Doree 8th June 2024 Written Update

Doree 8th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Doree 8th June 2024 Written Episode

Rukmini adds poison to the kheer. She plans to feed it to Komal’s daughter to protect her own life. Mansi catches her in the act and questions her.

Rukmini claims she is offering the prasad to her granddaughter. Mansi reminds her that she wanted to kill the girl baby in the house and questions her intentions. Rukmini complains to Raj that Mansi is stopping her from feeding the prasad to her granddaughter. Mansi demands that Rukmini taste the kheer first. Rukmini thinks that the baby is a threat to her life and her suspicions are correct. Komal defends Rukmini, insisting she wouldn’t harm her daughter, and challenges Rukmini to prove it by eating the kheer herself. Rukmini initially refuses, saying she won’t let her daughter-in-law boss her around, but eventually eats the kheer to show her fake concern. Mansi is convinced Rukmini poisoned the kheer, but wonders why Rukmini wasn’t affected. Rukmini drives to the hospital at high speed, fearing for her life.

Doree meets the manager and tells him she’s back as promised. The manager informs her that a couple has adopted her and will compensate Ganga Prasad for taking care of her all these days. The assistant overhears and reports this to Anand, who is furious that he didn’t get custody of Doree. He complains that his efforts were in vain and notes that the paperwork is complete. Anand tries to call his mom, but Rukmini disconnects the call. Doree asks the manager who is adopting her, and he promises to tell her soon. She worries about what will happen to her dad once she leaves, and the manager encourages her to stay positive.

A woman in a veil arrives and gives prasad to Doree, claiming her real mother fasted for her and that this is the prasad from her. Doree is curious and asks if she knows her real mom. The woman confirms and says she will take Doree to her real mom. Doree is skeptical, remembering how she was thrown into the river, but the woman provides proof of her identity, convincing Doree.

Ganga Prasad searches for Doree while she takes the prasad from the veil woman and leaves. The manager asks Doree if she has made her decision. She wonders if it’s true that her real mom is waiting for her and contemplates living with her.

Mansi hears a girl calling her “mom” in a dream. She goes to investigate but finds the place dark and sees a girl crying. Anand appears, trying to snatch the girl away, but Mansi fights him off to save the baby. She wakes up from the dream, puzzled by its meaning, as she has never dreamed of her daughter before.

The manager praises Doree’s decision and asks her to get into a car that will take her to her new parents. Doree is confused about what’s happening in her life. Ganga Prasad creates a scene at the bal nivas, angrily confronting them for taking his daughter away.

The woman blindfolds Doree in the car and tells her they are going to reclaim her rights. Mansi is shocked to see Doree and is told by Doree that the veil woman claimed her real parents adopted her. Doree then asks Mansi if she is her real mom.

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