Chandragupta Maurya 22nd August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 22nd August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 22nd August 2019 Written Episode

Chandragupta addresses his soldiers that they will pay respect to the great warriors Mura, Dhoomketu, Indra, Tarini and her unborn baby, etc., by winning this war and kicking out Dhananand out of their motherland and creating united Bharath. Chanakya gets emotional and says he is seeing his student following his teachings religiously. Amartya informs Dhananand it is waste to move back as Chandragupta’s soldiers are capturing river base at one side and he is fighting here on the other side. Dhananand provokes Chandragupta saying he killed his parents, Chandragupta was not present when he stabbed his sword across his father’s body but was present when he killed his mother, he is an orphan. Chandragupta slits his shoulder saying he is orphan, his motherland is with him. Sthul,

Avanti king, and Malayketu are surrounded by Magadh soldiers. Avanti king says they should run away as they cannot fight with so many soldiers. Malayketu says Chandragupta bhaiya has trusted them and they shouldn’t disappoint him. Sthul says acharya Chanakya must have planned something already. Durdhara enters throwing bombs on Magadh soldiers. Sthul says he already told acharya has a plan. Durdhara asks Malay to reach Chandragupta as he will get a signal that they are winning. Amartya escapes from there.
Chandragupta continues fighting with Dhananand and says his gift is coming soon. Amartya is seen coming on his horse. Chandragupta says Amartya could not stop his soldiers from attacking Magadh palace, so he ran away here. Soldier announces end of today’s war and war will start again tomorrow. They all stop. Dhananand tries to attack Chandragupta, but Amartya stops him. Dhananand says if not today, then never and shoots arrow on Chandragupta’s back. Malayketu bears arrows on his chest and falls down. Dhananand gets disappointed unable to kill Chandragupta. Chandragupta asks Malayketu why did he do this. Malayketu says he knew Dhananand would do this as his killed his father Puru similarly. He continues that Chandragupta saved him from Dhananand and his life was indebted to him, he sacrificed his life for the future united Bharath’s king and wants Chandragupta to head Pourav rastra from here. Chanakaya says united Bharath will remember Malayketu’s sacrifice. Malayketu passes away. Chandragupta does his last rights with teary eyes.

Other janpad kings deny to help Chandragupta further as they fear their children’s life. Chandragupta thanks them for their help till now and say they are free to leave. Sthul asks how will they fight without support. Chandragupta says he doesn’t want people who cannot fight wholeheartedly, he will fight Chandragupta with the remaining army he has. On the other side, Dhananand is busy exercising in his camp when Amartya says he shook Chandragupta by killing Malayketu today and Chandragupta will accept defeat soon. Dhananand stamps on dust and says if they stamp dust, it will fall into their eyes, so they need to take each step carefully.

Chanakya Niti: Victory and defeat are part of life, if they want to know their strength, they should provoke person more powerful than them, only then they can rise their level.

Precap: Chandragupta requests his people to support him.

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