Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st May 2022 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st May 2022 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st May 2022 Written Episode

Angoori in bedroom says we need to change bedsheet it’s so dirty. Tiwari walks to her ask who are you trying to change, is it me. Angoori says no I was talking about bedsheet and you use hair oil too much so it take time to clean. Tiwari says okay come out of bedsheet topic and try yo get romantic, he ask what happen to your mood it’s not good from quiet a while so tell me what is your favourite place. Angoori says it’s kitchen. Tiwari says come out of kitchen okay tell me what is your favourite song. Angoori tells a song about vegetable.

Vibhu reading a book. Anu ask Vibhu do you know anything about Angooris hobby what could she like. Vibhu says her hobby should be yo beat Tiwari. Anu says Angoori is also equally culprit about her situation, she don’t say anything about that, whenever you ask her about how are you she always says I’m good.

Tiwari ask Angoori tell me what are your hobbies. Angoori says I have multiple hobbies like, washing clothes, cooking and many more. Tiwari listen to all her hobbies.

Vibhu says to Anu, Bhabhiji is a great women we have to save her. Anu says that’s okay but what about me don’t you care about me. Vibhu says you are fine. Anu says I also want to pursue a hobby, suggest me something. Vibhu says you should join cooking classes. Anu says I’ll join washing and cleaning classes too so that I can do household work to along with ny outdoor work, I’m so proud of your suggestion. Vibhu says I have one more suggestions, you can do horse riding.

Angoori in garden. Vibhu walks to her and ask how are you, you don’t look happy. Angoori says I’m happy. Vibhu says you don’t look like. Angoori says should I dance for you, I told you I’m happy. Vibhu says you should learn classical dance. Angoori says I have learnt already but due to chores I was unable to practice work. Vibhu says you should practice more often and flirt with her. Angoori says but I need tabla for practising. Vibhu says don’t worry tomorrow morning you will be having a tabla master Shararat Shikarpuri to help you, he is brilliant. Angoori get’s excited says this is so thoughtful and thanks Vibhu and says now I’ll dance everywhere and walk inside. TMT jogging. Malkhan ask Vibhu what is going on. Vibhu ask what happen, why are you breathing so heavily, were you jogging. Tillu says yes, why is it ban for us. Teeka ask Tillu should I tell him. Malkhan says no he will spread it everywhere. Tillu says for your information we got a job of watchman and for that we have to reduce our weight. Teeka says we got job in Trivedi Security and we won’t tell anything more than this. Malkhan scolds him says you are ediot you yold him everything. Vibhu says all the very worst. TMT leave.

Anu and Tiwari doing exercises. Anu ask Tiwari what are your hobbies. Tiwari says to love people and look into there pain. Anu says hut you never saw Tillus pain. Tiwari says he is pain in my life, my hobby is to love people. Anu says but Tillu told me that you like to cut salary of people. Tiwari says I don’t understand why are you talking about Tillu, you tell me what are your hobbies. Anu says I have no such hobbies I just focus on my carrier and it became my hobby, but honestly thinking to pursuing something but don’t know what should I do. Tiwari says you sing well I heard you singing. Anu ask is that true and can I pursue this hobby. Tiwari says why not. Anu says for that I need a teacher. Tiwari says I’ll bring a teacher for you. Anu ask do you know any. Tiwari says yes don’t worry about that. Anu says okay and start jogging. Tiwari follow him.

Angoori sitting in hall waiting for Ustaad. Vibhu disguised as tabla master standing at door ask her do Angoori devi live here. Vibhu walks in and says I’m Shararat Shikarpuri and tells everything about him and his address. Angoori says you told me your whole address. Vibhu says why are you sitting come hug me I’m your Ustaad. Angoori says we have ritual of touching feets. Vibhu says forget it I’m not that old. Angoori says you are like father to me. Vibhu says I believe in friendship and flirt with her. Angoori thanks and says since childhood I learn classical dance so I want someone to help me to practice. Vibhu says yes I know Vibhu told me you need a tabla player.

TMT at tea stall sitting. Gupta and Master walks in they great them. Gupta ask how is your mission going on with loosing weight. TMT says it’s going great. Gupta says I wish for you success and I would like to suggest you to lock your mouth, first control that. A man with samosa come to them. Teeka says let’s have them. Tillu says listen one thing this is poision for us. Man ask Gupta do you want to eat sister’s samosa. Gupta ask what is this sister’s samosa. Master says to Gupta his sister might have cooked it. Man says no my name is Sister. Prem says buy you look like a guy. Man says my name Sister because I already have 3 brother but no sister so when I born my parents kept my name Sister. Prem says okay first give me samosa. Master and Gupta also ask for one. Gupta taste it and says it’s so good. Master also praises him. Gupta ask do you have chutney. He give them and everyone eat it. Man ask TMT do you want one. They say no. Teeka says I want to say that earlier we promised one thing so can we do it from tomorrow. Tillu ask man to give 5 plate samosa.

Angoori says I need a tabla master to practice. Vibhu says let’s start your practice. Angoori ask yes why not and before that what you would like to have. Vibhu flirt with her and says from rest I take 2000rs but you are great women and beautiful so I’ll take 1000rs from you. Tiwari walks in. Vibhu mocks him and ask who is he. Tiwari says this is my house and you are asking me who am I. Vibhu mocks him and they both start arguing. Vibhu says okay I’ll charge 1000rs per class. Tiwari says I’ll 1rs for 1000class if you want to teach then do it or else leave it. Angoori says to Tiwari do not disrespect him accept what he is saying or else I’ll call Ammaji. Tiwari says okay I’ll give 1000rs for one month if you want you can stay or leave. Vibhu thinks in 1000rs I’m getting to see Angoori dancing not a bad deal and sats to Tiwari I’m ready.

Tiwari disguised as singer sitting with Anu. Anu says to him let’s do one thing Guruji, you teach me hindi music. Tiwari take out garland says consider this as song and make me wear it.

Angoori dancing and Vibhu playing tabla.

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