Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 21st August 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 21st August 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 21st August 2023 Written Episode

Angoori waiting outside. Anu greets her. Angoori says it’s midnight and Vibhu and Tiwari aren’t back yet. David says I saw them going towards Prem’s house and heard that Prem is throwing some party. Anu says forget it then lets go to sleep they won’t be back soon they will be drinking all night. Vibhu and Tiwari come drunk. They see Anu and Angoori are still awake.
Anu asks what was the party for. Vibhu says Prem earned a lot of money from the share market, all on my advice. Tiwari asks Vibhu to help him too. David says stay away from him, he will dope you. Vibhu says I know everything about the market.
Tiwari’s go to bed. Anu asks Vibhu did he really give a tip to Prem. Vibhu says yes. Anu asks why don’t you help me. Vibhu says because you don’t believe me. Anu says I have 1 lakh invest them and give no tips to Tiwari.

Angoori enjoying the weather. Tiwari lost in researching for the share market. Tiwari shares with Angoori how risky it is and says I wish I knew more about this. Angoori says I know someone who has very precise tips. Tiwari asks who is it? Angoori says it’s Daddu. Angoori says he is well known as a stock king in the share market. Angoori also says that once he was bankrupt because of the share market but after that he picked it so well that no one can catch his hand. Tiwari insists Angoori on calling Bhorilal.

Angoori calls Bhorilal and says Tiwari wants to talk to him. Bhorilal asks Tiwari what is it. Tiwari says we are missing you, why don’t you come stay with us for some days. Bhorilal says sure will come tomorrow morning. Tiwari says sure we will wait for you.

Angoori waiting for Bhorilal. Bhorilal arrives. Angoori welcomes him. Bhorilal asks what was the urgency that you called me so soon. Angoori asks Bhorilal why is he so impatient. Bhorilal says whenever you call me I get a little tensed. Vibhu hiding and hearing their conversation. Tiwari says to Bhorilal, he heard that he was popular as Stock King. Bhorilal asks who told you, surely must be my lovely daughter. Angoori tells Bhorilal that Tiwari wants to invest in share market and I want you to help him. Bhorilal gets angry and says to Tiwari why are you dragging my daughter in this. Tiwari says I am not dragging her she insisted me to talk to you. Bhorilal says to Angoori how did you get into this line, its so hurtful. Angoori leaves in tears. Tiwari follows.
Bhorilal leaves the house. Vibhu rushes to him and greets him.
Vibhu says to him, I missed you so much, come lets have a drink. Bhorilal says do you also want to invest in share market. Vibhu says I heard you were known as Stock King. Bhorilal says that’s a past. Vibhu says I read in an old article. Bhorilal says yes I was popular and I denied my daughter and son-in-law, why would I help you. Vibhu says I need no tips instead I have a brand new whiskey for you to taste. Bhorilal gets happy and says I will be back soon and leaves.

Everyone from model colony dealing in share market. Prem buying shares in loss, everyone confused, Prem says it’s my style. Saxena covering the market news Everyone shares their bites and expertise as per their understanding. Gupta, Master, Teeka and Tillu, Prem all share how share market is a gamble and they have invested lakhs and are very excited.

Precap: Tiwari asks Bhorilal for help in share market. Bhorilal says he has given up after he had some lossed but as Angoori is insisting he will help Tiwari. Vibhu makes Angoori keep finger on companies and invests
Ammaji tells Anu and Vibhu that as per Pandit Ramphals prediction, Vibhu won’t progress until Anu is with him and asks her to stay away from Vibhu. Anu agrees.

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