D3 Dil Dosti Dance 5th January 2015 Written Update

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D3 Dil Dosti Dance 5th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

D3 Dil Dosti Dance 5th January 2015 Written Episode

In the rehearsal hall, the boys enjoy, as Amar announces about the alternative arrangement of the speakers and music. He shows the lights, and costumes to them. Rey and everyone laughs, Amar announces that no tension and no worries. Vicky and Bharat hoot and dance with him. Rey laughs at them, and says people will sue them for harassing on them and giving such a bad performance. He and everyone laugh. Sara enters the hall with Sharon. Rey watches Sara, his smiles fades and leaves the hall. Sara comes behind him, and stops him. She asks him not to ignore her. Rey asks him not to tease him. Sara says that for his forgiveness, she will do everything. Rey says if she doesn’t want him to shout in front of everyone, she must stop that. She says because of his anger, she isn’t able to live. He says great, she must do what she wants, he don’t care. He leaves.
At night, Simmi and Bharat were sitting on a stall. Simmi says they must keep their households outside, whatever people wants can buy. Bharat asks her to do OLX. Sara comes there; she was sad and asks what they are doing here. Bharat says they are trying to sell their belongings to get money. Sara asks do they have kerosene and match-stick. Simmi and Bharat laugh that why will they sell it. Sara asks about cockroach spray, they say no. Sara gives them money for the rope. They wonder why she took the rope.
Rey tries to convince sponsors on phone. Simmi and Bharat come and tell him Sara is committing suicide, please save her. Rey runs outside. He follows Sara in his car.

Sara comes to her room, watches the rope and then the fan. She keeps cusions on bed, gets on them and is about to tie herself with the rope. Rey enters her room, and shouts her name. She asks why he is shouting so much. He asks does someone suicide on such a petty thing. She says she was just hanging the lamp. He says he thought she was committing suicide. Sara says she is happy, he still cares. He says he doesn’t hate her, but he was angry that she lied. She says she is sorry; she won’t do it the next time. She confesses that she is just stupid. Rey smiles and asks her not to do it again. She promises, they laugh. Everyone come there, Rey was laughing that it was a misunderstanding. He asks them about any luck with sponsor, everyone says no. Sara says they have to do something. Rey says only one thing is left.
In the morning, Rey comes to Mr. Oberoi. He says to Rey that he knew saying so much is easy, but convincing people is difficult. They will get their money, but if the even fail they will have to dance for him for five years. Rey is ready to sign the contract. He leaves in his car, saying he needs everyone’s commitment.

In the college, they were all gathered. Swayam asks Rey why he called them all here. Rey says they have got the sponsors, and they will get money as well. They all cheer. Rey tells them about the condition. They were all thoughtful about it, Rey says he isn’t forcing anyone it is their call. Karma stands and comes to Rey. He asks them all, let’s do this guys! Rey turns to look at him. They all watch him for a while, Sharon smiles and everyone get up to take his hand. They all cheer.
Swayam and Sharon dance vigourously in front of some men. Sharon was dreaming in car, with Swayam. She wakes up, Swayam says we have reached your home, is she ok. She says she just had a night mare. He asks what. She says she believes their success, but if they make mistake they will be bound to the builder for the next five years. He says it will be good, because she is with him. She smiles that everytime, a big problem makes them both think about their problem and they come closer again. Swayam smiles that she is always right. They look at each other for a while.

Karma asks Huma how he looks, and was conscious about his hair too. Huma observes him, he asks about his shirt. Huma makes fun of him, that her parents are not hitlers. She rings the bell, her ammi opens the door. She invites them both inside, her ammi says she is lucky finally, to get what she has worked so hard. Huma says we like each other equally. Her ammi says she isn’t talking about Karma but getting a break in a film. Huma asks what. Her ammi says a producer called her today, next week a dance film is releasing and he has selected her as heroine. She will have to sign a five years contract tomorrow. Huma looks at her ammi in shock.
Rey thinks about the sponsor, and thinks he can’t be selfish. How much his friends will compromise for him. If the musical isn’t successful, they will also be bound for the next five years. He won’t do this, and convice them not to sign the contract.
Huma’s ammi scolds her, how she can participate in a concert without asking her. Karma leaves, while Huma says to her ammi that she can’t do this to her ammi. She can’t leave her friends in this situation, she has decided to go with or without her permission. Her ammi says if she has decided, she can go. Huma hugs her ammi, her ammi asks her to bring her phone as she must call the producer. Huma goes upstairs, her ammi locks the door from outside. She goes to knock it, but her ammi says she is doing it all for her betterment. Huma cries, then thinks what she must do.

In the rehearsal hall, Rey says to everyone that he has decided they won’t sign the bond. He can’t put their lives in risk. He dismisses them all from D3 academy, due to continuous poor performance. They were shocked. Bharat says they will stand by him, this time.
Sharon reads Rey’s text. Sara says she also got it. Sharon gets Swayam’s call, he says he got Rey’s text that the contract signing is cancelled. Swayam says Rey’s call isn’t connecting so builder called him and told him that he is coming. Sharon asks why Rey is denying them all. Swayam says this is what he doesn’t understand. Sharon hangs on, and tells Sara. The three of them worried.
In the morning, the builder comes to the rehearsal hall. Rey was there alone. They ask where they all are. Rey says they are no longer a part of his team. The builder asks if he is opening a drama company with the dance show. He told him, he wants everyone’s signatures on contract. Sara says they are all here, Rey look at them all standing behind him. He can’t get rid of them, Rey tries to make them understand. Swayam says it isn’t only his or Kriya’s dream, but all of theirs.

PRECAP: Kriya comes back to India. She tears the contract.

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