Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratiksha hearing the ladies taunting her for wearing red saree and sitting in the temple after she is abandoned by her husband. They tell that she has ruined her Chacha and Chachi’s name also. Pratiksha comes to the ladies and asks what did you tell about me? She says you might think that I will tell you, how bad I felt about your words, and then I will go from here, but why I shall go? She says I have come to temple so will do darshan. The lady says it seems her elders didn’t teach her manners. Pratiksha says Maa and Papa have taught manners and also taught that when someone talks to you this way, then how to answer, and also told that daughters are powerful and never to underestimate them. Kinjal gets happy seeing her answering. Pratiksha says this is temple, and God is of everyone, even of abandoned wife. She says you are elder like my mother, so shall have values, love and devotion etc of a woman. She says today is Maha Shivratri and you shall have devotion and shall not have the feeling of taunting someone. Kinjal is happy again. The lady says see. Pratiksha says my blood color is also red, and asks if you will throw it, and asks her to throw their sindoor, as it is Maa Parvati’s color, and says whoever does her puja, knows how to talk, where to talk with love and where to talk with sword. She asks them to do puja and keep some flowers.

Kinjal comes there and asks why are they sad, and asks if someone showed you mirror of truth. She asks them to remember what they heard and learnt today. Kinjal tells Pratiksha that if she have her phone, then would have recorded the video. She says Maa Chamundi ki jai. Pratiksha is about to run behind her, and collides with an old lady and thinks now she will scold me. The old lady calls her Parvati and says she heard whatever she said. She says husband can leave his wife many times, but the woman doesn’t stop loving her husband. She says there is Parvati in every woman, I see Parvati’s strength in your eyes, light of Parvati on your face, I see Parvati’s 9 avatars in you, you are holi and diwali, you are shame of eyes, you are river, you are power, warrior, and book. She says you are truth, you are Shiv and you are beautiful. She keeps her hand on her head and blesses her. Pratiksha is stunned. Kinjal comes to her. Pratiksha says that aunty called me Parvati. Kinjal says she saw Devi in you.

Kinjal makes rangoli. A lady says the rangoli is good. Kinjal says she has learnt from her sister and calls Pratiksha, but the latter doesn’t hear her. The lady asks Kinjal if she can make food, and asks about her education. Hansa comes there. Kinjal says aunty was praising my rangoli. The lady says she likes her and goes to talk to Hansa.

Ravi and Kavya come to temple. Kavya prays that Pratiksha don’t come here. Ravi asks what is she doing? Kavya says she prays that Pratiksha don’t follow them here. Ravi asks why she is taking her name. Kavya says they shall invite her for their marriage so that she can see who is she, and she will shatter all her dreams. Ravi asks her to shut up and says don’t take her name, I feel pain. Kavya asks if you have soft corner for her. Ravi says she reminds me of Keerti. She says she has done wrong and he don’t want to talk about her. Kavya says I was scared for a moment that you are having feelings for her. Ravi struggles with his feelings and thinks why he is imagining Pratiksha everywhere. Kavya brings flowers and asks Ravi to come. Ravi recalls his marriage with Pratiksha.

Kavya asks if you don’t want to hold my hand. Mandeep comes there and gives her hand in his hand and says he will not leave you all life. The lady tells that she likes Kinjal for her son Avinash. Hansa is happy. The lady tells about her family and says they have food at home. Hansa praises Kinjal and tells that the daughters handles her house, they are her daughters. She is about to tell her about her family and Pratiksha, when the lady gets a call. Hansa hears her and thinks she shall not tell her about Pratiksha. She pretends to get a call and goes. She thinks she has to keep Pratiksha away from this alliance. Pandit ji praises Pratiksha for doing good shringar of God and Goddess and for decorating the temple well. He tells that a new couple is going to come for the puja, they are City’s well known people. Pratiksha sees Ravi coming there with Kavya. Ravi and Kavya see Pratiksha already there. Pratiksha looks at their joined hands. Ravi leaves Kavya’s hand suddenly. Kavya says Ravi and thinks if he is in Pratiksha’s control just as she came infront of him.

Precap: Mandeep gives the wedding card to keep in temple. Pandit ji asks Kavya to put dupatta on her head. Other Pandit applies tilak to Ravi and Pratiksha. Mandeep stops Pandit ji.

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