Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nisha talking to her friend. She thinks of Manav. She thinks I started liking Manav, what can I do, its natural feelings. She says Manav is old school, I will confess my feelings in old ways. She writes a letter and wraps a gift. She says I hope we capture good memories in this camera. Chandni thinks of Vimla. Raunaq asks her to have orange juice. She drinks it. She asks why are you behaving good. He says I was showing humanity.

He says tell me if anything is disturbing you. She thinks he won’t believe me if I tell him. She feels discomfort in her eyes. He asks her to put eye drops and take rest. He pulls her. They have a moment. He says you are a lady firefighter, and can’t put eye drops. She says yes, sometimes simple little things get complex. He asks her to just come. He lifts her and takes her to bed. He takes care of her and puts the eye drops. Manav scolds Nisha and asks why did you send that letter to me with that gift, you know our age difference, I have a daughter, I thought you are a friend, you are mistaken, I don’t love you, I m warning you, forget these feelings, just stay away from me. She cries. He says stay away from me, I don’t want you to see false dreams.

Chandni wakes up and feels better. She smiles and says Raunaq is useless, but eye drops worked. She calls Nani and says I fell asleep, and couldn’t take your call. Nani says Roshni didn’t take my call. Chandni says her mood is spoiled. Sanjot says why did Chandni lie to me, or maybe Roshni told me. She stops Vimla and checks her clothes. She gets the notes. She shuts the door. She scolds Vimla for helping Chandni and Roshni. She threatens her. She says I have sacrificed a lot to get Sumer in my control, I broke his first engagement and threw Chitra out of his life, and now I will remove Roshni from his life too. She says you know everything, I didn’t wish to kill Chitra, I made her away, she came back, then what could I do, tell me. Vimla cries. Sanjot says Kaveri got engaged to Sumer, she got an opportunity to run business, why did I face the partiality, so I broke their engagement, her heart was broken, I thought its better than dying, Roshni married Sumer and now her sister has come here, you wanted to tell my truth to her. Vimla says no, I didn’t tell anyone. Sanjot says I can’t trust you.

She says you have done this. Vimla says no, Chandni has come back for Roshni, I promise I will do what you say. Sanjot says you have to make me get rid of my problem, you have to kill Chandni tonight, you have less time, Vimla. Sanjot gets angry. She says Sumer is giving importance to Roshni and Chandni, they have to go so that my brother stays with me, I sacrificed my marriage for this business, he can’t settle down, you have to threaten Chandni tonight.

Raunaq asks why do you keep the door locked. Chandni says Roshni is getting attacked, that person can try to kill us too. Vimla goes to kill Chandni. Chandni wakes up.

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