Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 16th March 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 16th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 16th March 2023 Written Episode

Basanti tells Vibhu and Tiwari that her Gol gappe prices are increased to 750/- per plate. Tiwari says this is very expensive. Vibhu says to him, don’t over react do you think we will get this taste somewhere else. Tiwari says you are right, you will have too right, Vibhu says definitely, pay now I will give you later. Tiwari asks Basanti to make two plates.
Basanti starts serving them Gol gappe. Tiwari and Vibhu get high and start dancing, Tiwari pushes Basanti by mistake and she hurts her back. Tiwari touches her waist and says let me give you massage. Vibhu says let me try and he starts giving her massage. Saxena keeping an eye on them.

Anu brings Vibhu to bedroom and pushes him on bed, Vibhu says what is this behaviour, I am in no mood of romance.

Angoori says to Tiwari, I know now you want to be romantic with Basanti and not me.
Vibhu says to Anu having Gol gappe is no crime and because of you I go out. Anu says you will stay here and locks him in bedroom.
Angoori locks Tiwari.

Tiwari and Vibhu see eachother locked in bedroom. Both share how sad they are. Vibhu says to Tiwari are you tortured too, Tiwari says can’t you see me locked here. Vibhu says Anu has spoilt her, Angoori is so innocent. Tiwari saus don’t drag Anu, Angoori just looks innocent.

Vibhu tells Tiwari, he is shivering he feels like having Gol gappe, Tiwari says same here, feels like I will faint if I don’t get some gol gappe. Vibhu says what will we do now?
Tiwari says lets try and jump down, Vibhu says you go first then I will think of it. Tiwari says have you lost.
Tiwari and Vibhu see Tillu and Teeka uneasy because of not getting gol gappe. Tiwari and Vibhu call them, Tiwari says we just heard you don’t have money for gol gappe, just help us get down and we will pay for your gol gappe. Tillu Teeka says lets try atleast we may get some.

Tiwari throws bedsheet down and asks them to hold. Tiwari and Vibhu argue on who will go first. Teeka says just jump. Vibhu jumps first, they catch him. Tiwar jumps next.
Teeka and Tillu ask them for money, Tiwari says yes lets go.

Anu and Angoori discuss about will their husbands leave now. Angoori says to Anu, Tiwari isn’t so daring to jump down and we have to find some way out or else they will run to Basant. Anu says we have to find out what’s in gol gappe. Angoori says I think they are mad about Basanti and I think I should go at Amaji’s place. Anu says I am thinking of same.

All men singing and dancing at Basanti’s stall. Basanti serves everyone gol gappe.
Anu gets video call from Saxena and he shows them how Tiwari and Vibhu are dancing. They are in shock.
Anu and Angoori tell Saxena they had locked them. Saxena says I will find out that and update you.

Anu goes check upstairs and says both windows are open, both have jumped of window.
David gets desserts for Angoori and Anu both scold him for making it tasteless and remove all anger on him but still ask him to get more.

Vibhu and Tiwari on their way back, both praise each others moves. Anu walks to them, Tiwari says things are messed. Angoori says to him, welcome home. Tiwari says oh hi dear. Angoori says stop calling me that. Vibhu says what is wrong with you two. Angoori says you are just back from Basanti’s right. Tiwari says I went to a friends birthday party, Vibhu says and I was accompanying him. Anu says shame on you for lying to us. Angoori shows them video of them dancing.
Angoori and Anu scold them. Vibhu says we weren’t dancing on our own will. Anu says really, who forced you. Vibhu says Basanti will die soon, Anu asks why is it. Vibhu says she is diagnosed with very weird disease and she can die anytime and to hide that she stays jolly and keeps everyone around her happy and calls Vibhu her brother. Vibhu gives Tiwari cold looks.

Precap: Happu tries to stop Basanti but all Model Colony male fight them.
Happu tells Angoori and Anu about it, they decide to do something about Basanti’s craze.

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