Chandrashekhar 27th March 2018 Written Update

Chandrashekhar 27th March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Chandrashekhar 27th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jagrani getting happy seeing Chandra coming. She says Master ji praised you a lot, I m glad, have food. He refuses. She asks what’s the matter that you don’t have to have food. He says my friends are annoyed with me, I went to meet them at the place where we play, but they were not there, I didn’t go to their village. She smiles. She feeds him food. Jagrani thinks to take him to village, but Sitaram will scold her. She agrees to take him. He gets glad and eats food.

Sitaram gets busy at Shambu’s haveli. Chandra and Jagrani come to Bheel village and find it destructed. They get shocked. Chandra shouts to his friends. He sits crying. Jagrani hugs him and consoles. She says some devil did this, come with me, your dad will not leave us if he knows we came here. Chandra

cries. She takes him. Jindal’s man sees him.
Sitaram and Patwari are on the way. Patwari says we don’t know landlord’s politics, let him earn money, we are getting money. Sitaram says I can’t sell my soul. Patwari asks him to mend himself with the world. Sitaram asks him to have food. Patwari gets scared of Chandra and refuses. He says your son can create a scene. Sitaram says its fine, it was a tiring day, come. Patwari agrees. Sitaram asks Jagrani to come out. Patwari thinks Chandra shouldn’t come out. Jagrani consoles Chandra. She gives water to Patwari and says Chandra is sleeping. Sitaram says he is studying hard now. Patwari says I knew it, he is good in studies, I m hungry. She says I will just make food. Jindal says britishers took all the Bheels, who always supported us, they will be tortured. Kaka says this is our bad luck.

Jindal says you will be working as labor there and inform me when Watson is coming, tell Darsi that I m not silent, I will rescue them. Gomes says I don’t care about villagers, we have to catch Jindal. Patwari says food is really good. He gets scared seeing Chandra. Sitaram asks Chandra to get water. Chandra gives water. Patwari says Chandra changed a lot. Patwari says yes, I knew this, he spoiled because of those kids, the village is ruined now, Britishers took them to make them work as labors. Chandra hears him and gets angry.

Manohar says I will take Chandra with me. Sitaram comes home. Chandra aims gulel at Gomes.

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