Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st May 2015 Written Update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st May 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Noor says what Siamak and Ashok are doing with Chanakya. Bindu says to Chanakya that you came on right time, Chankaya says when its about Magdh then right time is important and when its about choosing Samrat then you should not hurry, Bindu says we are doing everything on right time, Chanakya says should we give importance to time or to safety of Magdh? Chanakya says i announced Sushim as my heir yesterday only, Sushim is my elder son, Chanakya says so its all to become heir? from competition, we can check kid’s skills but not his approach, its about future of Magdh, think before you take decision, Bindu says if you have any problem then tell me, Chanakya says i just came to tell you that you have one more son who deserve to be heir of magdh, all know about his intelligence, strength and good heart, Dharma panics, chanakya says to Bindu that i think you should think about your decision and think about your son, by not considering his skills we are insulting him, Bindu says i respect you but can i can ask you something? you have doubt on my decision? Chanakya says no but i dont want you to forget your past and do another mistake, history has witnessed that its not important to be elder, to be from same blood to become king, Bindu says you have confused me, chanakya says just answer my question, he ask about Nand dynasty and tells tha its heir was not elder son, no, Chanakya says then Dhanand was son but was not deserving, bindu says then you fought with him, chanakya says it was not possible without your father Chandragupt, he was simple kid but i could see talent in him to rule whole India, Bindu says my heir will have talent to rule like him, why you think that Sushim is not capable of it? Chanakya says king is pillar of power of country, King should have justice, humanity, valor, bravery, broad thinking, patience and quality to keep people united are must, its not like that Sushim will not have these qualities but at this time Sushim doesnt have these qualities right now and without these qualities, it will be difficult fro Sushim to maintain respect of throne so you should see that which son will have these qualities the most, all looks on, Chanakya says will it be in Sushim or in Siamak? Dharma have sigh of relief, Sushim says Chanakya.. dont forget that i have won over Siamak, Chanakya says he lost because he got injured and only he can tell how he got wounds, if he would have not injured then he would have won, he tried to be in competition even after winning and not only this, this common guy Ashok showed such good performance that he surprised all, these wounds have taken Siamak’s win but these wounds can never take goodness from him, ignoring these kids is like ignoring Magdh and also injustice to Magdh, Noor says i agree with Chanakya, my son should get a chance, Justin sys i agree with him too, Charu says just because my son didnt get injured, you will take chance from him, will it be justice? prime minister says it was decided that who will win competition, will become heir, whole nation have accepted Sushim as heir and it will bring unrest if we dont announce him as heir, chanakya says but if we hurry in choosing heir then there will be unrest in magdh in future, Chanakya says even if we have to wait to get right heir then its right, sushim says this is injustice, i am getting insulted her, Charu ask him to calm down, Chanakya says when we are talking about Magdh then you should not think about yourself, Sushim gets angry and puts royal sword on Chanakya’s neck, he says who are you stop all this, Ashok and Siamak have made you against me, i will not let you win, Bindu gets angry on him, and slaps, royal sword falls from Sushim hands but Ashok holds it in time, Bindu says he is chanakya, how dare you talk to him like this, you cant control you anger and wanna control whole nation? Ashok gives sword to Ashok, Bindu says do you even know my father used to put this sword in Chanakya’s feet before raising it in war and you raised it on him? Maurya dynasty came into existence because of him only, if he was there then you wouldnt be prince, you have insulted him and royal sword, you doesnt deserve it, put this sword in his feet and say sorry, Sushim says but.. Bindu says you have lost right to say anything, follow order only, Sushim takes sword, looks at Chanakya angrily and puts sword in his feet, he says forgive me, Bindu says taking sword fom you is not enough, you deserve a punishment and Chanakya will decide, he ask Sushim to leaves, Sushim leaves, Charu goes behind him, Noor smirks, Bindu folds his hand and says to chanakya i am sorry on my son’s behalf, you are right, Sushim doesnt deserve to be heir right now, i have to rethink about it, Chanakya says i am sure you will find a right heir for Magdh.

Scene 2
Sushim comes in his room, he break things around, beats soldiers, he burns his clothes, Charu comes and does of fire, she slaps him hard, Sushim cries and hugs her, Charu pushes him away and says you are coward, you lost once and started crying? no, you got lost to your ego and anger, dont show tears because i lost everything today, am i crying? no, what chanakya did, he will have to pay for it, i will insult him in whole court.

PRECAP- Chanakya says to Bindu that we should start finding deserving heir, Bindu says i have one name and you will agree to it that is Ashok, Ashok is stunned. Chanakya says to Ashok that by becoming head, you will protect your land, Ashok thinks how can i decide without asking my mother, dharma comes there.

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