Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 24th August 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 24th August 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 24th August 2023 Written Episode

In this episode, Bhim Rao completes the challenging by stacking bundles of newspaper with his wounded hand. The manager barged in questioning Bhim Rao for touching his newspapers. Bhim Rao tells that he was challenged, the men agrees, but won’t do it without the Manager’s permission. The manager sent them away. Bhim Rao questions the workers, they wants him to ask the manager about it.

Hitesh, Joku and others sit near the river wondering about Bhim Rao’s punishment. Janardan is feeling bad for being released without being punished by Bhim Rao. Joku prefers going to police station himself. Hitesh thinks that Bhim Rao wants to make everyone feel guilty for their crime. It’s better to forget this incident and move on. Phuliya comes questioning them for sitting here, they have been out of the chawl sine morning. Joku tells they wanted to have tea outside, will return chawl in a while. Hitesh wants to revenge Bhim Rao for this pain.

Bhim Rao questions the Manager for laughing at his men as they refuse from their commitment. The Manager want to see Bhim Rao lose his last hope. Bhim Rao things this would disgrace the upper caste in the society. The Manager doesn’t feel threatened despite Bhim Rao telling everyone about this incident no upper caste would take his lecture, they are secure with their superior personality. Bhim Rao will have to face a lot of similar challenges here, so he can resign. Bhim Rao assures that time will change, time will make everyone equal. The manager assures that nothing will change, if it does The Manager will leave the job. Bhim Rao assures that it will change. The manager wants him to write it down, Rama insists Bhim Rao to write it down. Rama inquires about his wounded hands. She knows that Bhim Rao hesitates from writing to avoid coming out proud. The manager will not judge, will keep the paper safe for future references. Rama insists him to write, wants to help him writing. Bhim Rao writes it down himself. The manager will show everyone this paper the day he losses, sends Bhim Rao to work since his register is always empty. Rama sings the paper as well, in support of her faith and believe in Bhim Rao. Rama wants Bhim Rao to come outside as she has something important to discuss. The manager doesn’t want Rama to visit the office often.

Rama inquires Bhim Rao about his hand, he questions her for worrying about a small wound, and everyone gets hurt while working. He wants her to deal with her own struggles, she suffer his struggles. He questions her for coming to office unannounced. Rama felt like something happened and Bhim Rao needed to be checked upon. Bhim Rao got hurt while tackling few robbers trying to steal newspapers. Rama wants to apply bandage, the manager refuse to give him a leave. Rama insists. Bhim Rao has to follow office laws, he cannot go out without the Manager’s permission. The manager sends Bhim Rao to spray the medicine.
Meera thinks that Anand is wrong for acting roughly with his wife. Only Anand knows how she got hurt, he might have pushed her. Relationships doesn’t stay the same, its best to accept the mistake and difference to keep the bond alive. Jijabai doesn’t think that this lecture would be fruitful. Lakshmi does laundry. Meera sends Anand to help Lakshmi with the laundry.

Vaijnath laughs with his son about Bhim Rao failing to deal with his enemies. He could have easily sent Joku and his friends to jail, he even cut his hand but Bhim Rao released everyone. Rama heard the conversation. Everyone calls Bhim Rao an idiot. Rama agrees.

The Episode Ends.

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