Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Rama asks them all to look into her eyes and if they trust her then should come to study, the men coming from behind say they trust her, seeing which the enemies of Bhim Rao are stunned as the men are holding the sacks in their hands. They say they were not able to find Shishupal at his home and so when they were told that he is here, they also came here. Shamla asks Shishupal to come and teach them, they both leave with the men while the women start looking at Rama who asks if they trust her, the women indeed reply they trust her seeing which Karuna and Jija Bai get a bit worried. Bhim praises Rama as he is feeling nice, she is still doing what she should have in such a difficult time. Rama starts smiling

Ramji tells Puran they have to make sure the fighters are freed in the morning which were caught due to Jija Bai, Puran asks Ramji if their plan would work, Ramji replies he worked in the army so knows all of the ways, Bhim coming asks how will they do it, Ramji reveals the plan to them both when Bhim says they would go against the order of the government, Ramji says their method would not hurt anyone and the fighters would be free, Puran says if they are not providing justice then they can do it to help the people while what did this system did to him even when he was innocent, so Bhim should keep everything on one side while their life on one side, Rama is teaching the women how to write freedom in Hindi, she asks them to say it after her and then write it just as she has done on the board, the women while speaking it start writing. Ramji asks if Bhim can hear that Rama is also teaching the same thing, replying they raise their voice for the sake of freedom explaining it is sometimes like the people of the upper class, Bhim should think of it like that, Ramji reveals tomorrow all of the freedom fighters would be released even if Bhim is not by his side. Rama says that every word has a meaning and even the freedom, Jokhu says this is the habit of Bhim Rao and Rama who start giving lecture after teaching them for two days, Rama says they can do whatever they feel like but let them study, Phuliya along with the other enemies start chanting they want freedom, Bhim stops them asking why do they make a scene of everything, Phuliya throws the book of Shoba and then starts laughing seeing which Shoba angrily slaps her, saying she is not bothered even after being slapped so many times, Jokhu tries to come after Shoba but is stopped by Puran and Nandu, Jija Bai and Karuna also go to fight with the women and they all start fighting, Bhim and Rama however try to stop them, Deepak is also stunned. Bhim threatens to file a case against them all if they donot stop, Phuliya says would they let people from other Chawl come and fight with them, Shoba replies they are studying in their own side, Bhim apologizes to the women saying they can come tomorrow while promising this fight would not happen tomorrow, Jija Bai replies this will even happen tomorrow and from now on only fighting will happen, Bhim replies he would also see how it happens before walking away. Phuliya says they would see how they fix everything, Deepak mentions Bhim would have said it after due consideration.

In the morning Rama is walking when Meghnath calls her from behind, he coming to her asks where is she going, she replies she is going for her work and has he planned to snatch it, Meghnath says that he has made sure the newspaper of her husband got closed which is enough for him, Meghnath explains that the freedom fighters who were caught due to JIja Bai would be presented in the court and hearing this Rama starts smiling which makes Meghnath even more furious, Phuliya and Jokhu come running saying it had gotten very late last night so they came looking for him, Meghnath asks what has happened, Jokhu says that Ramji jee told that when those fighters would go to jail then he will free them and they should tell anyone they desire and he will even see who can stop him, Rama tells Meghnath they are not without a heart and know what they have to do, but he could not know her husband, father in law and even herself, she says there is even someone at her work place like him, she leaves taking the name of Karuna didi.

Ramji is walking with Puran in the forest while holding the torch, they see the police taking the fighters away, Ramji and Puran are slowly walking towards them when the police are holding pointing their guns, Meghnath wonders what would they do to free the fighters, Jokhu says that he would be humiliated a lot if they manage to free the fighters, Meghnath vows to handle it and so leaves. Ramji and Puran both hide behind the tree, seeing the police walking towards them, Ramji jee quickly takes out the hand made bomb, he asks Puran to light it and then throws it on the road due to which the police Inspector starrts coughing, they order that no one is going to run but get engulfed in the smoke, Ramji and Puran are worried.

Bhim is standing thinking that Ramji told him no one would be hurt with their plan but the fighters would just be released, and even Puran said they should only think about the life of those fighters, Shoba asks Bhim what has happened, he says it is nothing but he is just worried as he cannot understand if his father is doing the right thing or not, Shoba promises to solve is problem explaining that she cannot be like him but knows what is right or wrong so will tell him, Bhim reveals that Baba and Puran kaka have gone to the police from where they will free the fighters so is it right or not.

The police force is still coughing when after a while they see the fighters have run away so the Inspector orders them to not only catch the fighters but even the person who has done it, they all run toward the road but not know that Ramji is hiding with Puran and the freedom fighters, Ramji asks them all to go from this side while he and Puran will go towards the other direction, Ramji then asks Puran to go from the other road while he will take the third side.

Meghnath asks the Inspector why is he so tensed, he replies they were taking the fighters away but then a smoke came and they ran away, Meghnath gets furious saying they donot even have that much money to cause any difference, one of the constable comes revealing that one of the fighters jumped in the river and one of their constable also jumped after him but it is difficult that they both could be caught.

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