Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 8th July 2024 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 8th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Angoori is worshipping the god inside her home. Saxena arrives and meets her. Angoori asks, “Who is he?” Saxena informs Hil that he is her sin, which Angoori remembers. Saxena claims he’s come to take Tiwari with him so he can finish his drawing. Angoori informs him that he is sleeping in his bedroom and that he is terribly sick as a result of being drenched in the rain. Saxena begs for some water. Angoori agrees and leaves to bring the water. Saxena apologizes to her and proceeds to Tiwari’s bedroom. Angoori returns with water, forgets why she brought it, and returns it.

Saxena awakens Tiwari, who becomes afraid. Saxena says he needs to finish his painting. Tiwari gets Runs away from Saxena. Saxena insists that he must finish the painting or risk being ill. When Angoori arrives, Saxena swears on Tiwari, and Angoori stays out of the way. Tiwari hides behind Angoori. Saxena takes out a gun and takes Tiwari with him.

Tiwari is posing in the rain, and Saxena is painting him while they both get saturated. Tiwari inquires as to how much time he will take. Saxena says he is detailing. Tiwari moves because he is scared. Saxena slaps him and instructs him to be still. Tiwari claims he won’t be able to recover from this fever. Saxena promises that he will take care of him. Anu appears on her balcony. Tiwari asks Anu how he is looking. Anu responds that he looks like a scarecrow standing on a farm. Tiwari becomes disappointed. Anu tells him to show her the painting when it’s finished and goes back inside. Saxena informs Tiwari that his painting is complete. Tiwari’s body becomes stuck.

Tiwari gets admitted to the hospital. Anu shows up to check on him. Tiwari asks Anu if she likes individuals who get soaked in the rain. Anu says she despises them and believes they are reckless. Tiwari is perplexed and wonders if she stated the reverse when speaking to her friend Meenal. Anu claims she was talking about a novel. Tiwari is miserable. Anu asks Tiwari about the picture. Saxena arrives with the painting. Tiwari expresses interest in seeing the painting as well. Saxena reveals the painting, which is only a drawing of a stick figure. Anu and Tiwari both become disappointed. Tiwari faints again.

Anu has a person in the woods to track down Vibhu. Vibhu and David show up. Vibhu tells David that he is scared of thunder and lightning, and he expects it to fall on him. David tells him to be patient, and he promises to help him. Vibhu claims he is already being patient. David exits to pee. Vibhu tells him to come back soon. Anu instructs the man to strick fake lightning. Vibhu becomes afraid. David returns and informs him that he has not even seen the mark of the lightning that struck him. Vibhu becomes aroused and faints. Anu appears out of the bushes and awakens him. Vibhu returns to his senses. Anu wonders if he is still terrified of lightning.

Vibhu vows that he will make Angoori profess her love to him anyway. Angoori arrives, and just as she is ready to confess, Ammaji appears and informs Angoori that the cure has changed, and she must now say “I love you brother”. Vibhu vanished as soon as he heard this. Angoori becomes perplexed.

Teeka and Tillu are deceiving Gupta, MasterJi, and Prem while disguised as ladies. Prem tries to have a romantic relationship with Teeka, but Teeka gets up and claims he does not feel comfortable with him. Teeka takes off his wig, and Prem becomes afraid. He becomes enraged and breaks the rose he brought. The same thing happens to Master Ji and Gupta. Tillu is revealed. Gupta and MasterJi become perplexed. Tillu calls Teeka before walking away nonchalantly.

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