Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 25th December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 25th December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 25th December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dev is about to look at Durga in the tempo but sees goons and hides in the backside of the tempo.

Nitu gets a letter for Damini which says the sketch you sent will be your destruction so don’t let her enter your house.

Suri asks Durga if she is fine? She nods and thinks I have to find a solution for this loan. The car is driving and Dev is sitting on the backside. Raabta plays.

Damini asks Ayush if he was going to the police station to find about Dev? You think we are not working to find him. Samarth and Nitu agree with Damni. Ketki says we should put in more efforts. Damini glares at her.

People on the backside of the tempo gives water to Dev and drops him on the road. Durga feels his presence and turns to look around but doesn’t see him. The goons come there so Dev run away.

Amresh tells Ketki that we are doing eveything we can to find Dev. Damini says no one should try to find Dev without my permission. Alok says why? Damini says I am not answerable to you, this is my last warning. Ayush nods and leaves. Nitu tells Damini that I told you they were going to the police station. Ketki leaves. Damini asks Samarth and asks him to call the police station. Nitu leaves.

Suri and Durga come home. Santosh welcomes them. Durga is tensed. Santosh asks them to get fresh. Surindar comes there and shouts at Suri. Durga thinks if Sunny complained to him? Suri asks Durga to go to her room and rest. She leaves. Surindar tells Suri that I gave you more time but I want you to empty this house tomorrow. Suri says Sunny must have talked to you, Surindar says I don’t care, I want this house by tomorrow. Durga hides and hears it. Suri and Santosh beg to him but he says I want my house back, he leaves. Durga drops the glass and comes to her parents. They are stunned. Durga cries and runs away.

Dev is running away from the goons. His slipper drops so he runs to get it back. The goons try to catch him. A car comes in front of him and Damini comes out with Amresh. She smirks at him.

Durga comes to the mandir and cries. She asks the priest that Mata wants me to leave this village. The priest says are you worried about your kundli? Durga says no, it’s about our house. What should I do? The priest asks her to talk to Mata Rani. He leaves. Durga asks Mata why you want me to leave here? What’s my mistake? Where will we go? Don’t punish me like this. Suri and Santosh come there too.

PRECAP – Damini shows Durga’s drawing and asks who is she? He says I don’t know. Damini tries to scare him with fire, he cries in pain and Durga feels it.

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