Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th June 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th June 2024 Written Episode

The officer is able to stop Ramji who is stunned at first then asks why is the Inspector pointing the gun at him when the Inspector blames him for helping the fighters run but Ramji replies he was going to purchase some milk but the Inspector does not believe him so Ramji replies he is telling the truth however suddenly Bhim asks the Inspector to stop, he asks what proof does the Inspector have that his father has helped the fighters while the officer is also of the same country and is the citizen so should not fire the bullet.

Jija Bai is washing the clothes which she places on the wall, Karuna comes when Jija Bai says she does not know as Ramji has gone in the morning even when she warned him to not mess with the police officers, Karuna says Bhim follows the law but what if something happens to them both, Jija Bai replies she does not care about Bhim but nothing should happen to him, Karuna says it would be good if Bhim gets shot.

Bhim asks the Inspector if he really feels good while working for them, the Inspector then asks Ramji to leave saying that if he is scolded by the person who si not even of his office then he can also make a mistake, Meghnath asks the officer if he found Bhim Rao and Ramji, the officer replies he is still searching hearing which Meghnath threatens then the officer points his gun at Meghnath threatening to kill him right here, the officer says what does it concern Meghnath about what they are doing, he leaves with his men.

Puran comes running calling Shoba and Deepak when Shoba comes asking what happened, he reveals all the fighters managed to run from the police, hearing which the enemies of Bhim get worried, Shoba says even their messages did not come in hand, Meera says now they will celebrate and she is going to make tea, Karuna says she is going to the Godown as she does not want to be late, Meera Bua replies Karuna is going wherever there is an argument and this is what she feels good at, Jija Bai asks her to not speak so much when Shoba says that Bhim has returned, Shoba says it was good that Bhim and Ramji mended the mistakes of Jija Bai, Ramji goes to stand beside Jija Bai saying one tends to correct the mistake one time and she should not make any such mistake again for which her husband would have to correct because today he was not fired at but it could have happened. Jija Bai replies they would think before doing rather first ask him, he should tell her when in the night can they irritate the students of Rama who come to study meaning to not let them study, Ramji asks if she can hear what she is asking, Karuna says now Aai is asking for his permission, Bhim says no matter how hard they try the way of teaching would not stop no matter what happens, as it will never stop. Karuna and Jija Bai get furious so Bhim leaves.

In the night the people of the upper class tell that Meghnath should not think that any of the fighters would be caught as the officer is not going to do anything. Meghnath looking at Shishupal says they are all correct and even they say that Shishupal was very beneficial at first but now weak, the people come telling Shishupal that they have come to study, Shishupal says that his father and the supporters should know that he has the job to teach while Meghnath and his followers only know how to say bad things so who is lazy, Meghnath warns Shishupal to not cross his limits, Shishupal says they all just say bad things about his friend Bhim but he does not say anything, and whenever he along with Shamla, Bhim and Rama plan to do something then they ruin it which is his teachings but warns them all to listen that they will surely do whatever they desire and they all would not be able to stop them as they just have the desire for revenge while he has the teachings of Bhim Rao, Meghnath leaves with his men saying he will show Shishupal what he can do. Shamla comes out asking where have they come and wonders if Bhim, Rama and his supporters have some problem, Shishupal says what did Shamla just say revealing Bhim and Rama are the reason for keeping people like his father in check so asks Shamla to go and help Rama while he will teach the men.

Rama asks the women to not be worried as they should be eager to study, the women agree when Shamla says even she has come so they start teachings.

Phuliya goes to the back telling them all the teaching has started when Jija Bai replies they would not let them study and asks if they all know what to do, Jija Bai angrily asks where is her gold bangle and they start questioning the women of the other Chawl, Rama asks what is going on here, Ramji asks since when does she have the gold bangle, Karuna angrily replies she indeed has and they will show it, Ramji tells Bhim he is going to leave Bombay with Jija Bai but Bhim replies that she is surely going to let them study.

The officer is standing with the constable when Bhim signals Ramji, he thinks how he told the officer about it all in the forest and requested for his help so the officer agreed to come. The officer enters saying he wants to tell them all that he will arrest them all if they interfere in education as it is a good thing, so warns them to not do this in the future. Jija Bai says they would search for the bangle elsewhere, the officer replies if she had any then would search for it so is saying for the last time that this act would not be accepted in the future, Meghnath comes saying and what about his actions today, the officer goes to salute the senior when he says he is still searching for the fighters but the senior then asks if they found the person responsible for it, hearing this Ramji accepts he is the one who helped the fighters run away, Bhim gets tensed.

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