1. Annu
    September 09, 11:00 Reply

    When the the next episode. This is not the ending, and if it is, it’s terrible because the strory has not ended.( Do dil mil Rahe hai)

  2. K Nasit
    September 05, 04:27 Reply

    Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain – last episode no. 81st was telecast on Star Utsav (Star Plus) on Thursday, 31st Aug 2023.
    Is there any reason for NOT showing this Hindi Version Show on Star Utsav (Star Plus) from 1st September 2023?

  3. Sj
    September 02, 19:25 Reply

    Why there is no episode after august 31st 2023- I am dying to see further episode hindi version why there is no telecast fairer 8/31/2023
    Loved every moment , beautiful pure love , we need shows like this

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