Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 23rd August 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 23rd August 2023 Written Episode

Angoori walks to Anita and asks her is she leaving for Lakhimpurgiri. Anita says yes. Angoori says you are my best friend please take care of yourself and they hug eachother. Anita says please take care of Vibhu. Angoori says yes. Tiwari asks Anita to keep her phone switch on. Anita asks him yo take care of Vibhu. Tiwari says don’t worry I’ll not let him do any new sense in frustration. Vibhu get’s offed and asks him to be quiet. Anita asks Angoori to look after both of them. Angoori says don’t worry you know it’s normal for them, they fight daily. Angoori leaves. Daidu, Tiwari, Vibhu and David start buying stocks.

1 week later.
Tiwari and Bhuray watching interview of David and Vibhu taken by Saxena. Saxena introduces David and Vibhu. Saxena says to Vibhu earlier nobody knows about you but not you are the talk of the town how do you feel. Vibhu says amazing. Saxena says everyone calls you Virat Kholi of market and you show lot of confidence as if you have tips about the market. Vibhu says no it’s just my speculation. Tiwari watching interview says to Bhuray he is lying I’m sure someone is giving him knowledge about market. Bhuray says it’s impossible it’s all about prediction. Tiwari shouts at him says because of you I’m in loss. He says this is share market have patience. Angoori walks in with soup for them. Angoori looks at Vibhu says he is looking good.
Saxena asks Vibhu who is your mentor from all the share market gurus. Vibhu says nobody I’m not impressed with these people they all are fraud. Bhuray says to Tiwari this boy got lot of arrogance because of money and says I’ll break this TV he is insulting me. Tiwari stops him and says he was your favourite. Bhuray asks him to shut up. Tiwari says because of you I’m ruined and cries. Angoori asks him not to cry on his decision. Bhuray says don’t cry I’ll give you a tip. Tiwari says I don’t want anything and asks Angoori to find out source behind Vibhu.

Angoori watering plants. Vibhu walks to her. Angoori says did you buy this car. Vibhu says yes this is of 1 crore. Angoori in shock and asks how did you get this much money. Vibhu and Angoori start playing game. Tiwari walks to the balcony and see them playing. Vibhu flirting with Angoori. Tiwari recording them playing game. Vibhu signing a document. Tiwari zooms in to check the document. Angoori asks Vibhu what are you doing listen to me. Vibhu says yes ask. Angoori asks him how do you win everytime. Vibhu flirts with her again.

David and Vibhu sitting. David looking at the market says you were right for not buying shares of Kallu enterprises and now they are at pennies. Vibhu asks him to buy shares of 1lakh. David says you got brain and I think you can do big scam in future. Vibhu says I don’t need to do anything I have knowledge about Share market. Anu calls Vibhu and says I’m missing you a lot. Vibhu says I’m also missing you but you know your contact is so unlucky for me. David looks at laptop says we lost 5 lakhs right now. Vibhu says how is this possible. Anu asks him what happen. Vibhu says you are the reason because of you I lost 5 lakhs and asks her to stay away from him, he disconnects the call.

Tiwari in his bedroom writing name of companies to buy share and says now I’ll use my wife’s luck. Angoori walks to him. Tiwari says to Angoori now you will play same game with me the one you were playing with Vibhu. Angoori get’s excited and says Vibhu play a lot this game and he is good at this. Tiwari and Angoori start playing and he stops the game in middle. Angoori says now it’s my turn let me start and they start playing. Tiwari asks her to stop playing. Angoori says no I feel like playing this game more.

Vibhu and David in market. Vibhu asks David about the stocks. David asks him to invest in a company as it’s share is going down. Vibhu explains him nothing is permanent in this world, we can’t predict anything, earlier people use to make fun of us but now we both of us are sorted and and says a sad shayari. David says to Vibhu now you are a bif personality stop doing this drama in market. Bhuray and Tiwari walks to them. Vibhu welcomes them and says I feel happy after seeing you. Tiwari mocks him. Vibhu taunts him for doing a new business. Tiwari says I don’t need that my business is doing good but I think you will be needing. Vibhu I don’t think so. Bhuray says this is share market it will take back everything you earned and you won’t be aware about that. David asks Bhuray to shutup. Bhuray takes Tiwari’s side and says he is my son in law. David and Bhuray start arguing with eachother. Vibhu asks Tiwari about the tip. Tiwari says whatever you are right now is because of my wife and I know why you play games with my wife but from now on you won’t be able to play tgis game with my wife. David asks Tiwari to show the purchase list of stocks. Tiwari give him list if stocks. Bhuray looks at the name and says these companies will not perform good. Tiwari says now it’s done and I won’t change my decision. Vibhu and David mocks them and leave.

Precap: Vibhu says to David our stocks are going up. David get’s excited.
Tiwari looks at his stocks and start crying. Angoori walks to him and asks what happen. Tiwari I lost all the money on the companies in which I invested.
Bhuray says I’ll play few more games and my money will be back. Tiwari says please don’t disturb me let me play game.

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