Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lakshmi reading Rishi’s message and tells Shalu and Dadi that Mr. Oberoi said that Paro is kidnapped. Lakshmi regrets to leave her alone, and blames herself. Shalu asks her not to blame herself. Lakshmi says I couldn’t take care of Paro. Dadi worries for Paro. Lakshmi says we will search and tells that the kidnappers might not have gone far. Shalu asks Dadi to inform Sarpanch ji. They go out to search Paro. Ranjeet tells his father that this time, he will marry Lakshmi. He has set such a situation and asks him to think that he got married to her. His father says you see dreams and make me see always. Ranjeet says very soon you will get her land. His father says if this happens then I will name half of my property on your name. Ranjeet gets happy. His father thinks Ranjeet seems to be confident, once I get Lakshmi’s land, I will take revenge from her and will threaten all the villagers and will snatch their lands.

Ranjeet’s goons talk about Paro and tell that she is very courageous, her father might be courageous man too. The goon says he didn’t do so much hardwork. Paro stamps on other goon’s leg. He slaps her and she falls down. Malishka thinks to call Rishi and asks if he got free. She calls Rishi. Rishi thinks he has to inform Malishka where he is going. His phone falls down the seat. He picks it somehow and calls Malishka. Malishka asks when you are coming, if your meeting is over. Rishi says I left from there and says sorry. Malishka says you are going to hotel, I will come there, don’t be sorry. Rishi says no, I am not going to hotel, but going to Lakshmi’s village to save Paro. He says Lakshmi teacher’s village. He says Paro had called me, and just as I picked her call, some people kidnapped her. Malishka asks why you are interfering in stranger girl’s matter. Rishi says Paro is not any stranger, but my daughter. Malishka says you are leaving me for her. Rishi says Paro calls me Dad so he has to do the duty of a father. Malishka says you didn’t think that today was the important day of my life. Rishi apologizes and tells that he has reached far.

Shalu tells Lakshmi that she has seen Paro everywhere, but didn’t find Paro. She says we shall go to PS. Lakshmi says who will kidnap a small girl. She prays to God to protect Paro. Shalu says Mata Rani is with us, she will take care of our Paro. Lakshmi asks Dadi not to cry. The villagers ask Lakshmi to call them if she needs help.

Malishka thinks God gives her happiness and then snatches her happiness. She says until Lakshmi was there, she didn’t let us unite and when she went, her memories are not letting Rishi to accept me. She says this other Lakshmi came now, and Rishi left me alone for her. She thinks I have done so much for him.

Neelam thinks Rohan came in their lives due to Malishka and gets thankful to her. Karishma comes there and says she would have met with an accident due to his toy car. Rohan says sorry and says he will drive the car speedy when grown up. Neelam sends Rohan to go to room and play. Karishma tells Neelam that they shall be thankful to Malishka for Rohan, and asks if Kiran knows the truth that they are not having any relation. Rohan comes there and asks Karishma to call Dad. Karishma says he must be in meeting. Rohan says then call Mom, I want toys. Karishma says you have so many toys, she got many toys when you returned from village. He says he wants different toys. Karishma calls Malishka and asks if everything is fine? Rishi’s meeting is over. Neelam takes the call and asks if everything is fine. Malishka says Rishi is in the meeting. Neelam asks her not to hide and tell her what happened?

Lakshmi comes to the Ps to file the complaint. Inspector asks her to drink water. Lakshmi drinks water and tells that her 6 years old daughter is kidnapped. Shalu says this is Paro and shows the photo. Inspector asks Lakshmi, did you see her kidnapping? Lakshmi says no and tells about Mr. Oberoi informing her. Inspector takes Mr. Oberoi’s number and tells that call him. Rishi tells everything and is about to tell that he is coming there. The Inspector asks if they have any enemies. They say no. He asks Lakshmi to register the complaint. Shalu asks him to start searching. Inspector says first they will write the complaint and then will search. He says we will bring your daughter safely to your house.

Neelam asks Maliskhka to say. Malishka says Rishi went to Gurdaspur. Neelam asks why he went suddenly. Malishka says Paro is kidnapped. Neelam says entire village will search her, why did he go for stranger girl. Rohan asks Paro is kidnapped. Neelam asks if Lakshmi teacher called him. Malishka says he was already on call with Paro when kidnapping happened. Neelam says she will call Rishi now itself, how can he leave his wife. Rohan says Dad will beat the goons being a superman. Neelam gets upset with Rishi and says he is foolish.

Rohan calls Rishi, but his call is unreachable. He calls Lakshmi, but even her number is unreachable. He gets sad. Ranjeet’s goons are having food and teasing Paro. Paro looks on. Ranjeet comes there. The goon tells that they shall call Lakshmi and inform that Paro is with them. Ranjeet slaps them and says he has a plan. Shalu realizes and tells Lakshmi that Paro is kidnapped by Ranjeet.

Episode ends.

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