Doree 11th February 2024 Written Update

Doree 11th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Doree 11th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mai says forgive me. I am helpless. Doree says I won’t give up. I will fight for my dad. She goes out. Mai stops her. She says I will help you. I will tell everyone I got you out of her cage.

Mansi is worried about Doree. Nelu comes to the house. Mansi sees her meeting Anand. Nelu comes close to him. She hugs the house manager. Anand saw Mansi. He hid and asked him to go. Nelu flirts with him. She comes to Mansi and says you look so pretty in this saree. I am sure your husband can’t even look at any woman. Mai says to Doree go home and rest. Tomorrow is a very big day. She says I wanted to thank Agni uncle. She goes to him and says thank you for saving my life. Mai says your prayer gave him a new life too. Doree says to real Kailashi I will wait for you tomorrow. She leaves. Mai ties Doree’s locket to Agni’s neck. She says I hope justice is served tomorrow.

Scene 2
Rukmani hits Nelu. She says how dare you arrest my kids? Nelu says I had nothing to eat. The basti was all empty. Forgive me, please. She tells her Doree is looking for a witness against you.. Nelu heard Doree and Mai talking. She heard Mai say she would give a statement and get her justice. Nelu wondered who that was. Rukmani wonders who it could be. Some woman saved Doree from my house and now she’s going to state me. who could it be? Nelu says I told you everything to prove my loyalty. Rukmani says I am letting you for because of sharing this news. that woman shouldn’t make it to the court. Nelu says she won’t.

Anand says to Nelu what are you plotting now? She says I feel like now we’ve to butter her since she’s back. I am doing all this for you. Anand says I know. Nelu says in their heart I will remove you from my way as well.

Scene 3
Nani isn’t well. She has a high fever. Doree gives her medicine. Nani says I should go with you. How can you do it alone? Doree says I will go alone. Nani says how can you go alone. Doree says I can do anything to get my dad justice. We will win today. Doree leaves.

Kailashi prays that she gets the courage to give a statement. Some goons come in. They stop Kailashi. She’s shocked. They start breaking things and hitting her workers. She says in her heart how do they know about me going to the court? Rukmani comes to the court. Rukmanni says I don’t know who that witness is. But they won’t make it to the court.

Episode ends

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