Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhanu acting to be possessed and telling that Bhawna will be punished for her bride. Amit and Abhishek tie him to the pillar. Bhanu says I will bite everyone and will not leave anyone. Tantrik comes there. Malini calls him Pandit ji and asks him to save her husband. Tantrik says I will see, don’t worry. Bhanu asks Tantrik to free his hands. Tantrik throws something on him and asks who are you, and why you came here? Bhanu says I am Kaal of this house, and says this house’s values and customs are broken. He says someone is breaking the rules of the house, where the rules are broken, I rule on that place. Tantrik throws something on him. Bhanu pretends to faint and fall down. Tantrik asks Bhawna to stay as widow if she wants prosperity of the house. Malini threatens to leave from the house with Bhanu and Abhishek. Amit says even I will leave with my wife and daughter. Dada ji says I will not let anyone go. Tantrik says everyone’s end is sure. Malini asks Abhishek to pack their bags, and tells that they will go to his Nani’s house first. Bhawna asks Malini not to go and tells that she is ready to follow widow customs. She asks from when she has to do this. Tantrik says Deepak’s birthday is after 2 days and asks her to embrace widowhood on that day.

Later Bhawna talks to her husband’s portrait and asks if he wants this, and says she has to do this for his family. Amit tells Malini that Bhanu slept, and asks Vidya to bring fruits. Malini says just as Bhawna takes off her colorful sarees, cut hairs and abandon shrigaar, then everything will be fine. She says for few days, she has to do begging. Aanchal hears and asks why you are behind my Mamma. Malini says nobody forced her. Bhawna says I shall wear this before Bulbul comes. Aanchal comes there and says how she will not know, when the drama will unfold. She says Tai ji is planning to make her follow widow customs and cut her hair. She asks Bhawna if she agreed to do this. She asks what is the use of making her bold, while planning with Raghav. Bhawna tells her everything. Aanchal says Papa can’t do this, he was like Raghav uncle, he couldn’t see anyone crying. She says how can you believe them, you know Papa. Bhawna cries. Aanchal goes from there. Vidya brings fruit for them and tells Bhawna that it is not easy for Bulbul also.

Raghav thinks what is happening with Bhawna ji, and thinks he shall not worry as Bhawna is bold enough to handle herself. Aanchal comes out and tells Raghav that all their planning has gone waste. Vidya tells Bhawna that this thing is not happening due to her. Bhawna says she don’t want to know the reason, why this is happening and says she wants the family’s prosperity only. She says everything will be fine in 2 days and marks the date. Vidya prays that someone shall find the solution to save her in these 2 days. Aanchal is angry and eats something. She asks Raghav to think something and says if Papa wouldn’t have been there, then this wouldn’t have done.

Dimple asks Abhishek to do something to save Bhawna. He says he already talked to her, but she didn’t listen to him. He says he will never want his wife to follow any wrong ritual. Dimple says it is good, and tells that how they will save Bhawna. Bhawna thinks one day have passed and one day is remaining. She thinks she can’t forget what she has seen with her eyes. She thinks to call Raghav and tell her heart feelings to him. She then thinks she shall not force her trouble on him, this is her fight and she shall fight alone. Raghav thinks she can do anything for her family, and asks God to help her take the right decision, or show me some way to help her.

Precap: Tantrik asks Bhawna to wear white saree. Raghav takes sindoor in his hand. He comes to Bhawna’s house and fills her hairline with sindoor shocking everyone.

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