Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 13th September 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 13th September 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 13th September 2023 Written Episode

In this episode, Bhim Rao and Deepak distribute their questions around while people keep throwing them away or tearing them up.

The manager informs Vaijnath that the owner is worried about Bhim Rao’s termination, the word is spreading around which is not good for the business. Vaijnath wonders about his concern, the news must be in upper caste’s favor leaving the lower caste with message to stay in their limits. The manager considers Bhim Rao’s actions an ignition that might burn everything if lit. Vaijnath calms him, the lower caste needs money to light the fire which they lack the most. He knows well that Bhim Rao is running out of money. Vaipal tells that Rama and Ramji failed to find a job, without money they cannot get to buy paper. The manager thinks that Bhim Rao has strong luck, finds help somehow.

Rama and Anand don’t have money now, Jijabai destroyed the money Ramji had. Bhim Rao will not worry about tomorrow, assures not to give up, the have fought without money before and will continue to do so. Shoba brings Bhim Rao food, he refused. Deepak tells that his father is only acting. Bhim Rao knows that Purushottam is doing it for all wrong intentions, but hunger is same for everyone. Shoba wants him to understand that Rama will starve with him, Ramji and Anand join as well. Deepak feels bad knowing that everyone will starve for them. Bhim Rao and everyone will starve for a day.

Phuliya questions Joku about not eating. Shoba doesn’t mind, says that everyone in this chawl will starve tonight, one in favor of hunger and the other in its despite. Purushottam agrees, he will not give up until one loses. Jijabai eats in front of everyone. Meera accuses her of acting against everyone. Jijabai will eat. Bhim Rao and the family leave. Jijabai offers food to everyone; they were tempted but Purushottam refused to eat. Manohar complains about Jijabai eating in front of them, Janardan thinks that they should comply with Purushottam. Hitesh decides to back off, they need to stay alive for the strike, so food is necessary. Purushottam is starving as well, will eat once everyone sleeps. Hitesh wants him to arrange drinks as well.

Rama brings Bhim Rao a quilt, he wants her to eat it, but she refuses. Rama will continue to strive with Bhim Rao, for the hundredth time as well. She wonders where they will get the money to buy paper. Bhim Rao leaves it for tomorrow. Bhim Rao wants to convince them one more time, Rama doesn’t think that anyone would listen to them. She asks him to sleep.

Purushottam and others secretly eat while Rama convinces Bhim Rao to sleep. Bhim Rao keeps pondering, he isn’t feeling good about it.

Next morning, Joku wakes up to find themselves surrounded by plates and glasses. Joku wakes them up to clean it up, they wake up to find themselves surrounded by the chawl members. Deepak shames them for making everyone starve while they ate themselves. Shoba tells Purushottam has lost; he will no longer fight about Deepak’s marriage. Purushottam was wrong for asking for the right he already has. Deepak is his son; he will do whatever he wants. Bhim Rao asks him to let go of Deepak. Bhim Rao will fight for justice till the end. Deepak refuses to consider Purushottam his father if he continues to treat him like this. Hitesh accuses Bhim Rao of breaking relationships for sake of justice and law. Janardan says that the young have to obey the elder. Deepak doesn’t care, Purushottam mistreated Shoba days ago and now he is being dragged into this. Purushottam thinks that Bhim Rao must be satisfied by taking away his son. Deepak had enough of Purushottam, doesn’t want to be bothered anymore. Bhim Rao stops him, agrees with everyone else on this matter, Purushottam is Deepak’s father, this matter needs to be sorted wisely. Deepak refuses to talk to his father, tells that he is worth it.

The Episode Ends.

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