Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th February 2023 Written Episode

Virat tells Pakhi that she is resposible for Vinu’s condition. Pakhi asks what does he mean. Virat says Sai didn’t inform truth to Vinu and instead was trying to handle the issue sensitively, Vinu is a small kid and Sai would have explained him sensitvely like a kid should be explained, but Pakhi shouted loudly. Pakhi says he is blaming her instead and not a woman who tried to snatch her son from her; if he is so worried about Sai, he should go and stay with Sai and Savi and let her and Vinu in peace; anyways he is meeting and hugging Sai openly in cafeteria and should do it openly at home, but shouldn’t dare praise Sai in front of her. Virat thinks the pain Sai went home with, there must be someone to comfort Sai.

Sai continues to imagine Vinu everywhere and shows his bed, study table, etc. She climbs bunker bed and makes him/teddy sleep. Savi returns to her room and seeing Sai sleeping with a teddy thinks why Aayi was calling her teddy as Vinu dada. She feels hungry and finds all utensils empty. She finds rice and daal and thinks she will prepare food. She enacts as chef Savi, switches on gas, and searches for lighter. She finds light and tries to light gas. Virat reaches on time and stops her. He switches off gas and asks what is she doing in kitchen with gas on. Savi says Aayi didn’t cook food and is talking to her teddy as Vinu dada, she feels very hungry. Virat says whenever she feels hungry and there is no one around, she should call her baby who will send food for her. He prepares food and feeds her. She says its tastier than aayi’s food and asks why aai is speaking to teddy as Vinu dada, if her aayi is fine. He stands silent. She asks why Vinu dada is not picking her call, if everyone are angry on her. He says nobody is angry on her. She asks if Aayi is upset as Pakhi aunt is taking Vinu dada away form them to Mmbai. He nods yes and makes her sleep.

Savi requests him to stay back. He says he should, but Usha tai has returned and she will take care of Savi; he will return tomorrow for her. He then walks to Sai’s room and gets emotional seeing her sleeping with teddy. He says he can’t even imagine the pain she is carrying within and hence didn’t want to reveal Vinu that he is their son, he hoped a situation where they could celebrate their son’s return, he will wait for a day when she will smile wholeheartedly and even he smiles with her. Usha tells Virat that she never saw Sai in this condition before, this is the firs time she never fed food to Savi, she is worried that the situation may repeat again, what will he do then. Next morning, Sai continues to imagine Vinayak and gets him ready for school. Savi asks Usha why Aayi is imaging Vinu dada. Usha gives an example of god’s presence but can’t be seen, she says Savi can’t see Vinu but Sai can imagine her; she asks her not to question Sai about Vinu again.

Vinu gets irritated when he hears about Sai. Virat reminds him that Sai treated his legs when couldn’t even walk and Savi saved him from school bullies and boasted his morales and asks is it right to call Sai as dirty aunty. Pakhi says Vinu is right and warns Virat to not talk about Sai again. Ashwini asks Virat to give Vinu some time to calm down. Vinu says he feels afraid hearing dirty aunty’s name and fears she will take him away from his mamma, so he shouldn’t talk about dirty aunty again. Virat thinks Sai is in deep mental trauma, what shall he do that things get normal.

Precap: Vinu jumps in happiness seeing Pakhi packing their bags for Mumbai. Sai with Savi reaches Chavan nivas and says she returned to Chavan nivas.

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