Doree 4th February 2024 Written Update

Doree 4th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Doree 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
The inspector asks Rukmani why were you dancing there? She says I was helpless for my kids. Chandini who kidnapped my kids, forced me to do this to save their lives. I would do this a hundred times for my kids. The inspector says why did you not wait for us to come and help. Rukmani says I know you’re both mocking me. I feel shameless. Mansi says no. She says I did it all for your son. I was so helpless. Mansi says no I was worried for you so we came here. Don’t cry. The inspector asks why did she kindap your grandsons? Is there a history? Anand comes and says question the person who kidnapped them, not my mom. Rukmani cries. The inspector says I will continue with the integration on. Mansi asks did you find Doree? She says we found girls in a van. Anand asks Mansi to come with them. Inspector assures her she will save Doree.

Scene 2
Yash and Sudha hug Yash. He says we were lost but no one came for us. Komal says we were so worried. Dadi went there to bring you back. Vansh says Dadi never came there. Yash says what? How did you come back? He says Doree saved us. Sudha asks if she is safe. He says yes she was there too. Yash says to see the child you all harmed, saved your sons.

Heera tries to run with Doree. The man hits Heera. Heera begs him to forgive her. The man keeps hitting Heera. Mai wonders where Agni could go. She asks how he moves. Mai says it felt like someone called him with all his heart. She says this is a miracle. I’ve to talk to the woman I gave my son to so I can see my child once. I am glad I will get to know about Agni too till then. Agni checks Doree and picks her up.

Scene 3
Rukmani comes home. Raj adn Komal ask what it looks like. Anand tells them the kidnappers forced her to wear all this. Komal says we missed the chance to see you dance. Rukmani shouts shut up. She says I mean it didn’t help. Doree saved the kids. Rukmani says that the girl is alive. The inspector finds the truck and saves the girls. She’s worried about Doree.

The agni opens Doree’s eyes. Doree says who are you? He leaves. his hand gets stuck in Doree’s bracelet. He takes it off. Doree said my baba used to save me. I am alone without him. I don’t know where to go. He’d always protect me. He would never let me cry. Then he’d take me home. The man says listen to your heart. Don’t cry in front of anyone. Doree is shocked. She feels like it’s Ganga’s voice. Doree says how can he talk like my baba? Is he my baba? Doree recalls his death. She sees Agni going.

Scene 4
Rukmani says to Anand Doree knows I killed Ganga. If she tells the inspector you won’t get anything either. He says we already accused her. Rukmani says you’ve to stop from telling that to the police. He says I am sure they’ve taken the girl out of the city. That girl and her dad who you killed will never come in front of us. Yash shouts is this true? Rukmani is shocked. Tell me. She says what truth? He says what the doctor is saying about Dad’s medicines. Come with me.

Dore runs after Agni. The inspector comes there and hugs Doree. She asks are you okay? Doree says would I’ve to go to junevile jail and stay away from my family? She hugs her.
The doctor says I can’t believe this medicine was given to Mahindra. Rukmani says what do you mean? Yash says when you weren’t here, we were giving your medicines to Dad. His condition got worse and we got the medicines tested. The doctor says we got to know these medicines are slow poison.

Episode ends

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