Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd June 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Ishaan asks Savi to prepare tea for him. Savi reminds that he doesn’t drink tea. Ishaan says he has started doing things which he can’t even think of. Savi asks like? Ishaan says like lov.. thinks loving her; then says like having tea from her hands and asks her to prepare tea soon. Savi starts preparing tea. Ishaan says whatever she is doing is not right. Savi asks if he will teach her to prepare tea. Ishaan says he means if she is marrying, how can she forget about her studies and goal. Savi asks if he will tell what she will do and what not, he is no more her husband. Ishaan says he is her mentor and it’s his duty to stop her from getting into wrong path. Savi says she is getting alliances, her life is not his property and he shouldn’t bother. Ishaan angrily throws away milk and walks away asking her to add it in his bill.

Patil hears their conversation and thinks as if masterji Ishaan wasn’t enough, many more men are behind his Savi; he needs to find out who sent alliance to Savi. He congratulates Shukla that he would be new owner of the tea shop after Savi gets married. Shukla says Savi’s neighbour aunty had come with her nephew Abhijeet’s alliance for Savi, he went to deliver tea after that and doesn’t know what happened after that. Bhanwar’s goons kidnap Abhijeet in lieu of knowing address from him and brutally assualt him for sending alliance for Savi. They warn him to stay away from Savi and spare him. Abhijeet’s aunt with her friends walk into Savi’s house and curses her for getting Abhijeet assaulted. Savi is shocked to hear that and says she really doesn’t know who assaulted Abhijeet. Aunt says they were taking her name. She continues to curse Savi and walks away with her friends.

Inspector visits Abhijeet next and takes his statement. He shows goons’ pics. Abhijeet identifies them. Inspector says they are henchmen who torture or kill anyone for money, someone must have hired them. Savi visits Abhijeet next who asks her to please leave as the goons warned to kill him. Savi leaves from there and visit a police station to file a complaint. Patil acting asks why is she here when he finished her bail formalities. Savi says she came to file a police complaint. Subinspector tells Patil that Abhijeet was tortured by henchmen who must have been hired by someone. Savi says she came to file a complaint regarding same. Patil orders subinspector to bring the henchman. Once they are in, Patil acts as torturing them and finding out who hired them. He walks out of lockup. Savi asks if they revealed who hired them. He says yes and says she would be shocked to know that her ex-husband professor Ishaan had hired them for 50000 rs. Savi is shocked to learn that. Patil says Ishaan is rich and will escape easily, but Savi’s name would be tarnished in it.

Ishaan walks in on Patil’s call. Savi accuses him of hiring goons to assault Abhijeet. Ishaan is shocked to hear that and refuses allegations, but Savi continues that he still feels guilty for her family’s death and is trying to lessen his guilt by helping her, that doesn’t mean he should interfere in her life too much, etc. Ishaan stands silently looking at Patil’s expressions who is standing far away. Savi leaves. Ishaan tells Patil that he is being framked. Patil says if he files a case, Ishaan would go to jail for a long time, but he doesn’t want Savi’s name to be involved and hence is sparing him. Ishaan warns him to stop taking Savi’s name. Patil repeats Savi’s name and warns him that he is standing in his police station, so should get out. Ishaan warns Patil to be a policeman and not a goon or else he will become a goon and teach a lesson to Patil. Her walks away. Patil sings Aa Dekhen Zara Kisne Kitna Hai Dum.. song.

Savi returns home and informs Harini that Ishaan had hired those goons. Harini is shocked and says she can’t believe that Ishaan can do this. Savi says even she wouldn’t have if goons hadn’t take Ishaan’s name; she doesn’t know wny he is behind her while he is engaged to Reeva and marrying her. Harini says maybe Ishaan has feelings for him and is struggling to express it just like Savi did. Savi says he is not under pressure and is marrying Reeva by wish, why is he creating problems for her whenever she tries to move head. Harini comforts her. Ishaan while driving home thinks Bhanwar is trying to create misunderstanding between him and Savi and recalls all the recent incidents where Bhanwar showed his interest in Savi. Goons ask Patil to pay their money for acting in front of Savi. Patil says they can continue their extortion business if they keep their mouth shut and warns them to near go near Ishaan even by mistake. Ishaan thinks Savi’s thoughts are troubling him.

Precap: Reeva offers curd to Ishaan and asks him to have it as they are going to be husband and wife soon. Ishaan leaves from there and sleeps outside Savi’s tea stall. Savi opens door and seeing him there asks what is he doing here, it’s his and Reeva’s wedding tomorrow. He hugs her emotionally and cries. Tere Dar Par Sanam Chale Aaye.. song plays in the background.

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