them and goes. Santoshi cares for Dhairya. He says I love you a lot. They sweetly argue.

Devi Paulmi says Santoshi and Dhairya’s doubt will increase, you have to go back. Prabal agrees and says I want to see whats happening there. Devi Paulmi shows him. Kaki says I have to send food for Dhairya, Santoshi and Kaka. Paulomika gets the mani and thinks to keep it in temple. Prabal asks Devi Paulmi to see the girl is taking the mani, I can’t come back to Asur lok,

I will quickly go there. Devi Paulmi smile. Paulomika keeps mani in temple. Devi Paulmi says this time Santoshi will lose her life and even her Santoshi Maa can’t find her. Prabal goes on earth and sees Paulomika. He enters the house. She asks where did you disappear. He says I lost the way. She asks are you finding something. He says I lost something imp. She asks how. He says I lost it before I went. She thinks I will tell him I have mani, but I won’t give him. She asks him is he saying about mani. He says yes. She says I kept it in temple. He asks her to give it, its his mani. Kaki comes and asks when did you come, Dhairya is waiting for you in hospital, go and meet him. Prabal says I want to find something imp. She asks him to first go, Dhairya will be happy.
Santoshi Maa says Prabal went to Santoshi’s house again. Gaumata says he want to get mani. Santoshi Maa says I know, I will talk to three devis and then I can take decision. Prabal sees mani in temple. Kaki asks him to take tiffin to hospital. Devi Paulmi stops him from entering temple. He says I have to get my mani. She thinks he will become powerless if he enters temple. She stops him. He gets a shock and falls back. He says what was this shock, is Devi Paulmi trying to stop me. She says don’t enter the temple, else you will get powerless and always roam there, meet Dhairya and wait for right time to get mani. He says my mani is in front of me and I….. He goes.

Daksha and Seshnath argue. He says its your mistake, we should have shared profits, this happened because of your greed. She beats him. He says I have a new deal for you, you do drama of repentance, people will think you changed. She asks how will this happen. He tells his plan. She laughs.

Doctor checks Dhairya and says you got better, w can discharge you, you have to take medicines on time. Prabal comes. Santoshi says where did you go, I was so worried for you. Prabal gets happy and thinks she loves him. He imagines Santoshi. She asks what happened, see Dhairya got fine. Dhairya says I want to say thanks, Santoshi told me how you saved my life, how you got me hospital on shoulder. Prabal thinks I know how tough it was to give you life as I wanted to kill you. He says I lost way and asked people. She says you shouldn’t go far when you don’t know way. Santoshi makes Dhairya ready. Santoshi Maa tells three devis that Prabal reached Santoshi’s house again. Narad says I have seen Devi Paulmi going to Asur lok, she is planning something dangerous. Devi Parvati says he is right, Prabal has gone there to do her work. Santoshi Maa says she can’t hurt my devotee.

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