Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura hitting a stone on the pot hanging above the door. The water falls on Rivaaj’s head. Rivaaj shouts and asks who did this? Premlatha comes there. Mayura asks him to take out the suit else he will catch cold. She is about to take it out. Rivaaj says I will change it myself, I am not a kid. He goes to room and takes out the suit and tshirt. Mayura sees tattoo on his hand in hindi and gets shocked. She recalls Ram having tattoo in Punjabi. She thinks this is Rivaaj, my doubt was right. Just then Roop comes there and asks if Bhaiyya ji is betraying her and says this is the result of wrong choice, says I am with you and will not let you feel bad. Mayura gets angry and pushes him inside. Roop falls on Rivaaj’s feet. Roop says sorry and says I didn’t say

anything wrong. Mayura thinks if he is Rivaaj then where is Ram? Rivaaj removes the towel and shows his tattoo in Punjabi. He recalls sticking the fake tattoo and asks Mayura why is she looking at him as if she saw Ravan. Roop apologizes to Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks him to go. Mayura thinks tattoo was in hindi, how it was in Punjabi now. He tells Mayura if Roop says anything bad, then …Mayura says I will manage. Rivaaj thinks Mayura is doubting on me and thinks I am not her Ram, but Ravan Rivaaj. Roop is hiding and thinks Kesha is hiding something from him surely. Mayura comes to the inhouse temple and says you always helped me. She says my heart knows that he is Rivaaj, but proves are against it. She says how to prove that he is Rivaaj and not Ram. She takes an oath and swears that she will not eat anything or drink anything until she finds out who is here, Rivaaj or Ram. She asks Goddess to help Rani and says let this Sita win now.
Kesha checks in the laptop and thinks of Rivaaj’s words to find out if Ram transferred money in mayura’s account. Roop makes a video call to her and asks her if she is hiding from him something. Kesha says she will tell and tells that she got something regarding Rivaaj using which they both can benefit and tells that for that she has to come home. She asks her to do something to bring her back home. Tashi comes to Roop. Roop acts to be upset with her. Mayura thinks to go and see Rivaaj. Mayura comes to the secret door place and finds wall on the door’s place. Premlatha comes there, smirks and asks if Rivaaj haven’t told you. She says Rivaaj was suffocating here and wanted to keep distance from his fans, asked me to get the wall made here. Mayura thinks Ram will not do anything without asking me. Premlatha blames and curses her. Mayura thinks this is the prove that he is Rivaaj and not Ram, thinks Ram wanted to take revenge from Rivaaj and he will not get this door closed. Rivaaj comes there. Mayura asks why did you do this? Rivaaj acts as Ram and tells that Premlatha and Roop eyes was on the door since they saw her taking food here. He says he did what he think right and says we have to wait till this fire calm down, says he had kept enough stock for Rivaaj and now he can’t run out. Premlatha asks what she was saying and says she don’t like her. Rivaaj says that’s why I like her. Mayura is going. Rivaaj thinks I won’t let you solve the mystery that I am Ram or Rivaaj?

Roop acts to leave the house and comes near the door. Tashi stops him and comes ner him. She says I can’t live without you, says I will come with you, can’t stay here where you are not respected. Roop says with me, this is your family. Tashi says you are my family. Roop says this is my fight. Tashi says I can’t leave you alone, may be this way my family understands your importance in my life. She looks at him and says lets go and stay with Kesha. She opens the door and leaves with Roop. Roop is tensed.

Mayura is in the kitchen and thinks of Ram and Rivaaj. Maidservant comes there and asks her to go and rest. Mayura says I will do work. Maidservant asks her to drink water. Mayura recalls her oath and refuses. She thinks God has to help her and she will not break her promise.

Precap: Mayura goes inside the captive room and sees Rivaaj’s image. She thinks it was Rivaaj’s plan and thinks if she married Rivaaj.

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