Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 6th February 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 6th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 6th February 2023 Written Episode

Vibhu, Tiwari, Anu and Angoori are enjoying ice cream. Anu says, why is it so hot in winters, at least they have ice cream. Anu remembers her old days when Vibhu and her used to go on night walks and have ice cream. Tiwari mocks Vibhu by saying that he only have budget for ice creams. Vibhu replies, at least he takes Anu somewhere, not like him, who prisons Angoori inside the house. Angoori agrees with Vibhu and says, Tiwari never takes her anywhere. Tiwari says that he took her to the market yesterday. Angoori says, they only went to buy vegetables. Tiwari gets ashamed. Vibhu asks Tiwari that did he even married Angoori, when he didn’t wanted to take care of her. Tiwari and Vibhu starts dreaming about Anu and Angoori. Vibhu and Tiwari gets mesmerised after seeing Angoori and Anu.

Commissioner and his wife are sitting in their bedroom. Commissioner is massaging her legs and scared of her. His is talking to friend on a call. Commissioner asks her that to whom she was talking to? His wife tells him that she was giving advise to her friend, about how take control of their husbands. Some mysterious man comes to the window and starts watching them. Commissioner says that he’s very grateful for having her in his life, just don’t come in his next life. His wife yells at him. Commissioner sees the person peeking through his window and goes to catch him.

Tiwari asks the ice cream seller that how much is the bill? He replies, 420 rupees. Tiwari checks his wallet, and says that he accidentally left his wallet at home. Vibhu takes out his purse, and asks if he can pay online? The ice cream seller says that he knew, Vibhu won’t have more than 10 rupees in his wallet. Angoori tells Vibhu that if he would have just them ice at their house, it would have been enough. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s also getting disrespected because of him. Tiwari tells the ice cream seller that he will pay for the ice cream tomorrow. He believes on Tiwari and says that Vibhu is eating ice cream for free since a month. Vibhu says that he’s lying. Tiwari says that he’s telling the truth and asks Vibhu if wants more ice cream to mock him?

Commissioner goes to the police station and sees that Happu and Manohar are sleeping on their duty. Commissioner pours water on their faces to wake them up. Happu and Manohar gets scared. Happu and Manohar greets commissioner. Commissioner asks Happu and Manohar if they caught the criminal “Pipping Tom”? Happu tells him that they are searching for him. Commissioner asks, by sleeping? Commissioner tells Happu that he was peeking inside his room through the window. Happu says that they also got news that he always peeks inside rooms. Commissioner tells Happu and Manohar that he’s giving them 2 days to catch him. Manohar tells Commissioner that he also makes video from the window and uploads it on social media. Commissioner gets scared and tells Happu and Manohar that he was massaging his wife’s legs, and if he have recorded and uploads it on social media, he will takes their uniforms off.

Vibhu goes to the temple and argues with god. Vibhu asks god that why is he so upset from him, he didn’t even had money to pay for the ice cream. Vibhu tells god to take him from this world. A old man comes to the Vibhu and tells him that he can give him 5 crore rupees if he can do his work. Vibhu checks his clothes and tells him to spend some on himself. He tells Vibhu that his name is “Chimpu Das” a big businessman from Bengal. Vibhu asks him that what does he want? Chimpu tells Vibhu he have to find his long lost brother who lives in Modern colony. Vibhu doesn’t believes him. Chimpu tells Vibhu that his brother has a horse tattoo on him. Vibhu ignores him. Chimpu takes out some cash and Vibhu agrees to him.

Tiwari and Anu are returning from their morning walk. Tiwari asks Anu that why is she so silent, starts appreciating her. Anu tells Tiwari that she’s just a normal lady. Tiwari denies. Angoori comes out and greets Anu. Anu greets her back and apologises for last night. Angoori tells Anu to ask Vibhu to find some job. Happu shows up and tells everyone that there’s a criminal name Pipping Tom who’s peeking inside bedrooms. Anu gets scared. Angoori tells Happu to go and catch him. Tiwari asks Happu that what is he doing? Happu tells him that he’s working restlessly day and night to catch him. Tiwari says that he will not do anything. Happu leaves. Anu says that her washroom’s window is broken. Tiwari gets scared and tells her that he will send a worker to fix it and tells her not to worry. Anu thanks her.

Teeka, Tillu and Rusa are sitting together. Teeka asks Rusa that, what is she upto tomorrow? Rusa tells them that she’s very busy tomorrow. Tillu asks Rusa that where is she busy? Rusa tells them that she doesn’t wants to disclose that. Teeka yells at Tillu and tells him to behave properly. Teeka asks Rusa if she wants to go to watch a movie with them? Rusa denies and leaves. Teeka and Tillu gets sad. Vibhu shows up and asks Teeka and Tillu that what are they doing? Tillu tells Vibhu that when they asked Rusa for movie, she denied and left. Vibhu tells them that Rusa must not be interested in them. Vibhu gives them advices.

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