Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 18th August 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 18th August 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 18th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harry bringing Jigna to Sheena’s house. Jigna asks why Sheena’s husband is wearing sehra. Harry makes an excuse that he didn’t have sehra in his wedding. Ranjeet asks who will play flute. He asks Pandit ji if he can play. Pandit ji plays the flute. Jigna dances like naagin.

Baa sees neighbors beating baba and asks why they are beating him. Neighbors tell her that the man is dhongi baba and he calls all women as naagin. Baa regrets to doubt Jigna and calls Bakool. She informs him that Jigna is not naagin. He asks Harry to take jigna and leave from there before Sheena comes to know that Jigna is not naagin. Harry takes Jigna and leave from there. Sheena asks why did they go? Bakool says dosh is gone and that’s why they ran from there.
Bakool asks Jigna
when she will be ready. Jigna says she will ask Baa. Bakool asks why? Jigna says to go out, she needs to ask her. Baa comes and gives ancestral necklace to Bakool, says happiness will come in the house, and says even you came in this world when my saas gave this necklace. She asks him to repair it. Bakool asks Jigna if she understood. Jigna laughs and goes.

Bakool comes to office. Juhi tells him that she called jeweler to get ring for herself. Bakool asks jeweller to repair the necklace and is about to give his address, when he gets Ranjeet’s call. He goes. Juhi gives Sheena’s address to Jeweller.

Bakool goes there. Ranjeet asks Sheena to open the door and tells Bakool that she has locked herself in the room as he didn’t give her any gift till now. Bakool opens the door and sees Sheena. She tells him that she was talking to her friend on video chat. Ranjeet tells her that Bakool never gave her any gift. Bakool says he will give. He comes home. Baa tells him that jeweller haven’t brought that necklace. Bakool calls the jeweller and enquired with him, he tells that he has delivered the necklace. Bakool is worried. He gets Sheena’s call and she tells him that she got the necklace and is happy to wear it. Bakool is shocked and says that necklace is with you. Sheena asks him to come fast.

She asks Ranjeet if she is looking good. He says yes. Bakool comes there. Ranjeet says it seems to be costly. Sheena says gift is priceless. Bakool says this necklace is delivered by mistake. Sheena asks what do you mean? Bakool says he had selected pink necklace for her, but this is of gold. Bakool asks Sheena to give that necklace to him and says he will keep it in locker, being worried about thief. Sheena refuses to give and says she will wear it. Ranjeet appreciates Bakool’s concern for her.

Baa is worried about the necklace. Jigna comes wearing vegetables and tells that once they get the necklace, she will the vegetable jewellery in charity. A cow makes sound seeing the vegetables and runs behind Jigna. Baa asks jigna to take off the vegetables. Jigna refuses. They run.

Baa comes to meet Sheena and see necklace in her neck. Sheena tells her that her baby (husband) gifted her this necklace. Later jigna tells Bakool that she knows that he has gifted the necklace to her sautan. Bakool is shocked. Baa comes home and tells that she saw necklace on her friend’s neck. Bakool is shocked.

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