Doree 9th June 2024 Written Update

Doree 9th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Doree 9th June 2024 Written Episode

Doree asks Mansi if she is her real mom and if she was born in this house. Her heart tells her that Mansi is her real mom. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Mansi wonders if this is why she dreamt about her daughter and if Doree came to meet her because of it. Anand worries about how the truth came out and fears how his mom will react. Komal accuses Doree of creating drama. Doree asks Mansi who threw her into the river since she doesn’t know who brought her here. Raj asks why she is creating a scene. Doree insists she doesn’t want them because they are bad people who abandoned her in the Ganga River. Anand fears she might reveal the truth.

Komal denies being her mother and says Sudha isn’t either. She suggests Doree ask Mansi instead. Mansi asks Doree what the woman in the veil told her. Doree says the woman told her she would find her family today and showed her a bracelet that her mom tied to her hand, which Nani said was her identity.

Anand tries to stop Doree, but Mansi demands he stay out of it. She asks Doree where the bracelet is, and Doree replies that the woman took it. Mansi asks Doree to sketch the bracelet. Anand, feeling threatened, tears the papers in anger. Mansi asks why he is so scared. Anand accuses her of always causing problems in their house and refuses to allow it. Raj reassures everyone that they will find out who Doree’s real parents are by looking at pictures from the Bal Nivas. Anand refuses to look at the picture and pushes Doree out, but Rukmini catches her and insists she stay to find her real parents. At that moment, a woman in a veil arrives.

Doree points out that this woman brought her here. Mansi asks who she is, and the woman reveals her face. It’s Neelu, who is determined that no one will kick her out again. Neelu tells Doree they will find her parents this time. Ganga Prasad is worried about Doree and seeks help from a baba, who gives him directions using a compass.

Raj gets a photo and is shocked to see it is of Chakram and Neelu. Neelu introduces Chakram as her husband. Chakram arrives, and Mansi demands to know what new drama this is, accusing Neelu of being his mistress and pretending to marry Ganga Prasad. Neelu asserts that it is the truth and explains that she shared a fake story to bring Doree here because she knew Doree wouldn’t believe her otherwise. Doree calls Neelu a liar and refuses to trust her. Rukmini says Doree can’t expect to be a queen of the house and deserves to be a servant. Doree questions Neelu and Chakram, who then show their marriage certificate. Neelu asks Doree to call them as Mummy and Papa as they are now her parents. At that moment, Ganga Prasad storms in and says to Doree that her Baba is here to take her and asks her to come out.

Precap: Doree walks to Rukmini and says you stole my childhood, tortured my Baba and now I know the truth that I belong to the Thakur house and your end is near.

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