Bigg Boss 14 31st December 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 14 31st December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 14 31st December 2020 Written Episode

Day 89
Jasmin takes off Rahul M’s shirt and says he will dance to entertain the guests. Rakhi comes there and grabs his dhoti. Jasmin covers him with his shirt. Rahul V asks her to not do it. Rakhi pulls on his clothes. Rahul M pushes her and says don’t do it. Aly asks Rakhi to not do it, this is not right. Rakhi says I will spit on you. Rahul M says you are a *****, get lost otherwise I will throw you out. Jasmin asks him to change the clothes. Aly gives all his coins to Rahul M. Jasmin says Rakhi has shown her reality. Arshi says I will support Jasmin as well. Aly tells Rakhi that you can’t tear his clothes. Rakhi says I have to do everything in the task, you people have to ignore me. Rahul V says you were pulling on his clothes, what if I do that with you? Rakhi says you people took off his clothes and were making him dance, that was fine? Rahul V says so you wanted him to dance in his underwear, that was fine with you? Aly shouts at her that she can’t tear his clothes, he is not some *****, he is Rahul M.
Rahul M tells Abhi that Rakhi tore my dhoti, I was enjoying it.
Rakhi says all were making him dance without a shirt so I can’t take off his dhoti? Aly shouts that she was tearing his dhoti, I won’t let this task happen now. Rahul M says if I did it with a girl then I would have been sued. Aly says Rahul M is not a common man. She can’t do that. Rakhi says I am a ghost, you can’t recognize me. Nikki tells Rahul M that when Arshi pulled on your dhoti, you were joking with her. Rahul M says I am friends with Arshi but not with Rakhi.
Rakhi tells Sonali that I didn’t take off his dhoti fully. Abhi tells Rahul M that if you allow one person to joke like that then the other person will think it’s alright to do it with you. We are standing with you but you have to decide how to react to it. Rakhi is wrong but doesn’t allow anyone to be physical with anyone.
Eijaz tells Rakhi that you should say sorry to him as you tore his clothes, it’s wrong. Rakhi says I will say sorry after the task, they have to ignore me for now. Rahul V comes out to the garden so Nikki asks him to come inside. Let Bigg Boss handle it. Rahul V says so should I be silent and watch her tear clothes of others? Rahul M says we will not send anyone out to the garden. Rubina says we are not letting the game go on? He says yes. Rahul V says I am with you. Eijaz asks Rahul M to not do it, let’s wait for some time. Sonali and Rubina come inside the house. Rubina says if Rakhi has done something wrong then she should be excluded from the task.
Rahul M tells Abhi that I didn’t touch Rakhi, I did tell her that she is a ******. Rahul V tells Rubina that it’s about his respect. Jasmin says she was coming so near my face also. Rubina says she is taking out her vengeance in the task so Bigg Boss should throw her out of the task.
Rakhi says to the camera that they are jealous as I am winning the task.

8:30 PM
Rahul M tells the inmates that I won’t let Rakhi enter the house. If she comes inside then I will not spare her, she is a *****. Vikas says don’t say that.
Sonali asks Rakhi to say sorry to him. Rakhi says I will after the task is done, I am doing my task right now. Sonali calls Rahul M and says she will apologize to you. Rahul M says I won’t forgive her. Rakhi says I am sorry Rahul M if I did something wrong. She asks Rubina to not eat food. Rakhi says I said sorry on Sonali’s saying. Rahul V says Rakhi is saying sorry like she is doing a favor on Rahul M. Rakhi says I said sorry to him from my heart. Sonali asks Rahul M to forgive her. Rahul M says she is not saying sorry from her heart. He tells Bigg Boss that I am not playing the game, I won’t be playing the landlord’s role so I am free from the task.

Jasmin says she was kissing my cheek. Abhi says slap her if she does. Nikki says she came close to Jasmin as she wanted her to react so she could make a drama. Rubina says we can end the task by giving the coins to Rahul M. We don’t want Rakhi to become the captain. They all give their coins to Rahul M. Abhi comes out and asks Eijaz, Arshi and Sonali to give their coins to Rahul M. Eijaz says I am not giving my coins to Rahul M, I want to be the captain too. Abhi says they are not giving coins to Rahul M. Eijaz says don’t say it like that. Abhi says don’t shout at me, I am saying clearly that we all are ending the task because of the incident. Eijaz says I don’t want to.

Rahul M comes to Arshi and Eijaz. he says joke with me but don’t be physical with me anymore. Arshi says never. Eijaz says I get it, I am sorry if we did before. Arshi tells Rahul M that I was joking with you, my intention was not to hurt you. He says I know.

8:45 PM
Abhi says Eijaz is still worried about the captaincy task. He doesn’t understand what is going on. Jasmin says what if Rakhi pulls on my clothes later on? Rahul M says she is insecure about her career. She thinks she is not the same Rakhi Sawant.
Rakhi tells Eijaz that I didn’t touch his ****, I just pulled on his dhoti.

Jasmin says we will have to run the chakki in the task at night time so she will pull on other’s clothes again. Rahul M says we will not let her inside the house.

9 PM
Rakhi comes near the room Aly’s group is sitting. She screams and says I want coins. Nikki says I am disgusted with her, this is actual Rakhi. Arshi says she is not funny. Aly says she has to do all this? Rakhi cries and asks where is my husband (Rahul M).

9:15 PM
Vikas asks Rakhi to not do all this, why were you banging your head? You are Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi says I am Julie, I am in a task. Vikas shouts to hell with the task, Rakhi says I am doing my task. Vikas says listen to me, there is a limit to everything, I am requesting you so don’t do it. Vikas says to hell with the character. Jasmin tells Rakhi that keeping everything aside, draw a line, you don’t have to do all this. Vikas asks Rakhi to not repeat this. She says okay. Jasmin asks her to do her task but doesn’t cross the line. Rakhi comes near Rahul V so he asks her to not come near me. Rakhi says you entering the garden. Rahul V says don’t me come out of the character. You are entering too much of your character. Rakhi says I am a ghost. Aly says we are out of the task, we have already given the coins to him. Rahul V tells Rakhi that what you did was very cheap. You pulled on his ****. Rakhi says I pulled on his dhoti, I didn’t touch his *****. Rahul V asks if she is crazy? Rakhi says I am a crazy girl. Rahul V asks if any man tore her clothes ever? She says yes, Rahul M tore my clothes, killed me. He came into my bed without me calling him. Rahul V says I want to see her level of crazy. She comes near Rahul V again and picks her nose, she makes kissing noises. Rahul V gets disgusted and laughs.
Jasmin says they will warn Rakhi and leave her. Rahul M says I won’t let her enter the house.

9:30 PM
Jasmin says what if this task is rejected and Vikas remains the captain for another week? Rahul V says no there will be no captain. Rubina says it’s not like Vikas has done much, he has just slept in the washroom, took the clothes from BB mall. Jasmin asks Aly if Vikas used to be this sweet on the sets? Aly says no, if Shilpa Shinde was behind him the whole season then there must be a reason. He made her leave the show. Rubina says Shilpa has left 7 shows. Aly says he was crying and telling that he is not a bad man, I know that he has done many wrong things so I hope he is actually changing and not doing this just for the show.

9:45 PM
Vikas hugs Rakhi and says I know you were playing your task. Rakhi cries and says I was doing my entertainment, I can’t fight them all alone. I am Julie. Vikas says you are Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi says I am doing my task. Vikas says I know why you are going extreme, you want to bring Rakhi back. Rakhi cries and says I am doing my task, this is my character. She cries and says they have killed me, they took everything from me, they took my property. Vikas hugs her and says you are a really nice girl. Rakhi says I didn’t leave my character when they charged on me. You know I ran away from my house in childhood to work in this industry, my family had to suffer for me to work. I am entertainment. Vikas says you are, I am with you till you are right. She says okay.

10 PM
Vikas tells the inmates that I like Jasmin. Arshi says but you said you would choose Rakhi over Jasmin. Vikas says I have tried to be friends with Jasmin, she takes a stand for her friends without any reason. Jasmin says you did Khatra Khatra show, I know everything. Vikas says I have changed myself forcefully. He says I was thrown out of that show. Jasmin says you created a dispute on that show, I feel you are never real, I don’t see the truth in you. I think this Vikas is made up. Vikas says I have become like this only.

10:15 PM
Rahul M and Rakhi are in the confession room. Bigg Boss says we have called Rakhi and Rahul M and not their characters. He says what happened was wrong and indecent. You both have entertained the audience and you know that people can cross the line. He says Rahul M got angry and pushed Rakhi while cursing her. He says I just cursed her. Bigg Boss says you both are mature so don’t be influenced by the inmates and solve this matter here. Rakhi says I am saying sorry and extending my friendship hand. He takes her hand and says I accept her sorry but I can’t play any task with her. Rakhi cries and says you are my friend but you ignore me, it hurts me. You like other girls that’s fine but I take care of you, I wash your clothes, I make food for you but you have cursed me so much, you have called my fans cheap. Rahul M says don’t make this an ego issue, we will be normal. Rakhi says we will be friends now? Rahul M says we won’t joke. Rakhi says but you can joke with others? Rahul M says be normal, don’t cross the line. Rakhi says I could tear you before but I respect you and your family so I didn’t. Rakhi says you have cursed me so bad today. Rahul M says you started tearing my clothes and I got angry. Rakhi says I didn’t touch your ****, I just touched your dhoti, I wanted to sleep with my husband’s dhoti. Rahul M asks her to be out of character and doesn’t cross the line. We will not carry this forward. Bigg Boss says we called you here as you were both top entertainers of your seasons and you know how to handle these situations. We know the inmates could influence this discussion but you have both passed our expectations.

10:30 PM
Rakhi brings food for Rahul M. He thanks her. Rakhi comes to Rubina and asks if she can make roti? Rubina says I am cooking. Rakhi says okay. Rubina asks Rahul M what medicine did they give you in the confession room that you are taking food from Rakhi? Rahul M says Bigg Boss asked us to be mature. Nikki says the bottom line is that don’t interfere in their matter as we look like ***** when they sort it out easily.

Arshi is following Rakhi. Rakhi says I will hit you if you come closer. Arshi says I will throw you out of the house. Rakhi says I can murder anyone to save myself as I am a ghost. Arshi says she is a nalli.
Rahul M asks Nikki to come with him to the captain’s room, you will give me a massage. Nikki says you flip so easily. She laughs.

11 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that an incident happened between Rakhi and Rahul M which they sorted in the confession room but other inmates got emotional and tried to reject the task. They tried to deal with the coins as well with others. If we restart the task then it will be confusing for the audience and will be unfair to the inmates who followed all the rules of the task so we are rejecting this task. Bigg Boss says Vikas’s captaincy has ended. He asks them to put the coins back in the storeroom. Rahul V jokes if he can give the coins to Eijaz? Aly and Abhi laugh.

11:30 PM
Jasmin says she was crying till yesterday about her nose but today she was dancing. Bigg Boss won’t reprimand her? Rubina asks if she is cooking? Jasmin says I am here to do that, Bigg Boss can condemn me for not doing anything but Rakhi can do anything.

Rahul M tells Rubina that I was stuck in a situation where I had to show niceness and be a better person than her. Rubina says but then you didn’t need to take food from her when I could serve you. Rahul M says her complaint was that I don’t take food from her. Rubina says she would tear your dhoti? If you become normal all of a sudden then you look weak. Rahul M says I showed maturity when Bigg Boss asked me.

12:45 AM
Aly tells Nikki that nobody speaks up for Rahul M. Nikki says but Rahul M didn’t stop her. Aly says Rakhi tore it in anger, she was not joking. She was tearing it with force. Jasmin says she crossed her limit. Aly says if Rakhi was doing it with her friend then this would have ended. Rakhi says Bigg Boss told him that he was wrong to push me and curse me. Aly says he pushed you? She says yes and they made us friends. Jasmin says so Rakhi can come close to anyone? But we can’t do anything. Nikki says Rakhi had put the coins in her bra so that is not wrong? If she is not ashamed to put it there then nobody should be ashamed to take it out.

Day 90
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Aaj ki party meri taraf se. They all dance and enjoy. Jasmin hugs Aly.

10:15 AM
Rahul V asks Rakhi to do her duty. Rakhi says I have no duty as there is no captain anymore. Rahul V asks Rakhi to not behave like this.
Nikki tells Jasmin that Rakhi is not doing her duty. Jasmin says she is nominated so she will do anything. She has no value. Nikki says she is being filthy. Rakhi comes there and says you leave the potty in the toilet. Nikki says you are filthy, the audience is watching. Jasmin says I have seen Rakhi leaving her **** in the washroom and asked her to throw it but she never did. Arshi asks Rakhi to wash the dishes as it’s her duty, I won’t give her food. I am not here to work for her, I will wash half of the dishes and she has to wash the other half. Rahul V asks her to do it. Rakhi says I can make my own food. Rubina tells Rakhi that nobody can stop your food, I will make your food. Rakhi asks Rahul V to not order her around. Rahul V says I simply asked you to do your duty as you are eating and drinking tea which others made, you are going wrong. Rakhi asks if he is done? Rahul V says stop this drama. Nikki asks him not to talk to her, she said she will do it. Jasmin says she is just doing drama to get attention. Rakhi mimics Jasmin and says you do such cheap drama.

12:30 PM
Rakhi and Arshi are looking at men exercising. Arshi says I like Aly’s face. I like those kinds of guys. Aly says Arshi is hot, my friends are crazy for Arshi. Arshi says Aly is pretty. Rakhi says Abhi is the most handsome here. Aly says Abhi is good-looking, no doubt. Rakhi admires Abhi exercising, she says my love is passionate. Abhi is helping Rubina exercise as well. Arshi asks Rubina if she won’t say anything when Rakhi is saying all this? Rakhi says I don’t want to eat halwa like you. He is my brother. Arshi asks Vikas he had to make a sister like Rakhi? What was wrong with me? Vikas glares at her.

9 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there was a mid-season finale and then 6 challengers joined them but 4 challengers are left. We are giving them a special chance as the captaincy task was rejected because of some inmates. We are making the challengers, a contender for the captaincy. Vikas was already a captain so we are giving this chance to Arshi, Rakhi and Rahul M. They will have a task and the winner will become a captain. Arshi says I want to be the captain. Rakhi says I want to be. Rahul M says I want to be the captain. Rubina reads the task, there will be a new year party in the house and the host will be Arshi, Rakhi and Rahul M. There are three parts in the garden and they will host their own party. They have to make their party happening and enjoyable. The guests will be the inmates. When the doorbell rings, the inmates can leave one party and join another party. The contender who has the most guests by the end will be the winner and become the captain.

9:30 PM
The inmates come into the garden area to see it decorated. They all cheer. They wish a new year to each other. Rahul M says I will take the pool area. Arshi says I want it. Arshi goes and takes all the food containers from the table. She brings it to her side of the party. She asks them to enjoy it.
Rahul M asks Rubina to support him. Nikki says I don’t think Arshi deserves to be in this task, Bigg Boss must be sleeping.
Rakhi asks Vikas that they will take out vengeance. Vikas asks her to play. Arshi comes and tells Rakhi that if I become the captain then I will save you. Rakhi says I don’t trust you.
Jasmin asks Rakhi why did you lie that I hurt you? Rakhi says I promise on my mother that I was really hurt by the duck head. Jasmin says don’t lie while promising on your mother. The music plays and they all start dancing. They dance to kala chashma. Rahul V asks Rahul M to make the party enjoyable. Arshi goes and dances in the pool. Abhi dances with Rubina. Rahul M dances with Nikki. They play pardesia so Rakhi starts dancing. All cheer for her. Jasmin claps for her as well. Abhi dances with Rakhi. Aly and Abhi dance with her. Rahul M asks Rahul V to give him support. Rahul V says I can bring 5 votes for you, he says I am requesting you. Vikas picks up Rakhi as she dances.

9:45 PM
Arshi asks Vikas if he wants Rakhi to win? Vikas says nobody will listen to me. They will make the captain themselves.

Rahul M asks Eijaz whom he is supporting? Eijaz says I am supporting Arshi as Rakhi doesn’t know where to stop.
Vikas says Rahul M would be lazy. Jasmin says we worked even in your captaincy as well, you didn’t do anything. You could have resigned if you were not feeling well, you don’t like because I say the truth. Vikas says no, you say it in a way that feels wrong.

10:15 PM
The inmates dance to bedi song. Rakhi calls Jasmin but she says I don’t want to talk to you. Rakhi asks her to support her. Jasmin says I will forgive you but you are still lying that I hurt you, Rakhi says I won’t say anything, just forgive me. Rakhi goes and dances. Abhi brings Jasmin aside and says you look affected and angry and Rakhi looks like she is sorry. Jasmin says I am angry because she blamed me wrongly as there is no wood in the duck head, she cries and says she is lying. Abhi says don’t look affected this much.

10:45 PM
Jasmin tells Rubina that I don’t want Rakhi as a captain as she is still lying. Rubina says we have to think about who will be a good captain.
Arshi asks Vikas that if he is really a mastermind then make me the captain. If you make Rakhi the captain then I will destroy your life.

11:45 PM
Rahul M tells Eijaz and others that they should support him this time. Eijaz says what if Arshi is the contender next time? He says I will support her.
Dil diyan gallan plays so Aly calls Jasmin and romantically dances with her. Nikki sees them and smiles. Rubina dances with Abhi and wishes him a new year.
Arshi dances with Rakhi. Rakhi says you are a kingmaker, think about it, you have a good heart. Arshi says I am thinking about everyone. Rakhi and Arshi dance. Rakhi says if you make me the captain then I will support you, I supported you earlier as well. Aly funnily dances with Rahul V. Rubina says the best couple of the year, they laugh.

Bigg Boss says the new year is coming so you all decide who should be the captain in the new year. You can’t change the spots once the countdown starts. Arshi asks Eijaz to support Rahul. Vikas and Rubina go to support Rakhi. Rakhi cries so Vikas consoles her. Rakhi says no one is with me. Vikas says I am with you. Rubina says don’t cry. Rakhi dances with Vikas. He says I am with you, don’t get greedy here.
Aly asks Arshi to choose between Rakhi and Rahul M. You know we are angry with you. Arshi says don’t let Rakhi become the captain.
Bigg Boss starts the countdown, they all jump around. Bigg Boss says 3..2..1.. happy new year. Eijaz hugs Arshi. They all hug each other and wish a new year. Rakhi prays to God. Bigg Boss asks Arshi, Rakhi and Rahul M about their support. Rahul M says Arshi had 2 votes (Eijaz, Sonali), Rakhi had 1 vote (Vikas), I have 6 votes (Nikki, Rubina, Jasmin, Aly, Rahul V and Abhi). Bigg Boss says Rahul M become the new captain. All cheer for him. They all dance to nashe se chad gayi. Jasmin dances with Aly and asks him to talk to her family soon. He laughs.

12:15 AM
Jasmin asks Aly to propose to her after convincing my parents then we will get married. Rahul V says I will bring Aly’s proposal for Jasmin. I will go on his behalf. Aly says I am not going. Jasmin says don’t be scared. Aly says what if your parents don’t agree then I will be hurt, I have to have another option just in case. Jasmin pouts so he laughs.

PRECAP – Rakhi is throwing trash around. Jasmin asks her to not make a mess.
Rakhi says Aly and Jasmin have a love affair going on. Aly says she is my jaan, I love her. Rakhi says I love you, Aly says love for you? Never, not everything is for the camera. Rakhi says she is your girlfriend. Aly says who are you to decide that? You are choosing the wrong target, I am telling you I will make your life difficult here. Rakhi laughs.

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