Dheere Dheere Se 9th May 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 9th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 9th May 2023 Written Episode

The episode starts with Abhishek hearing the bulb bursting sound, and comes out with others. They see another bulb bursting. Vidya says what is happening. Bhawna tells them that when she was coming home, she had stepped on lemon etc. Malini says so this is happening due to you. Babu ji says I will do havan for the prosperity of the house. Bhawna says I will make prasad. Malini says I will make it and taunts her. Babu ji asks them to clean the floor. Bhawna says I will clean the floor. Vidya says I will help you. Amit asks her to bring milk for him. Vidya goes. Bhawna brings the glass pieces in the bag and is talking to her employer. Raghav comes there and sees the glass pieces on the ground. He whistles to save Bhawna from stepping on the glass piece and hides. Bhawna sees it and goes to brings the broom. Raghav picks the glass pieces. Bhawna comes out and says he don’t need to help her. They argue.

Next morning, Bhawna cleans the house. They begin doing the arrangements. Raghav and Abhishek come to the accident spot. Raghav says there is no CCTV camera here. Abhi says he didn’t see the number. Raghav says he will not let the culprits go free. Aanchal comes to the terrace and sees Aarushi making the video. She gets happy seeing Aarushi having 4000 followers. Aarushi says she will soon earn and asks her to come for havan.

Aarushi says she will make decoration blog. Aanchal thinks to learn dancing.

Abhi thinks how to meet Dimple and sees the TV technician coming there. Bhawna comes to her room. Aanchal apologizes to Bhawna. Bhawna says it is not easy to forgive when the mistake is done intentionally.

Abhi comes to Dimple’s room in disguise of a technician. Dimple says Abhi…you. Abhi says did you know that I have convinced technician and took his clothes and asks if uncle scolded you. She says no and reminds him that her phone had fallen down there. He says he has forgotten. She asks why did you come here? Abhi says I love you Dimple. Dimple says I love you too and was waiting to hear this from you. Savita and Brij come there. They see Dimple studying and the technician repairing the TV. Abhi makes an excuse and runs out from there.

Bhawna tells Aanchal that they were doing drama, but she was not doing drama and was worried for Bau ji. She says she can’t forgive her and can’t move on with a fast pace. She thinks atleast Bulbul apologized and says few people don’t even apologize.

Precap: Tantrik comes there and tells Babu ji that all this is happening due to Bhawna, and asks her to remove her jewellery and abandon the colors and sacrifice her hair, and stay like a widow. Malini takes off Bhawna’s jewellery.

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