Code Red 25th April 2015 Written Update

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Code Red 25th April 2015 Written Update by Pooja

Code Red 25th April 2015 Written Episode

A little girl is selling flowers at a red light.

October 2014, Mumbai, Maharashtra:
(Poonam Srishti Society, Meera Road):
Police comes to arrest a little girl. The girl pleads innocence. I haven’t stolen anything. I had not come here to steal. They all play deaf ears to her and she is taken away to the police station.

Meera Road Police Station:
Kabir is at the police station. He asks the inspector (Jadhav) about what kind of people choose to do such kind of things (like stealing, looting, etc); what strata to they belong and more such info. The other inspector comes with the little girl just then. he tells the senior inspector Jadhav about the girl stealing at someone’s house in a society in Meera Road. The little girl cries, saying that she dint do anything. My mother always used to tell me, do anything but never steal. The lady constable is about to slap the girl but Kabir intervenes. She is a kid. The junior inspector corrects him. she is a thief. Don’t go by her tears. People of her age kill other people these days. He begins to write down the girl’s details but the girl continues saying that she is not a thief. Kabir goes to talk to her. what is your name? She looks at him and says, Rani.

Silver Park Signal, Meera Road:
Rani is selling flowers to the passer bys. Her mother calls out for her but Rani decides to sell the rest of the flowers first. Her mother agrees. Rani sells them as well finally. Her mother tells her to wait till the signal turns red. Rani begins to walk when that happens but a guy on his motorbike rides past her in a real fast way. Rani’s mother shouts at him while he in turn calls her a beggar and blames her for it. Rani’s mother continues to scold him. We do hard work to earn that money. We are not beggars. The guy drives away. Rani calms down her mother. The mother daughter duo share a very cute bond.

Rani and her mother have sold 7 flowers today. rani notices her mother’s torn saree. You can buy new clothes too. Her mother wants to wait a little. People can give me some of their old clothes as Navratri is approaching. She actually wants to send Rani to school. I don’t want you to become like me. I want you to have a home, which cannot be broken by either municipality or rain. Rani agrees. I will earn money for you and you can cook for me. Her father says you can still do that. Her mother scolds her for coming there. Her husband tells her that Goti (another guy standing next to him) is ready to give them 5k for this girl. Rani’s mother warns them to stay away from her daughter. Rani wont steal. Goti stays put. No one will doubt an innocent girl like Rani. Rani’s mother doesn’t want any money through that means. My daughter will stand on her feet, work hard but she will never steal. She then scolds her husband. Don’t dare to come back here again, you drunkard! Both the guys leave.

Present: Rani tells Kabir that her mother dint make her a thief. I am not lying. My mother always used to say that we can earn by selling flowers / by doing hard work. Kabir is concerned. Rani is sent to Child Development Centre.

Kabir can see the truth in Rani’s eyes. Sakshi tells him to drop the case. Kids on the road will anyways be doing all the wrong things only. How will they have good upbringing, right? Or do you think Rani is different?

Rani cries while she is being taken away in the police jeep. Kabir comes to Meera Road Signal. He meets a few kids. They ask him if he ask come to click picture or if he wants them to say something about poverty, politics, beggary, etc? We will do that for you in Rs. 50 only. Kabir is taken aback. He promises to bring chocolates for them later. Tell me first, did Rani used to live here? An old guy is curious about him after hearing Rani’s name. Where is she? They all are shocked to know that Rani is in jail for stealing. They are sure that Rani cannot do anything like that. Kabir asks them to share something about Rani.

A week ago:
Rani brings 3 flowers for her Painter Didi today. Rani’s mother has given an extra free flower for her today. She looks on while Rani crosses the road. The girl pays her money and turns to go when Rani returns the extra money back to her. The girl is impressed. Rani is excitedly crossing the road but doesn’t notice a truck approaching. Luckily, the truck stops in time and Rani is saved. On the other hand, her mother gets hit by a truck while she is crossing the road without noticing the vehicles approaching her. She is taken away in an ambulance later on whereas Rani is left on the road, crying for her mother.

Present: Rani dint realise that her mother is dead. Rani used to wait for that ambulance every day, hoping that her mother would come back too.

Flashback: Rani used to make pictures of the ambulance van; cry herself to sleep every night while crying for her mother. Goti comes to meet Rani one day. The same old guy stands between Rani and Goti so Goti leaves. One day, Rani notices the ambulance at the red light. She runs towards it and enquires about her mother. The ward boy shoos her away. Rani is again all sad and tearful. She hugs her mother’s clothes.

Rani is very hungry. She picks up some leftovers from the roadside, cleans it and eats it but her tears refuse to stop. The old man notices her thus.

Present: How could we help her when we had nothing to eat for ourselves only! Kabir asks about Rani’s father.

Rani’s father says Rani was not my daughter or even Sandhya’s (Rani’s mother) daughter. He shares the details only when Kabir gives him some money. We become the rightful residents of every new bridge. We were at Meera Road Signal at that time. That night, that incident happened.

5 years ago:
Sandhya wakes up with a start as she hears the cries of a baby. She goes out to check and finds a little girl near the bin. Savita was overwhelmed to hold the little girl in her arms.

Present: Kabir comes to meet Rani. Lady Constable tells him that Rani keeps quiet all the time. She wont even eat anything. She excuses herself. Kabir shows trust in Rani. She starts crying again. he is pained. Good kids don’t cry. I had gone to Meera Road Signal too. she asks about his mother. I want my mother, only her. please give me my mother. He says you will have to come out of this place first. Tell me everything that I ask you first. She agrees.

Kabir wants to know why Rani was in that building that day. She says Baba had come on the signal that day.

Flashback: Rani’s Baba brings food for her. Rani refuses to eat it. Ma has told me to stay away from you as you will only make me a thief. He adds that her mother only has sent them. I will take you to meet your mother next. Rani wants to meet her mother first. I will eat something later only. They both leave together. He tells her to eat them on their way to the hospital.

Rani’s Baba sells Rani to Goti for 5k. Rani pleads / cries for help / her mother but in vain. Goti I will make you do hard work only (by stealing / pick pocketing). He hands her over to Suleman.

Present: Kabir plays the recording for Inspector Jadhav. Rani says I kept on crying but Baba dint help me. the kids there told me that either one of their acquaintances sold them to Goti or they were picked from different locations. Goti used to make everyone steal things. If someone used to cry or deny stealing then he used to starve them. Kabir doesn’t want to wait anymore as the mafia can target some other kid in the meantime. Inspector Jadhav orders his men to get ready.

Goti is teaching new techniques to the kids as to how to steal. Inspector Jadhav and his team nab Goti and his accomplices. They rescue all the kids from there. Rani’s Baba takes an injection. He too gets arrested (in an unconscious state).

Poonam Srishti Society, Meera Road:
Kabir requests the family, from where Rani was arrested, to take their complaint back. The couple is in no mood to relent. It is good if she learns this in this age only. The house of thieves is jail only. Kabir denies. He addresses the same Painter Didi next. You know Rani, right? You used to buy 2 flowers from her daily. The girl’s mother says, we used to do favour on her as she was a kid. Kabir points out that they forgot this but Rani dint. Do you really know what happened that day?

Rani is crying. I cannot do this. Let me go. Suleman refuses let go of her. Goti tells Katrina (a senior girl, one of his another stolen treasure) to handle Rani. Katrina shows a blade to Rani, guiding her how do steal. Rani stays put. A girl comes running there. She excitedly shows a purse to Goti that she stole from the red light today. Goti keeps the valuable belongings and throws the purse in Rani’s direction. Rani is shocked to see the photo of the Painter Didi (Reena) in the purse. Goti shows a ring to Rani. Do you want it? He sits down before Rani. He puts it in Rani’s finger. I will give the ring and chain to you if you work for me. Rani looks at the blade on the ground. She picks it up and hurts him deep on his arm. She runs away with the purse and the gold chain and ring. Goti’s men try to catch Rani but she manages to hide in time.

Rani reaches Reena’s house. The door is open as the maid goes out to throw the garbage. Rani enters inside and calls out for her Didi. She keeps the purse on table and takes out the ring. Maid returns just then. She calls out to everyone.

Present: Kabir says the so called thief had actually come to give you your stuff back. She had even risked her life for it. Reena checks her purse and realises the truth in Kabir’s story. Why do people fear trusting the kids who live on the roads! This is wrong. I am ready to take my complaint back.

Rani is free. She finds Kabir waiting outside and runs up to him. they share a warm hug. They both are in tears though. Kabir tells her that no one will call her a thief from now onwards. She asks about her mother. He says she has gone to meet God to talk about you. she wants you to study and become a big person. She wants you to have a big house one day. Rani adds that that house should be such that neither municipality nor rain can tear it down. Kabir nods. Now you have to study a lot for your mother to make her happy. Rani nods. Kabir kisses her on the forehead and hugs her one more time.

Goti, his gang and Rani’s father were charged under section 372, 378 and 380 for doing child trafficking of minors. A state government’s recognized NGO took Rani in their shelter. The teachers are sure Rani’s hard work will surely help her in reaching out for her mother’s dreams. As per a survey, approx 2 crore kids are homeless in India, out of which 10% kids live in Mumbai. The numbers are increasing every year. Supreme Court had warned the government in 2010 stating that it is against Constitutional right to not give a home to someone. The picture is changing now. many NGOs in India have started working on those lines now. They are taking responsibility of educating such children so they can have a respectful life in the future. Rani’s mother used to give her the very same hope.

You can find kids like Rani at every nook and corner of your society, in the roads, bus stands, everywhere. They don’t need the money that you give them with pity and neither want to be a part of your documentary films. They just want to understand that they too are an inseparable part of our society / the base of our future. It is our responsibility to help them make it better. We request you to don’t look away or be quiet if you witness someone torturing such a kid. Raise your voice against them and contact on the below mentioned numbers. Your silence can darken a kid’s life while your say can brighten someone’s life!

Bachpan Bachao Andolan

011 4921 1111 | [email protected]

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