Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode

Salman welcomes everyone. Salman announces the names of the finalists. Bharti and Krushna come to the house to start it. They fight about who will host it. Salman comes in with the band Baja. Krushna and Bharti dance. Bharti says Krushna now you go out. Bharti says what is he doing here? Salman says let him handle it. They both tell their expenses. Krushna says I can do anything for you. Salman says to call my partner. Bharti says sir why did you never hire me for your movies? He says you’ve to do an audition. She does a love scene with someone. Salman says it looks like you lost the love. He says let me go host the finale now. He goes out. Salman and Bharti go. Krushna wakes up the contestants and welcomes them. They all dance. Krushna says let’s celebrate this journey and clap for you all. Shiv dances with him. Bharti comes and hugs Shiv. Krushna says it’s like Alia coming to Ranbeer and calling him Shiva. Bharti says 14th Feb is coming. How long will you do reality shows? He laughs. Bharti says you have to get your own house now, how long will you live in BB’s house? Bharti says so much happened in this house but mandali and non-mandali. Why didn’t you join it Archana and Nimrit did. Archana says Nimrit took Gautam and Shalin’s support. I didn’t need support. She did that wrong. If she played alone she would have won. Priyanka says it gave them a shield. Krushna asks Shalin about Sajid. Sajid says he has his point of view and he wants everyone to follow him. Archana says Abdu would follow them and not take his own decisions.

Old contestants come in. Sajid comes. Abdu hugs Shiv. He says Archana isn’t my friend. Sajid says all families fight. This season is a blockbuster. They meet everyone. Sumbul says Archana said we are a shield but we are friends. Archana says no one asked you. They welcome all non-mandali people too. Ankit hugs Priyanka. Shalin hugs Soundarya. They meet each other. BB welcomes them. Krushna says we will do a rap battle with mandali vs non-mandali. Krushan says I will call Priyanka, Shalin, and Archana. Dolly calls mandali, she calls Shiv, Stan, and Nimrit. Shiv starts. Priyanka comes and says you are blinded, you’re not a lion but a fox. There’s a crowd behind you. Stan does his rap. He says mandali is amazing. Shalin says you are a rapper we are swagger. Sumbul comes next. Sumbul says Shalin thinks he played girls but it’s chickens who run from him. Archana says she kept crying and thought she would get the trophy but BB sent her out with a trophy. Nimrit comes and says she kept shouting, so much drama. She gets into everything like she’s a child. Archana says everyone knows who acted like a child. Krushna sings, someone played real someone played fake, someone was on the front and some were on the back.

Everyone goes back to their seats. Bharti says who is your favorite Krushna? He says Vikas and Archana. Bharti says I love MC Stan because he is so real. He says clap for Sreejita it’s been 10 minutes since she isn’t nominated. Bharti says an aunt would come and do ekla chori and hug her. Krushna says Archana and chips have a similarity. They’re full of air. Bharti says Ankit is like paper, and Priyanka keeps him underweight. She says we will play musical chairs now. Nimrit will come from Mandali and Shiv, Stan. Non-mandali Archana, Priyanka, and Shalin. Nimrit loses first. Archana says she does everything half-heartedly. Shalin loses in the next round. Krushna asks Shalin to become a hen. He becomes a hen. Everyone laughs. Stan loses in the next round. Everyone says cheating. Bharti says Priyanka give it to Stan. Stna loses in the next round. Archana wins in the end. Soundarya hugs her. Bharti says Shiv couldn’t win without mandali. Shiv says mandali was enough for each of them.

Bharti says now time for my favorite Abdu. All girls were around him. Krushna says we will call your three fans. Nimrit, Priyanka, and Soundayra. Abdu dances with them. Krushan says today you can say things in your heart. We will avoid Archana this time. Sajjid and Shiv first. Sajdi says Shiv has worked very hard. He has bowed to the BB sign every night. That’s how important it is for him. He says to be happy for what you have done. Shiv says he motivated me every time. Bharti says we will say real things. I am Shiv and Krushna is Shiv. Krushna says they should have respected me, I would have taken them from BB and made them a star. Bharti says what director? I gave him direction in the show. Bharti says in his age he would go to Uganda and play BB there. Krushna says I had to play such humble things here. Bharti says I made mandali and hired everyone. I am the guru. I played everyone. Why was Sajid the leader? Thank God he took the exit or I would have to play another one. Sajid laughs. Sajid says it’s all script. Everyone knows. Ankit says there’s no smoke without fire. Krushna says he finally spoke.

Archana and Soundarya come. Archana says she’s my best friend but she couldn’t say things openly. She has a lot of patience. Krushna becomes Soundarya. He says she thinks I like her. Mandali didn’t give me an entry so I had to compromise. Shalin had Tina and Priyanka had Ankit. I had to get my ear treated after going out. I am dimple queen and she’s pimple queen. Bharti says dimple doesn’t do anything. You kept asking me to be quiet. I am here and you’re out. Priyanka laughs. Krushan says now, Priyanka and Ankit. Ankit says my heart talk is that I asked her to listen. Priyanka says he’s changed a little. He’s become caring. Krushan says now real. Bharti as Priyanka says Ankit supports me sometimes. Krushna as Ankit says hmmm. Bharti says Tina and Shalin fought for 30 minutes I could only talk for 10 minutes in between. Ankit says hmmm. Bharti says we will make a strategy. We will be boyfriend and girlfriend. We will keep fighting and patching up. Krushna says his heart doesn’t speak either.

Krushna says now we will play mandali vs non-mandali. You have to answer questions in 5 seconds. Nimrit vs Shalin first. He says Nimrit acts like Shalin and tells him two bad things. Nimrit says I make fun of mental health but I act innocent. Shalin says I have no comments. Bharti says 3 words about the weakness of Nimrit. Shalin says never played alone. Bharti says Shalin’s fake appreciation. Nimrit says real and truthful. Bharti says what should Nimrit learn from Priyanka? Shalin says speaking, keeping her point forward. Priyanka and Shiv come. Krushan says 3 things he should learn from you. Priyanka says speaking up, making friends, and standing up. Shiv says what friends? He laughs. Bharti says to Shiv three things in Nimrit that are better than Priyanka. He says manners and not interfering. Priyanka says I’ve never abused Nimrit but manners. Nimrit says we’re not 10. We are all adults. Shiv says everyone is a human, and it’s fine. Priyanka says so am. Krushna says to describe Shiv in 3 words. Priyanka says clever, selfish, and ill-mannered. Bharti asks 3 people Priyanka is scared of. He says Nimrit, Nimrit, Nimrit. I don’t know what is it. She plays with the flow.

Stan and Archana come next. Krushan asks 3 kitchen things that explain Stan? She says ginger, reddish, spinach. He changes shapes like ginger. Spinach, he gets dull like it. Reddish shrinks. Stan says that makes no sense. Bharti says one word for Archana. He says shemri. Krushna says three things he should do after going from the house. She says to learn to speak, listen, and process. Bharti says 3 of the worst things she’s cooked. He says cooking for you after insulting you and calling you a child. She would do anything for footage.

BB says in a few hours we will have the winner of this house. Let’s see the journey of the person who entertained the most. Krushna says I am Shalin and Bharti is my Tina. They fight like Shalin and Tina. Bharti keeps saying, Shah. Shah. He says I can’t handle you and Sumbul and now Soundarya too. Bharti keeps saying, Shah. He shouts. He shakes and says I am done. Don’t change. It’s for two hours only. We have to fight for footage. Krushna shouts what is this? Bharti cries and says, Shah. Shah. Shah. He says I am walking out. Krushna says Sumbul only you understand me. Bharti acts like Sumbul. She dances around. She cries. Krushna asks why are you crying? She says this is my talent. I am crying but my fans should think you made me cry. I’ve to show myself caring too. Let me do your massage. He says Tina is coming. Krushna shouts tina is better. Bharti becomes Soundarya. Shalin (Krushna) says Gautam can only take you to the washroom. You need protein. She says I came for glamour. He says fat. Shalin says will you fall into my trap? Krushna says love, tragedy, and romance are done. I should do action now. He goes and fights with Stan for no reason. He talks about Stan’s shoes. Bharti says get lost, and they both abuse.

Bharti says Priyanka you’re the face of truth so we will ask you some questions. When did Archana lie and did acting? Priyanka says she lies. She acts in front of the camera. She said I will always be there for you two and she evicted Ankit. Bharti asks if Ankit proposes to you and you get a movie with Salman, what would you choose? She says I can do the film first and wed next. She asks Stan’s best quality? Priyanka says Ankit should learn to love Stan. The way he accepts. Ankit says love is a special thing between two people.

Krushna comes and Sunny Deol. He says they’re all celebrities? In our times it used to take effort to become a celebrity. I always cook and call Sajid. Sajid cooks movies and never calls me. Bharti says they are both different. He says Sajid if you gave me one film I won’t be here in a skirt. He asks who are these other people? Bharti says all kids know them. Krushna says it because they fought on Tv like kids? Krushna says Shalin, it’s been 8 seconds since you didn’t seen a girl. He says Archana, I love your poverty. She sings for him. Bharti laughs. Krushna says her lines don’t meet each other as no one meets her. Krushan says my favorite, Ankit. How are you? He says very well. Krushna says let Priyanka talk. He says shemri. I feel you, bro. He says Sreejita goes out and comes here at her convenience. Bharti asks who do you think will win? He says, Manya. Or Vikas. Bharti says they’re all nominated. We have the top 5 only? He says so you have called all others to make them jealous? He says don’t put Archana on number 4. Why did you call others? Bharti says everyone has to come at the end to celebrate. He says they didn’t celebrate in the show. They all dance with Krushna and Bharti.

The finalists are introduced. Salman tells their journey. Salman welcomes all ex-contestants and their parents. He welcomes everyone to the grand finale. Salman says the grand finale night is here. Thank you for all the support. Salman says after 19 weeks, we have the top 5. We will know who deserves to be called the winner out of these 5. Let’s meet the top finalists. BB says I welcome you 5 to the finale. BB says now I know you all very well. I am thinking the same question. Who will win today? Today is your last challenge. Let’s start with love today. Someone is here. Their parents come. Archana hugs her mom and cries. All moms meet everyone. Priyanka says thank you BB. Salman meets them. He says top 5 and their moms. Let’s continue for another 2 weeks. Priyanka says no. Salman asks aai. She says Archana is running. Salman asks Shalin’s mom you didn’t run chicken? She says no I brought yogurt. Salman says today after 19 weeks we will know who is the winner of this season. The ex-contestants are burning here on the screen. There are 4 more contestants. Ankit, Gautam, and their show started and they made way more money. Now they’re sitting with each other. Gautam is now clinging to Ankit. Salman says here is the trophy. Salman says Shalin’s trophy will have a hammer. Salman says see Shalin who is here. They show Tina. Salman says I am talking about your dad. Salman says Tina do you recognize that cleavage? She says I only know Priyanka and Archana. Salman says he used to talk to your bed. Salman says you two are responsible for 25 lacs lost.

Salman says now the funniest one, Nimrit. She got a ticket to the finale but she’s still now in the finale. Nimrit laughs. Everyone laughs. She says I held it. Salman says you couldn’t be in the top 5, you did law for 5 years. He asks Ankit do you hear Priyanka’s voice outside? He says I miss it. Salman says why did you go to Thailand then? He laughs. Salman says Sajid has made a mandali in his building too. If you become an MP you will get Archana. Everyone laughs. Salman says there’s a rumor about Abdu. he’s going to Bigg Brother. Salman says yes that’s the truth. Everyone is shocked. Salman says that’s what we call success. Abdu says thank you, sir. Salman says you will rock there. Salman says you have made both India and Tajikistan proud. He says I will never forget India. Salman says Sumbul, Shahrukh called. He wants to sign you for Chakde 2. He is giving you dialogue that you have only 17 minutes. Stan, there’s something in the store. He opens it. Salman says to smell it first. He says I recognize it. He says it’s Boba. I know it. Salman says Boba’s shirt and Tina’s mom’s ekla chalo are famous now. and who else? Stan says Tauqeer Sahab. They all mimic him. Tauqeer comes on stage. Salman says you were laying there in the hospital and BB played hen noises. He says I will do it for Stan. He plays a poem in Stan’s style. He says I love Stan.

Salman says now you all have to give honest answers. He asks Archana what is Nimrit thinking looking at you from there? Archana says she’s saying I wish I was there. Salman asks will Tina and Shalin talk. She says yes. Tina says no. Salman says they will talk when music plays. Salman asks does Stan have a crush on Priyanka? Stan says no. Archana says yes. Salman says Boba will tell you when you go home. Abba is also here.

Salman asks Archana will the bride take the trophy from you and take revenge for sending her groom out? She says I can’t say. The past is left behind. We are all happy now. Salman asks if Sajid and Abdu were here, would you still be here? She says yes, Shalin and Shiv won’t be here. Salman says she’s here on her own. That everyone has to say but if this keeps going she will be out of the country soon. He says you did bring some content here. A lot of MPs are waiting for you. They want you out. You will get swamberg with 12 MPs. Your people have sent a lot of fo love to you. they show her a video of the support she has gotten from her area. Salman says you added a feather to the cap of BB. Salman uses her lines. Salman says presenting Archana’s performance for the finale. Archana comes to the stage as Madhubala. She dances on hawa hawaai. Archana uses her lines in the video. Salman says Sajid use Archana and Gulshan in your movie next time. Gulshan comes on stage. Salman says his sister got him dancing on the stage. Shiv says we were waiting for him. Gulshan dances on anarkali. Everyone laughs.

Salman says now one of you will go home. This will be in BB style. Going with insult, he laughs. Salman says over to you BB. BB says one thing becomes a habit. Everything was unique this season. Now it’s time to become 4 from 5. Your prize money is also a part of it. It can increase if you discuss and tell me one name that according to you is on the 5th number. That person will have to leave the house. The twist is that, you will decide on a name and if it matches the audience’s votes you will get 10 lacs more in your prize money and it will become 31 lacs. If it’s different it will remain at 21 lacs. You can decide now.

Shiv says Shalin according to me. He wasn’t real. Stan says Shalin to me too. People focus on good things. Shalin says it’s Archana for me. She entertained but people also said she became irritating. She also got too aggressive. Priyanka says Shalin for me. People can’t connect with him. Even we don’t know who he is. If we are confused, I am sure so are people. Shalin says this journey had the most ups and downs for me. Priyanka says I agree but we don’t know what you were up to. Archana says it’s Shalin for me. Even he doesn’t know who he is. He has used many people. He has had all kinds of wrong topics. He tried to portray everyone wrong. BB says so the name is Shalin according to you all. Now we have to see if it matches the audience’s votes. Salman will tell us their decision. Salman says you all said Shalin. The person who got the least number of votes, and will be out of the final race. You will be shocked to know the name. The name is. Shalin. What is it? Shalin says sir, please. Salman says this game is unfortunate. My name is Shalin Bhanot. You all gave the right name. Shalin is out of the race. Your prize money is 31 lacs. Shalin comes out. Salman says thank you BB. Well played. Shalin hugs everyone and goes out. He hugs Maheen.

BB says Shalin will be coming here. Shalin hugs Salman. Salman says you were very entertaining. The way you took jokes about yourself is commendable. Shalin says don’t be so hard on me. They laugh. Salman says did you see it coming?? Shalin says I was seeing the trophy. Salman says that’s why you should never listen to your brain. Everyone laughs. Salman says but your hard work didn’t get unnoticed. Let me show you something. Ekta’s video plays. She offers Shalin the main lead in her new show. Salman says your role would be of naggin’s skin. Shalin laughs. Salman gives him a trophy. It’s a buzzer. Shalin says I am keeping it only because you gave it. This buzzer is dangerous to me otherwise. Salman says only you are dangerous to your life. Everyone laughs. Salman says you said you will give 25 lacs to everyone. Shalin let’s forget it, please. He laughs. Shalin says neither did I get the girl nor trophy. Salman says you got the show and you got so much, love. People will know what kind of guys to stay away from. Everyone laughs. Salman says I edited a clip for you. It shows Shalin’s entry. Shalin’s performance plays. It has so many buzzers and good man cards everyone. Tina rolls her eyes. His parents give him a stand option. Shalin says thank you mama pap. Salman says this is how you spoil sons. Give them a standing ovation when no one else is. If my parents were here they would keep sitting. His parents say we are proud of you. Shalin says I look up to you. I will stay single like you. Salman says it’s not out of choice. Everyone laughs.

Salman says so many launches here. 14 Feb is coming. I’ve nothing to do with it but I thought I should launch my new movie’s song here. He plays the song nai lagda dil. Salman says we saw many stories in the house. We have two finalists from mandali and two from non-mandali. Who would win? Nimrit and Sumbul say mandali. Everyone else says, Priyanka. Salman says let’s see their journey. They play a recap of mandali. Salman said this mandali is my family. Mandali performs. They dance on yeh ladka hai dewana. Sajid says we are friends. Abdu says we are brothers. Archana says play like us solo. She dances on bach ke tu rehna. Shalin comes and dances on the character Sheela hai. Priyanka dances nasha tera.

Salman says this season will end on a very positive note for everyone. You will all do good. He says Tara Singh and Sakina are coming back to the screen. They made a blockbuster chadar and now they will be back. Sunny Deol comes on stage on mein nikla gadi le kar. Amisha comes with him. Salman says their movie is releasing in august. It’s Ghaddar 2. Salman says we are all your fans Sunny. He says Ghaddar was also a love story. Salman says if you drop Amisha in the movie this time, I will pick her. Salman says there is another Sardar. Abdu comes in dancing on ghar aja Paradesi dressed as a Sardar. Salman sits down and hugs him. Sunny picks him. HE says Small Tara Singh. He gives a taj mahal to Amisha. Salman says he wants 4 Sakinas. Sunny says repeating the dialogue. He says Hindustan zindabad tha, hai aur rahega. Abdy repeats his dialogue. Amisha says let’s repeat your o Yaara dance that you both had. Salman and Sunny dance. Salman says Sunny Paa ji is here to pump you up.

Sunny says to stand with the name pumps in front of you. You will take out the pump, and it will tell if you’re safe or not. Salman says one of you will come and sit here and be out of the race. Shiv takes out his pump, he’s safe. Everyone congratulates. Sunny says Priyanka next. She’s also safe. Salman says you’re also in the top 3. Salman says who else will get there? Sunny says you both will pull it together. Archana is eliminated. Stan is safe. Archana cries. Priyanka hugs her. Salman says very well played. Archana hugs everyone and comes on stage. Salman says I know you are upset Archana. You were most attached to this house. She cries. Salman hugs her. Salman says this will look bad sport, don’t cry. She says they always get me wrong. It’s fine. Archana says this house taught me how to behave. Salman says so many MPs are here. Sunny was also an MP he doesn’t cry like you. Archana says I will learn. Archana says thank you so much to the people of my area and the country.

Salman says this isn’t her real voice. Vikas is here, he will tell her real voice. Vikas says, sir. I won the trophy. I made one mistake. I took out that pump. I shouldn’t have. Salman gives her sil bata. She laughs. Salman says you will only do good from here. She meets her parents and Gulshan. Salman claps for her. Salman says we have someone here Amisha who people compare with Hrithik. It’s Gautam. He comes on stage and says people compare due to eye color. Amisha asks do you dance like him? Salman says he dances well. They dance on kaho naa pyar hai. Salman sees off Sunny and Amisha. Salman says where he comes from. Get me excited. HE asks has Sunny gone? He will take my hand pump? Dharam ji permitted me. He says Ankit thanks for the silence, what energy. He says hello finalists. They are there. Congratulations. He says there are only 3 left. BB is not loyal to anyone. He says come out, we will party. Priyanka says not now. He says clapping for Shalin and Archana. He says Shalins chest is also out like he is. Everyone laughs.

Krushan comes on stage. He dances with Salman on teri marzi. Krushna says Tina has a wish. Tina says to sit on the cycle with you Salman says what if you fall? Krushna says like BB? Tina comes on stage. Salman sits her on the cycle and they take a round. He says clapping for Tina. Krushna says there are many fans here. Manya is the biggest fan. She went inside to see the shooting. She watched the show from there. Salman says she was a contestant. Krushna asks which camera were you on? She says was trying to figure it out. Krushna says future contestants should learn from Sumbul. If you do have not enough issues, you can use tissues. Ankit speaks less. He is being taken by Salman in his bajrangi bhai jaan 2. For the role of Munni. Ankit laughs. Krushna says can we extend the show? Stan only understood it now. He says Shalin’s dad, the whole world is his fan. But I am a fan of Tina’s mom. I’ve seen many moms in my life. But she’s one in a million. She made Sreejita her daughter. The way aunty hugs is life. Salman laughs. She comes on stage and hugs Krushna. Krushna laughs. He says Tina, see your mom. He says mom, see your Tina. Abdu comes on stage. Krushna says say the 2.5 kg hand. Abdu does that dialogue. He laughs. Krushna dances with Abdu. Krushna leaves.

Salman says another color’s show will start after BB. Let’s meet the cast of their ishq mein ghayal. Priyanka is part of the show. Reem is also part of the show. She’s Tina. They show the promo of the show. Shalin is also part of the show. Karan Kundra is also in the promo. Salman asks who gets the girl in the end. He says we have to watch the show. Salman says 20- episodes? Who is like me who didn’t get the girl? They all laugh. Salman says now part of the biggest face-off. Jhalak’s finalist, Gashmir vs. the one whose father is a poet of the nation now. Sumbul. Sumbul dances with Kashmir. Salman says now Karan will dance with Gori. Karan dances with her. Karan says this was final. Reem dances with Salman. They leave.

Salman says we have seen many love stories but a very unique one. One side talks too much and one is silent. Pryankit. They show Priyanka and Ankit’s performance on deewane larke ko. Priyanka also dances on besharam. Salman says Archana does seeing the groom make you happy? She says yes, I am happy seeing him. Ankit says I am not. She says it’s okay it happens. He says you do this so this happens with you, not us. Salman says Priyanka was steadfast even after Ankit left. Ankit says she’s very strong. Salman says Priyanka now you’re BB’s proud finalist. You all played well. Salman says that from 13th Feb, another big show is starting called Junooniyat that Ankit is a part of. Salman welcomes Elahi. Salman asks Priyanka what is Junooniyat? She says a passion that you want. Salman says you have Ankit in mind. Ankit has Elahi and Elahi has Gautam. Ankit says not Ankit, Jehan. Salman asks Ankit and Gautam who do you think is the winner? They both say, Priyanka. They explain their roles in Junooniyat. Salman says we have to watch another 200 episodes. We have seen a lot of Junooniyat in the house. Stan having Boba’s Junooniyat. Salman says Stan is a different personality for Boba and their parents. Salman says Boba saw when you appreciated Priyanka. How does she look? What will Boba say? I love your face cut, complexion, long hair, and walk. The red dress. Boba says Hello. Stan is shocked. Salman says he forgot the voice. Stan says I was shocked. Stan says how are you? She says I am good. Stan says are you angry? She says yes, face cut, jawline. Everyone laughs. Stan says no. It was a joke. Salman says Boba what compliments have he given you? She says the same face cut. Stan says no I have said so much more. Stan laughs. Salman says when he smelled the t-shirt said it stinks. She says no sir. Salman says do you wanna wish him? Boba says win, please. Or don’t come. Salman laughs. Salman says boba’s wish. Will you win now?

Abdu says I want to sing. Salman says come on stage. It’s a new good song. Salman says no one needs to promote him, he says good songs himself. Everyone laughs. Salman says if he says good, it’s good. Abdu says it’s very chalak. Abdu sings his song launda jawan hogaya. Salman says see Stan. He made 4 songs and 6 girlfriends after coming out? He says it’s a big hit. Abdu says thank you, and Salman says I love you. Samlan says Shiv everyone thought you lead mandali. Who do you think is your competitor? He says, Priyanka. Salman says what if you two played together? If Ankit wasn’t there. Sajid says they’re both strong and intelligent players. She’s very strong. They are here on their merit. Salman says so Stan is on luck? Stan laughs. Salman says if mandali wasn’t there would shiv’s game b different? Soundarya says yes. Priyanka thinks from the mind a lot. Her game was affected. And Shiv is very good at being diplomatically manipulative. Which is good for the game. It could be stronger. But they’re here in the top 3.

Salman says but we will see them performing together. They show Shiv and Priyanka’s fights. They perform on a black and white horse. Salman says now these 3 are winners. Priyanka didn’t give up after her friend left. She went ahead on her own. Priyanka has experienced the same outside. She has taken care of her family and she has always been strong. They show her sister’s video. She says I am so proud to be your sister. I have faith you will win. Her elder sister says you have made us proud. You’ve shown us you’re the real winner. You have the leadership quality of an army family. They all wish her luck. Priyanka says thank you. Salman says then we have a raid person in this house who took time to adjust. but then he took a u-turn and rocked everyone. He has become basti ka hasty. People love seeing him because he’s real. He’s the most genuine. It’s such a big thing to be real. Salman shows videos of all the bloggers who have sent love to him. They say the community is proud of you. Badshah says Stan has made us all proud. His win is our win. Salman says they’re all masters in their field. They’re standing behind Stan. Now the voting has ended. He says joking. They’ve all supported you. Stan says I love them. Salman says now, Shiv. He won one BB. There’s a difference but he made sure that he isn’t less than anyone. You had many expectations on your back but never even mentioned them. Well played. Let’s see love from your town. They show people celebrating for him in the streets. His family wishes him. Aai says we will hug when we have the trophy. Priyanka’s dad says good luck. Stan’s dad says to stay strong. He says I am strong here.

Salman says now time to be strong. One of you will be leaving the race now. The one who got the least number of votes. I will not do any jokes now. That name is. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary. Everyone is shocked. Priyanka hugs Shiv and Stan. She goes out. Shiv and Stan hug. They dance. The mandali celebrate. Priyanka wishes them luck and leaves. She says no hard feelings. Stan and Shiv dance inside the house. Salman says what was unbelievable? I saw one unbeliever? I have seen one unbelievable thing that is how Priyanka reacted coming out of the house. Everyone thought she was so close and she will win for sure. My parents and everyone thought the same. She worked very hard. She stood alone. Standing up against 15 16 people. This girl smiled and left the show bravely. She is the winner for me. He asks Ankit are you proud? Ankit gets teary and says very proud. Very proud of her. But I feel bad because this is the first time she was doing something for herself. I was in that house because of her. I wanted her to win. Salman says there is no bigger win than the way she’s come out of the house. This is grace. This is quality. Anyone would break at this point. Ankit cries. Salman says Archana cried, she wanted it more than Archana. But she smiled. She will come here. She might break seeing you all, but bigger things are waiting for her. You’re calling yourself responsible. Ankit says no sir. She is strong on her own. She handled herself gracefully. She fought alone. I am very proud. Ankit cries. Salman says we all see losses and win in life. It teaches you how to handle failure. When you learn to handle failure you know how to handle success.

Salman says come, Priyanka. Priyanka comes on stage. She waves to her parents. Salman says she’s not upset at all. Priyanka says I am happy with what I got. It was more than what I thought. Salman says see Ankit. He was crying from our side. He asks how much did you think you would win? She says I thought I would leave every weekend. But I had faith. I was being practical. They show Shiv and Stan. Salman says who do you think would win? Priyanka says, Shiv. He has given the show a lot. Stan was real but he got active just now. She meets Ankit and her parents. Salman says to meet parents first. Salman says congratulations to Shiv and MC Stan. You both are top 2 of the season. Now it’s time to know the winner. Come out of the house. Come here and join us.

Shiv and Stan come to the tunnel. BB says this show started from this tunnel. We have our top 2 here. Shiv Thakre and his friend Altaf, MC Stan. Two best friends, part of mandali, who entertained people with their friendship. The friendship that was the life of this season. You both had this wish to have trophy in mandali. They both hug. Stan says we won already. BB says my game ends here. You both have to fight the last battle. This time against each other. The trophy is still left. You both can come out of the house. The lights go off. BB says time to welcome our top 2. They come on stage and hug Salman. Salman say what do you both think? Stan says it would feel good either way. Shiv says we are brothers. Salman says go smell the trophy like you smell Boba’s shirt? They smell it. Salman holds their hands. Shiv says I feel it in my heart. Salman says the winner after 19 weeks. Of this successful season. Salman says the winner of BB season 16 is. He says stan take off your coat. Feel better now? Salman says the winner is. He stands with Shiv and says does he look like the winner?

Salman says the winner of Bigg Boss season 16 is MC Stan. Everyone claps. Stan is shocked. Shiv dances for him and says, mandali bro. Stan takes the trophy. He says mandali won bro. Stan says Shiv now sit with everyone. He says this hurts now. He gives the trophy to Stan. Salman says raves. Salman gives him the cheque. He gives Stan the car. Stan says thank you, sir. It was my mom’s prayers. My parents are so proud. Salman says you got so much, love. Now you appreciate me? The music plays. Stan raps. He says thank you, sir, thank you BB. I’ve learned a lot here. I’ve seen Salman bhai being the most real person. I don’t know what to say. Priyanka claps for him. Salman says I love you all. Don’t cry, I love you ammi. He sings basti ki hasty. Salman sings with him. They all dance. Everyone comes on stage. Salman dances with them. Priyanka hugs him. Stan says love you all. Stan says I wanna sing another song, it’s not realised. It’s for BB and bhai only. Salman says sing bro. Stan sings Btwon with everyone. He meets everyone. They all cheer on mandali.

Season ends

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