Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 8th February 2024 Written Update

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 8th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satya pulling Arya back. Ankush recalls Arya. He thinks Damini, I couldn’t keep my promise to you. Arya says Baba… Satya says I told you, Satya always wins, your time has come, think of your family, except me. Ankush recalls his family. He pushes Ankush down the cliff. Arya shouts. She asks why did you snatch my dad and mum. Satya says he isn’t your dad, I m your dad, and unfortunately, you are my daughter, see this pic. He shows Damini and his marriage pic.

He says Damini was afraid of me, she knew it, I will kill you knowing you are my daughter, so she kept running away from me, Ankush used to save you, Jaanrao also tried to save you, you won’t get saved, I will kill you. Arya says you are my dad, you killed my mum, your brother, you can never be my dad, I will never accept you as my dad, I hate you, you are very bad, you are a murderer, villain. He asks her to shut up. She says I will shout, you can’t be my dad, you killed my mum, I will tell everyone. He says I will shoot you. She says I m not scared of you, kill me. He points the gun at her. She closes eyes and thinks of Damini.

Satya thinks of Ankush’s words. Kasturi comes and shoots Arya. Satya is shocked. She says you would have not done it, she was your daughter, so I did it, if she was alive, then she would have spoiled everything, I stayed without you for 8 years, I can’t see you going to jail, just we will be together. Satya sits near Arya. Kasturi says leave her, just come. He recalls Arya.

Kasturi asks him to come. Satya recalls Baba, Arya and Jaanrao’s words. He leaves with Kasturi. Police inspector says Ankush’s phone isn’t reachable, we got all the kids from NGO, except Arya. Ankita says Satya shouldn’t get saved, make a fool proof case, I want to see him behind bars. Bela says find Ankush and Arya, please. Satya comes home.

Baba asks where is Ankush, he had gone to meet you. Bela asks where are Arya and Ankush. Maina comes and says Jaanrao is missing. Satya says everything got ruined, its over. Baba asks what do you mean. Bela says Arya was with you, where is Ankush. Satya asks why would Arya be with me. Ankita says we got to know you ran that NGO for trafficking. Satya asks are you mad to blame me, did you know what happened, I lost everything. Ankita asks who did it. Satya says Jaanrao was the traitor in the house.

Kasturi thinks wow, what a story. Satya says Jaanrao did it to make money. Maina says no, he can’t do this. Satya says I m not ready to believe it, but it’s the truth. The man says we have proof against Jaanrao. Ankita checks the proof. Satya says you don’t give me ticket, I couldn’t handle my house. Maina says Jaanrao can’t do this. Aai says yes, she is right, Jaanrao can’t do it. Satya says I can’t believe he did this, Jaanrao is a criminal, it’s the truth, Ankush was going to expose him, Jaanrao has killed Ankush. Everyone is shocked.

Satya says I explained him, but Jaanrao didn’t listen, he shot Ankush and threw him down in the cliff. Baba asks what nonsense, Ankush can’t die. Bela and Aai cry. Satya says sorry Bela, don’t worry, you aren’t alone, we are with you. Bela recalls Ankush’s words. She gets angry on him. She says you have killed my husband, tell me the truth. Satya says he was my brother, how can I kill him. Bela calls him a liar. Baba says Satya, keep your lies, I will tell everyone the truth about Arya and you. Satya says say anything you want, beat me. He hugs Baba. He says Ankush is gone forever, you all can’t do anything, if I drag Ankush’s name in child trafficking, then he can’t save himself. Baba is shocked. Bebe scolds Satya. She asks where is Ankush. Satya says it happens, don’t act clever, we are your family, Ankush will not come back. He asks Kasturi to handle Bela. Zai comes and asks what happened, where is dad. Satya says your dad will never come back, he is dead. She shouts no….

Baba says I will not leave you, Satya. Satya threatens Aai and Baba. Bela says so sorry, Ankush. Arya is seen getting treated at a hospital.

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