Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 22nd May 2013 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 22nd May 2013 Written Update by mnx12

Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 22nd May 2013 Written Episode

J (Jalandhar) creats a Mayavi field around Parvati , disappears from the Cave’s entrance before those standing outside can realize what has happened, but they know Parvati is not inside. Vishnuji, Lakshmiji, Brhmaji, Saraswatiji appears there. Kartikeya asks Vishnuji what was that? He says even they are surprised . Saraswatiji says J & Shukracharya has created an Imaginary Loka through Maya Shakti, which can be used only once to kidnap Parvati. Kartikeya wants to know in which Loka is his mother now? Vishnuji says she is not in any Loka known, but is in an Imaginary Loka created by J’s imagination. Mahadev is in Samadhi unaware of what is happening around him, but in his Samadhistha condition he is connected with Parvati.

In his own Loka, J looks at Samadhisth Parvati. Says Paarvaati… Mahadev will kill me with your help. He does aavahan of his Guru, who appears there, is surprised seing J has already used the Maya Shakti, is shocked at the way he has used it. Shukracharya scolds J for his kidnapping Parvati, using his Maya shakti. J says Devas are must be shocked & will be shocked more at what will happen at Kailash now. Shukracharya stops him. But J says attack is the best strategy. Hehas already told Asuras under Yamaraj’s leadership to attack Kailash.

Kartikeya & Ganesh reach Kailash riding on Peacock. Vishnuji, Brhmaji, Lakshmiji & Saraswatiji are already present there. Kartikeya gets angry seeing Yamaraj leading Asuras ready to fight against Mahadev. Vishnuji & Co. bless Kartikeya. They are not happy with Yamaraj taking Asura’s side, feels Yamaraj should get paid for his mistake. Brahmaji says Nandi is his stone form is with Shivji But other Ganas comes there, they are ready to fight. Even other Devas too come to protect kailash. Kartikeya says this is his fight but Devas insists on going with him.
Kartikeya with Ganas, Devas come near Asura army. Brhmaji says before anything undesirable happens soon they should try to get Mahadev out of Samadhi.

Shukracharya questions J do you think what you did was right? J says he has no other choice. Not Bhakti but Aadi Shakti can make Mahadev wea. Shocked Shukracharya says are you aware of the consequences when Mahadev comes out of his Samadhi? J says after meeing Mahadev bhaktas he’s realized after Sati’s death Mahadev was disturned. J says he’ll fight with Mahadev after he comes out of his Samadhi, then after killing him, there will be only me, I’ll be immortal.

S thinks J has made a very big mistake, now he himself should take Mata Paravti to Mahadev & ask him to forgive J. J suspects his Guru is thinking against his plan. Shukracharya moves ahead. J stops him. S asks him to move from his way as by getting Mata Paravti here you’ve made a very big mistake. Move from here this is your guru’s order. J says not my Guru’s but this si a Mahadev Bhakt’s order. He asks him to leave.

Lakshmiji asks how will they bring Mahdev out of Samadhi? Vishnuji says they have a way, Ganesh, who thinks this was used even earlier once, can be used even now. It’s not for winning or loosing, for life or death, but father’s coming out of Samadhi is very necessary for all now. He comes near Nandi in stone form. He informs Shivji about Parvati’s kidnap by J. Kartikeya fighting with Yamaraj & Asuras, by speaking in Nandi’s ear.
Under Senapati Kartikeya, Devas are fighting with Asuras whose Senapati is Yamaraj.

Precap: Shukracharya leaves J, he asks him not forgive him, not to leave him & go. Shukracharay says someone else has that right, he can’t.
Shivji is out of his Samadhi, J comes to know about that.

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